Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2010

so would it be NYE without a blog? No, there are so many of us who sit here today thinking ugh a new year and I am still fat or why make NY resolutions when I can't stick to them. As I was reading WW boards today I saw many 2010 year in reviews. So as I sit here thinking man I am 20lbs heavier next year, I need to stop and look at the good things of 2010!

In 2010:

I started my first RN job!
I bought a house
I moved my family from CA to TX, taking on the feat of a 2 yr long distance relationship with my husband and single parenting!
I finished 2 half marathons

so I am sure there are many more things I have done but those are the things that come to mind. I will be bringing in the new year, sober, alone, and working. But tomorrow is a new day, a new year, and a new opportunity to make 2011 GREAT!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

so I am sick!!!

and what does that mean to weight loss! NONE boo!!! When I am sick I start eating, thinking well these warm soup will make me feel better, sniff sniff, ok I guess crackers will, cough cough, open the fridge and figure out what might make me feel better. I continue to do this tell I feel better, so boo!!! I was OP (on plan) tue, wed, thur, and friday and saturday just ate trying to feel better, well guess what it is Sunday and I am still SICK!! I decided enough is enough, got off my butt made coffee and oatmeal tracked it and have started drinking water! go me!!! I still think there will be a loss on the scale at WW tomorrow because I am recovering from T-Day at Jens followed by my visit to San Diego! Now the trick question, do I sign up for a different gym in Eagle Pass, start using the elliptical at my work after I get off, or just come home to my own treadmill and tons of DVDs I purchased that still are shrink wrapped!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what day is it????

my goodness, after 3 night shifts (2 i worked past 10am) im BEAT!!!! i can barely remember what day it is! my goal today is to avoid shoving tons of carbs down my mouth AND to track what I eat!!! So i actually know its Wed and I have actually had ONE full day of tracking EVERYTHING i ate and I avoided the pancit and ham given to me at work AND the tacos and muffins at todays meeting!! SUCESS!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


hmmm why does running have to be a love/hate relationship, thanks to Becky i joined other runners in Eagle Pass to run in the 5th annual Jingle Bell 5k. It was pretty fun, we got a jingle bell bracelet and those light up necklaces like you are at a fair. It was a dark run and after like 5 mins i wanted to stop running, gosh how lazy!!! i kept thinking how the hell am I going to run a marathon. oh ya if i train it will be ok! we have some fast runners here. i am glad i did it and I am signing up for another one tomorrow for Saturday on the AFB. oh which they have a bod pod now!!! i need to check into it, how cool!!! mmm well off to drink some water, and just have to mention my daughter is watching Eclipse ohhhhhhh JACOB YUM!!! lol

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

San Diego visit Dec 4-8, 2010

OK so I came to see my husband off on his 4th westpac, man what are we going to do with each other when we actually live together all the time??? Anyhow, as many of my friends noticed my ass has expanded to the size of oh about Texas!!!!!! Now most of friends have either gained or just stopped losing and WE all need to lose from 20-50+ pounds. And we all tell each other let's start eating better tomorrow and supporting each other with a healthier lifestyle. Well I would really like to see if we could actually support each other. My goal is to be 20 lbs lighter when I see my friends again in June as well as my HOT husband, which I have a surprise for him when I see him which requires us both looking AMAZING!!! So for my running friends I recommend The NON Runner's Marathon Guide for Women by Dawn Dais. AND dont forget June 5th, 2011 Rock n Roll San Diego!!! oh and Lose It is the app we are using to cheer each other on as we battle this weight loss!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

gearing up for my trip to San Diego

Well I leave tomorrow for a 4 day trip to San Diego and I am trying to remind myself that this does not mean eat everything I see/want and not to spend money like its made out of water, when i go on "vacations" for some reason i feel this means swipe swipe swipe. needless to say worrying about my finances also makes me wanna chow down. anyhow I am posting today to mention a book I am reading. Its called The NON runner's marathon guide for women. Yes I have finished FOUR half marathons but still have yet to refind my mojo, even after signing up for 3 rock n roll halfs in 2011. I am on page 60 so far and enjoying what i am reading.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Beginnings

