Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The funk

So lately I have let life get to me. I normally am the happy go lucky person but lately I just let the messy house, weight gain, husband gone again, kids not listening crap get to me. But I think I am coming out of it, I feel alot happier today and hit the gym for a little over an hour. I did a mile run, spin class, some thigh exercises, stretching, and situps. I have ate pretty awesome so far today, but i don't normally have a problem with my morning times, its midday that i cave and eat bad things. But I made an awesome smoothie today!!! I threw some ice, 1 cup milk, 1 banana, 2 T of PB2 (powdered PB), and 1 scoop protein mix YUMMIE!!!! also today is Day #3 of no eating out ( i want to make it 30 days before I eat out, the rule is I am allowed to drink so tea, coffee, diet soda, a light beer BUT no food) And today is day #2 of electronics being taken away from our children!!! eeekk LOL! Well heres hoping to some sunshine in my life and some weight loss!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

trail running and the evil scale!

So before I get to tell everyone, skull candy earbuds ROCK!!! ok whew I keep meaning to post that! you can get them at target, santa brought mine along with the sockguy sock monkey socks i rocked on my grueling 6 mile trail run through Balboa Park. Man it sucked and I thought of my blog and what I would say and what I should change, since I keep getting reminded that the reason I am not losing weight is because of my DIET!!! blah! why does food have to be such an evil thing, why can't i love to eat clean or unprocessed foods, so starting tomorrow I will post what I eat daily! maybe knowing that the whole world can come see what I am eating will remind me each time I wander into my kitchen to stay focused! Today was good though I went to a bday party and did not eat any pizza or cake! score! I was suppose to go out to Hooters tonight but I can not trust myself around food right now, and I need to control this, I think my ass or legs are getting fatter. I want to start eating cleaner, not all the way just more veggies and fruits and lean proteins. So my scale....I weigh myself everyday more than once usually, which I have read is a sign of an eating disorder. I don't think there is anything wrong in weighing daily though! But I'd like to see those numbers going as Dee says i shouldn't wait till tomorrow because tomorrow never comes....
breakfast-oatmeal (homemade quick oats) w/flaxseed meal, brown sugar, walnuts, and cranberries
snack-greek yogurt w/frozen blueberries and splenda
lunch-veggies w/some dip, fruit, and 6in subway veggie delight on honey oat
snack-fake baked pear and apple then a banana
dinner-going to make a pbj w/natural pb and on ww bread! then head to an adult only toy party!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

rain rain go away!

So tomorrow is a scheduled 6 mile on/off trail run starting at Morley Field...I don't know if i want to do that in the rain. So I was going to try out a kettlebell basics class tonight but due to the gym not having the correct schedule up it was an advanced class. So spin it was, sweat galore! Then subway for dinner yum! so a bit better than I have been being. So recently I was told that the gym is only like 20% of your wt loss and then genetics has a part but diet is the majority way of how to lose weight. So I have been in a rut I didnt get the new years resolution workout ummpphhh like most people so its not that i lost it! But I have to pull my head out of my butt and get this under control before it gets to be alot to lose instead of just 20lbs. I tried to get taped for my body fat by the Navy today but the recruiters weren't in and the marines stated that they didn't have a female to measure like hmmm weird damn pc rules! So not that I have ate overly bad but once again im stating that tomorrow i will do better!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wow why is this so damn hard?

Is it because it's girl scout cookie time, but i seem to OD on cookies and at $4 a box its hurting my budget and my figure!!! Besides that I tried a rainbow roll for the first time yesterday it was great. I also wore my running skirt w/built in compression shorts yesterday, it was hella cute! Did gravity class on base, that class is amazing! I can't wait to see results. I applied for a MA position at a fertility center today, I really hope I get the job. It will give me the experience I need to get RN positions at planned parenthood. Anyhow so onto this damn weight thing. I weighed in at 181 yesterday, skipped the gym today, and ate at the broken yoke then OD'd on girl scout cookies and said that was my lunch, and going to extraordinary desserts tonight. So once again I am stating that tomorrow I will count my calories and be good. Sometimes I think ugh whatever I will just like my size, but I don't as much as a try to tell myself that I should be happy this size. And the weird thing is healthy food tastes good so why do I eat the unhealthy foods and say its a treat, well treats are not meant for everyday of the week! So blah tonight will be tea and tart and hopefully tomorrow starts out fresh...but since I have said that everyday this week we shall see.. I just wish I could get back in the groove of things!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Haircut and new jeans!

So why does it seem that anything that looks good on us is hella expensive? So I just became the owner of my most expensive pair of jeans in my life!!! $99 for ONE pair of jeans, but guess what my ass looks great in them! And if i dont gain weight they will last for 5 least that is what other Lucky owners tell me. Then I got my haircut and colored today, i have bangs, OMG its been YEARS since I had bangs. Oh but my blog is supposed to be about me losing weight. Well I think I suck at losing weight...I went to the gym so i could run for 30 mins then hit a low impact aerobics class. I ran into a girl from my Kaplan review course and we chatted during my whole scheduled run time. But man i sure got sweaty during that class today! Tomorrow is gravity class after a run, maybe on the track w/my garmin, love that thing! as far as today goes well i had to eat out because I was waiting for the ONE girl to cut my hair, but she does it and i like it so dont want to mess with that. Now just to get used to the cut! I'll post pics later, they are on my cell for now. or on my facebook if you are on there w/me! I made ice cream cone cupcakes too cute but then i ate two so blah. well its getting late and i need to get to bed so my fat cells can shrink or something like that. And hopefully tomorrow my resolve will be better, but having sushi w/the girls before our mandatory orientation! Miss my nursing buddies!