Friday, April 16, 2010

Working out w/purple and black team at the Y!

I had realized along time ago in my life that I assume different "roles" in different groups of my friends ie in the navy i was always the fat person but in my group of friends I was either average or a smaller person. And in these different situations I acted different about exercise or eating. So currently I am doubled up in the YMCA team challenge. I have Ed Camarillo as my trainer for both teams. It is also at two different gyms, Purple is rocking Toby Wells and Black is rocking it at Mission Valley. So as I sit here this morning thinking what an amazing time I had at yesterday's workout, I realized how completely different my teams are. Purple team is quiet and we get our work done, it is hard yes, but we sweat through it. Black team, I think I could train all day with them, between hearing mother fer and giggles from the married couple, i am pulling or pushing my body and weights watching the sweat drip off me with a smile! Last night we did crab crawls, wheelbarrows, sprints, and one team member had to piggyback our trainer. We all have our areas of strengths and weaknesses and we are pulling together nicely and supporting each other! What I am happy about most is now I have a total of 7 people to look for in the gym when I go, and I know that helps keep me accountable to the workouts I should be getting. I guys todays point is, exercise can be fun while grueling, and fun workouts make it seem like your having fun not exercising, and since I have kids it shows me things I can be doing to keep them healthy! I can't wait to see how much I get my ass handed to me tonight in Jason's bootcamp! I am partnering up with a black team member for the hell LOL! She is way funny, so hopefully I can have some laughs while trying to catch my breath!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am BACK!!!

My poor forgotten blog, I am back!!! My topic choice today is choices!!! As I sat here Tuesday having a pity party for myself because I didn't get an interview for the VA's new grad program I told myself to get on here and blog yet I didn't. Anyhow my topic, choices! I don't have a choice in who gets an interview, how many people Sharp hires, if my husband has a bad day, if the President sends more troops to foreign lands. BUT I do have a choice in what I eat, how I cook my food, how hard I hit the gym. It is my choice to control this weight problem I have. No one else makes this choice! It is the ONE thing I do have control over in my life!!! If i plan accordingly my chooses can help me, but that is another I must do is choose to plan!