So i feel like a record player with my weight loss, i don't even think its a yo-yo effect, well I know it isn't because I am not going down to come back up. Overcoming obesity is just as hard as stopping cigarettes or alcohol or maybe EVEN worse. I mean we do have to eat. I am very sad when I step on the scale and see all the hard work I did since I had the twins in July 08 just going to waste. But is it enough to make sure I am making the smart choices about the foods and drinks I put in my mouth. NO!!!! So I am hoping that the light clicks on for me soon. Weight Watchers started a new program this week and has cute new binders that are pretty so maybe revamping and having a new honeymoon stage will help me! A close friend of mind recommended I set non weight loss goals as well. I have decided since I used to hit the gym ALL the time in San Diego that I need to tap back into working out. I have every Jillian Michaels DVD there is out I think. so i told myself that if i work out 5 times a week for one hour for a month I can treat myself to a massage.....what girl doesnt love a massage!!! so hopefully my fat butt will start to lose weight and i can start changing my lifestyle back to one I like. ESPECIALLY since I signed up for THREE half marathons in 2011!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back on WW wagon!!!

Why do i have a love/hate relationship with WW, why can't i be in that honeymoon stage again like after having Berkley when I went from 222 to 160 in 11 months????? Well i decided what I was doing or not doing since I left San Diego is obviously not working, so I decided back to WW. Sidenote LOVE the leader, which is I think what lead to the success I had in 2005. So as ashamed as I am I think posting my weight each week will help me open my eyes to my obesity problem I have! Now I know to some people I may not be obese and to others I am morbidly obese, but with that said my dad had a heart attack at 50 yrs old (thats so young!!!) and my mom was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so I need to stay on top of my health to prevent the genetic downfalls from hitting me! so as of Monday Oct 11, 2010 my fat ass is weighing in at 202.8 in scrubs at a WW meeting! My goal weight is 160, i dont mind taking an entire year to get there so hopefully i keep it off!!! but mmm walking onto that pier next summer to great my hubby at 160 would be really nice, or eating a huge kangaroo burger at a great weight would be nice too. I love motivation of seeing my man again!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watching Biggest Loser!!

Go Jillian for saying that obesity effects your SEX LIFE!!! Remember skinny sex is MUCH better than fat sex! what a motivator!!! i mean who doesn't like sex?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WELL I did it!

I paid for the San Antonio Half guess that means i need to start running more right? night shifts is a KILLER on everything! I will do this though! Hopefully this time without a stress fracture!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Treadmill is working!

Took my brother a couple hours to get it working but it is working now. I walked an hour while watching bones then my brother ran 30 mins, lets just hope to keep it up! i bought some peaches, bananas, watermelon, apples YUM. i went on WW online today and found nurses and asked how they track their food intake. so im hoping that i can start losing weight soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010


YAY!!! UPS called today and guess what gets delivered tomorrow! DREADMILL aka the treadmill, which will be known from here on on out at TM or DM in my posts. The reason i am happy is after having Berk i went from 244 to 160 in 11 months following WW and running 2 miles almost daily! so my goal is 2 miles a day working up to 30 mins which should be 3 miles when i get back to my 10 min mile pace. i will also be following an 8 week half marathon trng in prep for the san antonio half in nov. so along with running, counting calories via Lose It ap on my iphone, and brazil butt lift i hope to start seeing some changes and not have my Lucky jeans be skin tight!!! now we all know one major motivator is homecoming, well since i dont live in San Diego its hard to get all super excited about being on the pier to meet hubster. so im anxiously waiting to hear when he is taking leave to come visit again. But believe me my skinny butt will be on the pier come next summer!!! plus im either taking a trip to some wonderful beach or a cruise next year! bring on the bikini body. for those who are wondering, im shooting for under 1400 calories a day right now. id like to lose 40 lbs!

I hope for my fellow friends who want to lose weight that they can cheer me on as a friend on lose it!

oh and as i read my description i thought i should give a life update.
Being a new nurse is overwhelming, sometimes i forget what im doing, forget to get the pt a blanket or water, come in to find a bag i hung never ran, find my weak pt getting out of bed on their own, get home and think wow i should have done more and been better at time management. each day i learn something new though and that makes me feel accomplished. i think im halfway done with my orientation, im taking 5 patients now and will move to 6 soon...

