Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Where has time gone? I mean it's almost February already!!! I know I planned on getting back to blogging, I just seem to run out of time with all that goes on working full time and raising 5 kids! Today I wanted to talk about motivation and where you might find some! 

I have given myself so much guilt over the money I have spent trying to lose weight, I have yet got to my goal weight in all the years I have tried to lose weight. I've spent money on personal trainers, fad diets, weight watchers, gym memberships, and fitness gadgets. The most recent big expense is the Nike fuel band. The hubs and I got the newest version when it was released (can't remember when). The purchase cost $150. Ouch!!! Todd set a goal of a year streak beginning 2014, we have both slipped up so we will not start 2015 with the streak but this time next year we are hopeful to have that 365 day streak!!! 

I don't know what finally kicked in for me, but I'm typing this as I walk circles in my house to get to goal!!! Tonight will make I believe 13 days that I've met goal!!! This week Todd and I have taken 2-3 mile walks together just so I can hit my goal. It's nice being alone together to just chat, last night we walked to the store so I could buy a bottle of wine! I've also been properly logging my WW points! Guess what the scale has gone down 2 weeks in a row!

What motivates you? A gadget, clothes, upcoming ball, your scale? Here's my little motivator. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 1

I actually made it to the gym, counted my points, and even cooked dinner! I call that a successful day. On top of that I was domestic, I washed probably 8 loads of laundry and even folded it and put mine away!!!

Tomorrow I am going to the gym, taking my daughter to therapy, hitting the grocery store, and probably paying bills! 

As for now, I'm losing some brain cells watching Hulu original show called Misfits. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Feeling defeated

As each new year comes around most of us review what we wanted to do and what we actually did. I remember one big goal and it was to wear size large scrubs sadly my extra large scrubs are feeling a bit snug. sigh.

Once I was the person who motivated others to run, to go to the gym, to lose weight now I am in their shadows. I am slower, lazier, and packed on some poundage. As I sit here deciding if I should blog again because this may be the time I become an after picture instead of the perpetual before picture.

I just kept reminding myself I have done it once before and I can do it again. It is just finding that equation that works for me again. I read other bloggers who have successfully lost weight and kept it out and it gives me hope.

Thankfully I have a very supportive husband. I have been dealing with some personal issues and been looking to find a therapist that is a good fit for me and start healing from my past and learn to love myself and hopefully become my own motivation again!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

18 miles and holy freezing ice bath!!!!

So I love love love my Galloway group!! They are amazing!  I'm also loving that the temps and humidity is easing up here. We had a 16 miler 3 weeks ago that killed me! I had to walk the last mile in, today with the cooler weather 18 miles didn't seem too bad. We did 30:30, so run/walk 30 seconds each, I used to do 1:1 (1 mins) but I found with longer distance I am digging the 30 seconds. It's great running (helping) with others and hit distances they never have ran before. Today marks for me the distance I have ran one time before, so when we go up to 20 that'll be a new one for me eeekkk.

Tonight I have a 12 shift so I've decided to take a ice bath. I'm currently sitting in it and blogging to keep my mind off how frozen my legs are. They say it speeds recovery, can't I just take a Motrin? Lol 

Many of my friends ran races today! Did you? Are you training for one? Do you reward yourself? We did with a nice, last non paleo lunch yummy. 
   (That's a baked potato filled with yum)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Broken record

So I've had a hiatus from blogging for a couple of reason. First one, I'm just not an attention grabbing type if writer. Secondly, I've had so many fresh starts, so many cheat days, so many firsts that my pounds or pant sizes aren't going down!

Well Todd and I have declared ourselves paleo eaters. We subscribed to emeals, specifically paleo for two. We will be cooking two seperate dinners each night. I've spent the day making homemade beef jerky, scotch eggs, devilied eggs and currently have cinnamon sweet potatoes in the dehydrator and bone broth in the crock pot. 

Now update time!
- officially registered for 26.2 with Donna eeekk 
- off orientation at work and hoping to transfer to the closer campus
- had my breast implants removed
- started some weight lifting
- made an appointment to start therapy!

I'll be back sooner than later :) I miss my blog :) I'm ready to stop being a broken record! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In (on time!!!)

Sigh up 0.6lbs this week but its because I didn't track hmph

Today Ari had to go to the plastic surgeon to get her mole/freckle cut out to send for patho since its been atypical both times dermatology has shaved it. After that she wanted to go to Sonic or FroYo. She was driving and froyo was closer so we went there.
                                                                        Holy goodness!!!!

I had to divert my attention to this instead!

I topped it with some chocolate chips, candy corn, wheat germ & whey protein (that makes it healthy right?) 

After trading my Diet Dr pepper craving for a chilled glass of wine I've decided I need to get my head out of my butt and lose some weight this week!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Soggy socks

Yes I did it! Ran in the rain!!! I usually avoid rain at all costs but recently Katie from runsforcookies did a blog post giving 50 running tips which you can find here. She said running in the rain is fun. I had woke up early to get a run in before work so I headed out hoping to best the rain but I felt the first drop as my garmin located satellites :-/ it wasn't bad, I think I improved my pace a bit. I think it was because the weather was cooler but I was totally running in flooded area. Here's the aftermath (side note I shouldn't have ran in glasses or without a visor.
You can see the water in the streets!
I really need to upload my garmin and look at my paces and see how I'm doing! I'm ready to get back into the 10 min/mile range.
I came in and stripped down!