The mom days: well the kids continue to mom mom mom when im trying to sleep after a night shift. William decided to stay in Hawaii with his father, Will. He started high school OMG! Arianna started school (8th grade) late in Texas from her vacation in Hawaii, made a best friend the first day and had her first spanish test today, we are working on learning it together :) this week we are learning the days of the week!!! Chase started 2nd grade in a brand new school in our subdivision YAY! The texas schools just accepted our IEP from San Diego and the great news about here is there is less than 20 students in a class! He is doing pretty good overall here! He has made friends quickly too. Berkley well she is repeating K, but doing great. She isn't sucking her thumb during school YAY!!! And happy faces everyday, making me proud and less stressed. The dogs are brats, sometimes peeing in my house but the kids love them. the cat well she hides out in my room and loves to sleep in the sun shining through.

Being a navy wife, well Yes I am still a proud submarine wife but i feel so disconnected over here all by myself. there is no happy yay the boat is pulling in moments for me. its a big bummer. but we love each other and will come out on top!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Of course like my normal roller coaster ride i cant even remember the last time i logged my food. As i sat this morning emailing and old friend who needs to lose weight like me im like just freaking do this shit. For reals, I have 3 college degrees and can't do something as simple as log what food i eat on a daily basis! I mean its not rocket science. I ate a sandwich log on and enter the calories. why oh why must i be so lazy, its not that even all the food taste good or i needed to eat it. i mean did i really need to eat chocolate animal crackers. oh but besides trying those mix the white ones with it too so i had a bowl of brown and white animal crackers? this week is the start a half marathon 8 week training plan so i better figure out where my head should be!!!! so anyone with an iphone who wants to hold me accountable while counting their calories too, find me on lose it under

so ive had my coffee and will go make my egg white scramble which keeps me full all day! and tonight I WILL start my brazil butt lift with or without a new ac coil!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st!!!

Well its going pretty well im down 5 lbs. i have been eating healthier and counting most of my calories for most days. So my goal to workout with DVDs at home has been sidestepped by a nonworking AC. working out in 90* is not a fun soon i have to start training for the half marathon! sept 6th i think! eeekk

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I was a cooking fool today!!!

I cooked up 6 lbs of turkey meat froze 4 lbs for later meals and then I made this bean dish (great northern beans, bacon, sage, and garlic YUM), stew, white chicken chili, shortcut chili. I have 6 jars of lowfat meals to store for my calorie counting meals. Oh and on top of it all I ran for an hour this morning! Oh and tried a hungry girl margarita last night too YUM! things are looking a little better in my weight loss world!

Friday, August 20, 2010

ahh yes

so i think im 50/50 on the calorie counting and logging. i need need to get in the right mindset so as i sit here pondering do i go blowdry my hair and head out to see if theres a band playing tonight, i better just go to bed. get some much needed sleep and tomorrow hit the gym! i tried the crantastic margarita tonight from the hungry girl happy hour cookbook YUM needed more tequila less blending but all in all it was good. and i got a prevention small cookbook today that had a yummy chili recipe in it. my most recent goal is to make my own homemade to go meals at about $1 a serving and 300-350 calories. this week i made a stew:
1lb Louis Rich Ground Turkey (commy sells this for $1 in freezer section)
1 lb mixed frozen veggies
1 large can of tomato sauce
1 can of fire roasted diced tomatoes
I added half a onion and a tomato that was about to go bad, some minced garlic and yum~
5 servings 1.5c each i put them in my mason jars and took a jar and bowl to work!
so maybe when i decide to have a clean spotless kitchen and enough storage containers i will do 3 or 4 different recipes like this and not feel the need for nutrisystem :) my checkbook will love me more!

Monday, August 16, 2010

food journal for 8-15

so i worked last night, quite interesting to say the least i had a protein shake on the way to work but was starving by nine, popped a V8 and was told ewww that stinks! im like im nice enough to bring eggs!

ok so i decided to use Lose it on my iphone for calorie counting. My daily intake is set at 1358 to lose 2lbs a week, my goal is truthfully a lb a week.

Breakfast-egg white veggie scramble (3 egg whites, 1 egg, different veggies, 1T olive oil)
Lunch- WW fettucini alfredo
dinner- protein smoothie (1c almond breeze unsweetened, 1 banana, 2 T of PB2, 1 scoop of protein powder)
healthy choice lemon pepper fish meal
greek yogurt
small V8

no exercise but i have Brazil Butt lift on its way and some Jillian Micheals on there way...need to get into the groove of gym and working again!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

so I need a game plan

for those of you who have lost weight or attempted to lose weight know exactly where i am coming from. today is the day! how many times has that been said. today i will journal today i will stick to x amount of calories. so my love affair with weight watchers started gosh before i had berkley who is turning 6 this 8 yrs ago. so im indecisive if i want to join WW again, do i join, do i join online only or do i go to meetings. well im curious if the mtgs are in espanol or english, since i am wanting to learn spanish maybe i can kill two birds with one stone, weight loss and spanish immersion WW meetings LOL.

while I am deciding I am going to just track calories, 1200-1300 is the goal! now i used to wear a bodybugg and i still have one but i always burn the 1000 cal deficit if i work out an hour a day and yet i didnt lose weight, yes its simple math but i dont think my body comprehends the simple 3500cal burnt means a lb should magically disappear off my scale...

so my goal for the rest of Aug is to lose 5 lbs, then I would be happy with a 5 lb loss each month of this year, so that would be 25lbs total then i think id like to lose another 10. so hopefully by he time my hubby returns from pac the end of next summer I will be one HOT momma!!!

so starting today I will blog daily what I have ate, and since I am working night shifts I decided my caloric intake will go midnight to midnight! i have my freezer stocked with tv dinners, i know high in sodium but i need a quick fix for now to get portions into control! so until tomorrow morning, willpower to all my friends who are struggling with weight loss like me!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

so little town gym

Well it was only open 4 hours yesterday and this place shuts down on sundays. i work tonight or id go do some stair work. i ordered the brazil butt lift since my plastic surgeon's RN recommended it. it has great reviews on amazon, hope i can stick to it, its meant to be like p90x. i also saw that jillian michaels is coming out with shred it w/weights. i also read on Hungry Girl facebook posts replies the number of calories people are eating and how they are tracking them, pretty interesting stuff. well since i work and the gym is closed i decided cleaning my downstairs is a great way to burn some calories today! im trying to figure out how to count my calories while working on night shift, looking forward to my kids starting school again so i can sleep better while they are at school!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Well CRAP!!!

Here we are knocking on August's door, the EIGHTH month of the year and my ass is still FAT! how the hell did that happen? Well i mean i have all the excuses but whatever such is life and my fat butt needs to shed 40 lbs! damn wasn't it only 20 when i started this blog? ugh my life of dieting and exercise it just never ends!!! well for those who follow my blog but not in my everyday life, I finished school and moved from CA to TX (this little itty bitty town) to get a new grad nursing job. I finished orientation this week and will go on the floor on thursday! yay me, let the stress begin. now itty bitty town has itty bitty i mean itty bitty gyms too. but all is good they have spin, kickboxing, and zumba so sign me up!!! Monday I will join a gym and i roughly started counting calories and have been making trips around the local lake where everyone goes to do everything!!! well its close to midnight and i am setting my alarm for 5am with a goal of 530 walking with oh ya one of my two dogs that i also got before my move!!! Well it's off to lose some more weight, tone some muscles and get some new clothes!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

so yes blogging is like dieting

you start out right and it fizzles away. i really need to start a Mission National Guard and keep reminding myself that it's worth up to $45k and my clock ticking towards I did just run the Rock and Roll Half marathon without training for it, I finished in 2:40 with two bathroom breaks and alot of walking. So as I limp around wondering why my right foot hurts so much I better start refocusing on my caloric intake. So of course that means logging my food, we shall see how that goes today! Along with that i get to clean my house! yay

Friday, April 16, 2010

Working out w/purple and black team at the Y!

I had realized along time ago in my life that I assume different "roles" in different groups of my friends ie in the navy i was always the fat person but in my group of friends I was either average or a smaller person. And in these different situations I acted different about exercise or eating. So currently I am doubled up in the YMCA team challenge. I have Ed Camarillo as my trainer for both teams. It is also at two different gyms, Purple is rocking Toby Wells and Black is rocking it at Mission Valley. So as I sit here this morning thinking what an amazing time I had at yesterday's workout, I realized how completely different my teams are. Purple team is quiet and we get our work done, it is hard yes, but we sweat through it. Black team, I think I could train all day with them, between hearing mother fer and giggles from the married couple, i am pulling or pushing my body and weights watching the sweat drip off me with a smile! Last night we did crab crawls, wheelbarrows, sprints, and one team member had to piggyback our trainer. We all have our areas of strengths and weaknesses and we are pulling together nicely and supporting each other! What I am happy about most is now I have a total of 7 people to look for in the gym when I go, and I know that helps keep me accountable to the workouts I should be getting. I guys todays point is, exercise can be fun while grueling, and fun workouts make it seem like your having fun not exercising, and since I have kids it shows me things I can be doing to keep them healthy! I can't wait to see how much I get my ass handed to me tonight in Jason's bootcamp! I am partnering up with a black team member for the hell LOL! She is way funny, so hopefully I can have some laughs while trying to catch my breath!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am BACK!!!

My poor forgotten blog, I am back!!! My topic choice today is choices!!! As I sat here Tuesday having a pity party for myself because I didn't get an interview for the VA's new grad program I told myself to get on here and blog yet I didn't. Anyhow my topic, choices! I don't have a choice in who gets an interview, how many people Sharp hires, if my husband has a bad day, if the President sends more troops to foreign lands. BUT I do have a choice in what I eat, how I cook my food, how hard I hit the gym. It is my choice to control this weight problem I have. No one else makes this choice! It is the ONE thing I do have control over in my life!!! If i plan accordingly my chooses can help me, but that is another I must do is choose to plan!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Excuses!!!

As I said to a friend this week, your still overweight because you make too many excuses! Well guess what so do I! Me losing weight is more important than the fact someone made gyoza, or tried a new recipe out, or made a yummy cake. Not hitting the gym because once again I decided to procrastinate on my homework. This is the easiest time I am going to have from here on out to work out. When I finally get a nursing a job the hours will be killer! So I had already decided to give up eating out (my trainer said this includes potlucks) and I need to give up soda too, I always think well its diet...but still I am going to give it up, so hello crystal light! So very embarrassing today, our trainer had us weigh in, I gained weight, yet my other two team members lost :( I have read books, taking nutrition classes, saw a nutrionist, worked out with about 5 trainers now, why the heck can I not doing the simpliest math, calories in need to only be soooo much and calories out need to be so much. its pretty freaking simple so why can I not get it right? You know I am not losing weight just to be vain, although that is one of my main reasons. But I want to go back in the navy as an officer, i want to be faster in the races I sign up for, and i need to keep my heart healthy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

oh gym how its a love hate relationship!

I need to love you but like to hate you!!! But oh the gym is so good for me, it improves my moods and helps my figure and my heart!!! Off to the gym I will go tonight, with goals of running every morning at 530 to the stop sign and back (about 2 miles)! The ball is in THREE weeks!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

YMCA Team Challenge!!!

So I have seen this team challenge thing a couple times at the Y, it runs for six weeks and costs $275. I have spent money and more money on trying to lose weight and get fit. So sometimes it gets old, but since my motivation is lacking I thought what the hell! so i did it. It started last week, our first weigh in was thursday! I lost 2.2 lbs which i thought was good because i was in the ER sat night and they thought i had the flu so i didnt work out sat, sun, or mon!!! so i am back to wearing my bodybugg and actually calculating my calories AND measuring my food!!!! Like literally measuring out the 1/4 cup creamer in put in my coffee! So heres to the next 6 weeks i hope to lose 15 lbs by May 1st, the challenge goes till April 29th. Oh and for those that don't know I am not able to train for the RNR SD marathon :( I don't have anyone to take my son to sat school so i can train with my group... boohoo I decided to wait till hubby is home on shore duty to try to train for a marathon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so sad :(

I usually don't get too upset or emotional over people I don't know passing. I don't know if it is because my kids are getting older and it hits home or because I have ran those trails. When you hear someone goes missing you hope for the best and fear for the worst. Now my only regret is that I didn't go out with a search party to say I did my part. My heart breaks when I think of Chelsea King, which I am sure would have grown into a wonderful, successful woman but all was cut too short because some criminal couldn't keep his hands to himself. I can not imagine the pain and hurt that all her friends and family are going through right now and the new fear that each person has when they go on a run. Running is to improve oneself it is is too lose weight, make your heart healthier, or to compete against others and these sick, horrible rapist/murderers have to make it become a nightmare. My heart goes out to all those that knew Chelsea.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The funk

So lately I have let life get to me. I normally am the happy go lucky person but lately I just let the messy house, weight gain, husband gone again, kids not listening crap get to me. But I think I am coming out of it, I feel alot happier today and hit the gym for a little over an hour. I did a mile run, spin class, some thigh exercises, stretching, and situps. I have ate pretty awesome so far today, but i don't normally have a problem with my morning times, its midday that i cave and eat bad things. But I made an awesome smoothie today!!! I threw some ice, 1 cup milk, 1 banana, 2 T of PB2 (powdered PB), and 1 scoop protein mix YUMMIE!!!! also today is Day #3 of no eating out ( i want to make it 30 days before I eat out, the rule is I am allowed to drink so tea, coffee, diet soda, a light beer BUT no food) And today is day #2 of electronics being taken away from our children!!! eeekk LOL! Well heres hoping to some sunshine in my life and some weight loss!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

trail running and the evil scale!

So before I get to tell everyone, skull candy earbuds ROCK!!! ok whew I keep meaning to post that! you can get them at target, santa brought mine along with the sockguy sock monkey socks i rocked on my grueling 6 mile trail run through Balboa Park. Man it sucked and I thought of my blog and what I would say and what I should change, since I keep getting reminded that the reason I am not losing weight is because of my DIET!!! blah! why does food have to be such an evil thing, why can't i love to eat clean or unprocessed foods, so starting tomorrow I will post what I eat daily! maybe knowing that the whole world can come see what I am eating will remind me each time I wander into my kitchen to stay focused! Today was good though I went to a bday party and did not eat any pizza or cake! score! I was suppose to go out to Hooters tonight but I can not trust myself around food right now, and I need to control this, I think my ass or legs are getting fatter. I want to start eating cleaner, not all the way just more veggies and fruits and lean proteins. So my scale....I weigh myself everyday more than once usually, which I have read is a sign of an eating disorder. I don't think there is anything wrong in weighing daily though! But I'd like to see those numbers going as Dee says i shouldn't wait till tomorrow because tomorrow never comes....
breakfast-oatmeal (homemade quick oats) w/flaxseed meal, brown sugar, walnuts, and cranberries
snack-greek yogurt w/frozen blueberries and splenda
lunch-veggies w/some dip, fruit, and 6in subway veggie delight on honey oat
snack-fake baked pear and apple then a banana
dinner-going to make a pbj w/natural pb and on ww bread! then head to an adult only toy party!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

rain rain go away!

So tomorrow is a scheduled 6 mile on/off trail run starting at Morley Field...I don't know if i want to do that in the rain. So I was going to try out a kettlebell basics class tonight but due to the gym not having the correct schedule up it was an advanced class. So spin it was, sweat galore! Then subway for dinner yum! so a bit better than I have been being. So recently I was told that the gym is only like 20% of your wt loss and then genetics has a part but diet is the majority way of how to lose weight. So I have been in a rut I didnt get the new years resolution workout ummpphhh like most people so its not that i lost it! But I have to pull my head out of my butt and get this under control before it gets to be alot to lose instead of just 20lbs. I tried to get taped for my body fat by the Navy today but the recruiters weren't in and the marines stated that they didn't have a female to measure like hmmm weird damn pc rules! So not that I have ate overly bad but once again im stating that tomorrow i will do better!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wow why is this so damn hard?

Is it because it's girl scout cookie time, but i seem to OD on cookies and at $4 a box its hurting my budget and my figure!!! Besides that I tried a rainbow roll for the first time yesterday it was great. I also wore my running skirt w/built in compression shorts yesterday, it was hella cute! Did gravity class on base, that class is amazing! I can't wait to see results. I applied for a MA position at a fertility center today, I really hope I get the job. It will give me the experience I need to get RN positions at planned parenthood. Anyhow so onto this damn weight thing. I weighed in at 181 yesterday, skipped the gym today, and ate at the broken yoke then OD'd on girl scout cookies and said that was my lunch, and going to extraordinary desserts tonight. So once again I am stating that tomorrow I will count my calories and be good. Sometimes I think ugh whatever I will just like my size, but I don't as much as a try to tell myself that I should be happy this size. And the weird thing is healthy food tastes good so why do I eat the unhealthy foods and say its a treat, well treats are not meant for everyday of the week! So blah tonight will be tea and tart and hopefully tomorrow starts out fresh...but since I have said that everyday this week we shall see.. I just wish I could get back in the groove of things!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Haircut and new jeans!

So why does it seem that anything that looks good on us is hella expensive? So I just became the owner of my most expensive pair of jeans in my life!!! $99 for ONE pair of jeans, but guess what my ass looks great in them! And if i dont gain weight they will last for 5 least that is what other Lucky owners tell me. Then I got my haircut and colored today, i have bangs, OMG its been YEARS since I had bangs. Oh but my blog is supposed to be about me losing weight. Well I think I suck at losing weight...I went to the gym so i could run for 30 mins then hit a low impact aerobics class. I ran into a girl from my Kaplan review course and we chatted during my whole scheduled run time. But man i sure got sweaty during that class today! Tomorrow is gravity class after a run, maybe on the track w/my garmin, love that thing! as far as today goes well i had to eat out because I was waiting for the ONE girl to cut my hair, but she does it and i like it so dont want to mess with that. Now just to get used to the cut! I'll post pics later, they are on my cell for now. or on my facebook if you are on there w/me! I made ice cream cone cupcakes too cute but then i ate two so blah. well its getting late and i need to get to bed so my fat cells can shrink or something like that. And hopefully tomorrow my resolve will be better, but having sushi w/the girls before our mandatory orientation! Miss my nursing buddies!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

more running

so what really sucks is how fast your endurance goes when you take a break. Now I am the type that I am all or nothing. So I either go to the gym all the time or I don't go. Hence the same with the blog, I need to do this everyday or I will stop doing it. Today was a much better food day for me, Friday I think I ate like 5000 calories or something. So I got up and made my oatmeal which consists of oats, flaxseed meal, brown sugar, cranberries, and walnuts. I was worried my body would rebel w/the food for my 5 mile run, but i did just fine. We ran from Liberty Station to the Coast Guard guard shack and back. I have to say the way back is always easier. It was pretty cool today, the group was HUGE! I don't know if its because its Jan or what, but when I started WCRR back in July the group was about half this size. It's always fun to run with people, makes it less boring. I can't wait till I am not constantly looking at my garmin wondering when the run will be over though. so today I skipped having mexican food with my friends to stay home with the fam and have subway. I am really proud of myself for that because I am a social butterfly and love to hang out. It saved me money and calories though! Well I am way tired, so off to bed I go.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a crappy day!!!

My day just started out crappy! I don't know why but it did! I don't know if it's PMS or what. but what a shitty day and i ate everything in the entire house and outside the house and didn't even go to the gym! ugh! but i am going to bed now cuz tomorrow is run day! 5 miles w/WCRR!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another day down

Well maybe I should have another title for this day because as "diet" wise it wasn't the best day ever. I did make quinoa for the first time, I mixed it with frozen green giant veggies and pink beans. It didn't really seem to have a taste but was cute little circles. I have three other jars of unknown healthy grains, I think they are bulgar, wheatberries, and who the hell knows what. I am thinking I need to pack the jars in my purse and go to Henrys to identify the unknown grain so i may make it someday.....I decided to talk on the phone instead of running today, but yet told myself I would make it to the gym at some point today for cardio HAHAHAHHAHAHAH we all know how those intentions go. I did do gravity class again, I love Dino the instructor! I will keep going, so those in san diego it is t/th 10 am 32nd st base. I think I am even going to venture to take Kettleball classes! So besides eating some unaccounted for almonds I went to Dennys for girls night out. Coffee, hashbrowns, egg whites, whole wheat pancakes, and worst of all loaded baked potato soup!!! I don't feel like a stuffed pig but I should have ate better...ugh. I did take my final today and went to the high school fair for my oldest son. WTH my son is starting high school in Sept!!! OMG! Anyhow tomorrow is free eye exam clinic in National City for my community health class that doesn't officially start till Monday. I am wondering if my old business attired fits...ugh I hope so! well off to bed I go, thankfully hubby got the night off so I get to go to bed with him! Yay!!! Until tomorrow....which I need to find a workout to do tomorrow still yet....maybe kettleball basics??? who knows, but I will tell you all tomorrow what I did!

almost forgot to blog!

I should so be in bed!!! But I wanna try doing this everyday so this is really for Wednesday! So I went to weight watchers (WW) for my weigh in (WI) and wow up FOUR pounds!! now i was warned by two girls that i should make sure to watch my weight after surgery that they both gained cause they were happy. Well I used the I am sick excuse last week and well I am sure eating 3 musketeers, zingers, strawberry milk, oh and don't forget chicken noodle soup would make me feel better, right? today's workout SPIN!!!!! So for those that have not taken a spinning class yet, well try it, but take water. oh and plan on a hurting crotch! so stand often, even if they instructor doesn't say stand, your privates will thank you later! So a 45 min spin session.....then home to veg, finally cranked out my LAST discussion post for this class. Then went to Disney on Ice with my youngest two kids. I love little mermaid so much!!! then home to surf the internet, watch ghost whisperer and be lazy! I am starving but it is midnight so i should be in bed, so that's where I am headed. I counted all my points today!! Went over by 6 I think, damn bliss bar!!!

so wi today i was 181.8 ugh! at home i was 180.....i like my house scale! oh and best of all i worked out in a sports top w/the built in bra and didn't wear a sports bra and my boobs looked great!!! thank you Dr. Brucker for my great boobies!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the dreadmill again???? I got to the base gym today and there were not very many treadmills so i had to wait a bit, I was supposed to run for 40 mins but had a gravity strength training class, so I ran for 35 mins. Once again, my head kept telling me to stop running...for those that have a hard time running, just tell yourself at the next 5 min mark i can go down .2 in me through all 35 mins of hell today.....i ran for 3 hrs straight in nov wth is wrong with me now??? Once again my mind was drifting to what I would write in my blog today...for those that struggle with weight you may know where I am coming from the excuses, I am too tired, I don't have time, but it tastes so good, I will just run longer or work out tonight (which never happens), I am not meant to be thin, etc we all have those excuses. So I just wanted to give you all some more of my history...If I can lose weight and run a half marathon and complete 3 triathlons so far so can you...lets see I have dealt with childhood sexual abuse, a mother who had 5 husbands while I lived at home, a divorce, deployments, my son being abused and the custody battle, my sister committing suicide, my stepdad and grandpa dying two weeks apart, and becoming a SAHM after 10 years of being in the Navy!!! Life throws us curve balls but we choose the outcome, sometimes it seems like we don't but it's your life if you don't like how you are living it, then change it. So as I ran today I thought of the readers that may start reading this! No one woke up and ran a marathon without taking that first step in a training run!!! I can do this and so can you! So as I go throughout the rest of my evening and to a girl scout cookie meeting, I will keep my blog, scale, tomorrow's weight watcher meeting and my gym date in my mind as those girls giggle over cookies!!! I will RESIST eating a cookie, I know what they taste like, I know I like them but damn I wanna wear my polka dot bikini cuz im in Diego, Trick!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Me 1-15-10

I am guessing if I would have dared stepped on the scale today it would have said 178ish.....I was too afraid of the scale today, which means I am not eating correctly!!!

Just the beginning!

Well this is my first attempt at my own blog, I joined a team weight loss blog but we didn't really use it. So today as I was running on the dreadmill I thought I am finally going to start my own blog...why because just maybe this is the year I get to the magic number of 155 on the damn scale that I have determined as my goal weight. And hopefully along the journey I do or say something that will inspire others. So about me...
Well I am Anna, nursing student (RN as of 12-10-09, 5 classes left to graduate), mom of 4, and a Navy wife (hubby is on a submarine in Pt Loma, San Diego). I have been and egg donor for a friend and a surrogate twice (a singleton in 2006 and twins in 2008). My kids are 5, 7, 12, and 13. The boys 7 & 13 give me a run for my money and my girls are pretty easy. Currently I am supposed to be applying to the master's degree program for midwifery and women's health NP, deadline is Feb 1st....hmmm that's probably what I should be doing right now. Today marks 6 weeks post op from a breast reduction/lift and a lower body lift. Oh I guess I should give my weight history. I have always struggled with my weight, distinct times I remember are my sophomore physical for the swim team (171 lbs), recruiters office my senior year (160lbs), the day I joined the Navy (148 lbs), first PRT after bootcamp (170lbs), my pregnancy weights were 232, 226, 244, 257, and finally my last pregnancy and the beginning of my final weight loss journey I was a whopping 282 pounds!!! I have with the help of the bodybugg, weight watchers, and two different personal trainers at 24 hr fitness got all the way down to 177. I got stuck at 180 forever, and actually gained to 188 the day of my surgery on 12-14-09. The doctor took about a lb off my breast and 12 lbs off my abs/butt/hips, gotta love that man. I was 174 after surgery and have yoyo'd up to 178 since maybe this blog along with my marathon training (Rock n Roll San Diego on June 6, 2010) will help me get to my goal weight of 155 by Jan 1, 2011. Slow and Steady wins the race!!!

so today I went to the gym...45 mins on that damn treadmill thank you Santa for those awesome skullcandy earbuds!! I wanted to quit at 20 mins, but good music and my thoughts of what to write in my new blog kept me here goes nothing....tomorrow its a new day, I will eat better than I did today (although today wasn't too bad) and oh i have a date w/the dreadmill around 9am!