Saturday, August 21, 2010

I was a cooking fool today!!!

I cooked up 6 lbs of turkey meat froze 4 lbs for later meals and then I made this bean dish (great northern beans, bacon, sage, and garlic YUM), stew, white chicken chili, shortcut chili. I have 6 jars of lowfat meals to store for my calorie counting meals. Oh and on top of it all I ran for an hour this morning! Oh and tried a hungry girl margarita last night too YUM! things are looking a little better in my weight loss world!

Friday, August 20, 2010

ahh yes

so i think im 50/50 on the calorie counting and logging. i need need to get in the right mindset so as i sit here pondering do i go blowdry my hair and head out to see if theres a band playing tonight, i better just go to bed. get some much needed sleep and tomorrow hit the gym! i tried the crantastic margarita tonight from the hungry girl happy hour cookbook YUM needed more tequila less blending but all in all it was good. and i got a prevention small cookbook today that had a yummy chili recipe in it. my most recent goal is to make my own homemade to go meals at about $1 a serving and 300-350 calories. this week i made a stew:
1lb Louis Rich Ground Turkey (commy sells this for $1 in freezer section)
1 lb mixed frozen veggies
1 large can of tomato sauce
1 can of fire roasted diced tomatoes
I added half a onion and a tomato that was about to go bad, some minced garlic and yum~
5 servings 1.5c each i put them in my mason jars and took a jar and bowl to work!
so maybe when i decide to have a clean spotless kitchen and enough storage containers i will do 3 or 4 different recipes like this and not feel the need for nutrisystem :) my checkbook will love me more!

Monday, August 16, 2010

food journal for 8-15

so i worked last night, quite interesting to say the least i had a protein shake on the way to work but was starving by nine, popped a V8 and was told ewww that stinks! im like im nice enough to bring eggs!

ok so i decided to use Lose it on my iphone for calorie counting. My daily intake is set at 1358 to lose 2lbs a week, my goal is truthfully a lb a week.

Breakfast-egg white veggie scramble (3 egg whites, 1 egg, different veggies, 1T olive oil)
Lunch- WW fettucini alfredo
dinner- protein smoothie (1c almond breeze unsweetened, 1 banana, 2 T of PB2, 1 scoop of protein powder)
healthy choice lemon pepper fish meal
greek yogurt
small V8

no exercise but i have Brazil Butt lift on its way and some Jillian Micheals on there way...need to get into the groove of gym and working again!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

so I need a game plan

for those of you who have lost weight or attempted to lose weight know exactly where i am coming from. today is the day! how many times has that been said. today i will journal today i will stick to x amount of calories. so my love affair with weight watchers started gosh before i had berkley who is turning 6 this 8 yrs ago. so im indecisive if i want to join WW again, do i join, do i join online only or do i go to meetings. well im curious if the mtgs are in espanol or english, since i am wanting to learn spanish maybe i can kill two birds with one stone, weight loss and spanish immersion WW meetings LOL.

while I am deciding I am going to just track calories, 1200-1300 is the goal! now i used to wear a bodybugg and i still have one but i always burn the 1000 cal deficit if i work out an hour a day and yet i didnt lose weight, yes its simple math but i dont think my body comprehends the simple 3500cal burnt means a lb should magically disappear off my scale...

so my goal for the rest of Aug is to lose 5 lbs, then I would be happy with a 5 lb loss each month of this year, so that would be 25lbs total then i think id like to lose another 10. so hopefully by he time my hubby returns from pac the end of next summer I will be one HOT momma!!!

so starting today I will blog daily what I have ate, and since I am working night shifts I decided my caloric intake will go midnight to midnight! i have my freezer stocked with tv dinners, i know high in sodium but i need a quick fix for now to get portions into control! so until tomorrow morning, willpower to all my friends who are struggling with weight loss like me!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

so little town gym

Well it was only open 4 hours yesterday and this place shuts down on sundays. i work tonight or id go do some stair work. i ordered the brazil butt lift since my plastic surgeon's RN recommended it. it has great reviews on amazon, hope i can stick to it, its meant to be like p90x. i also saw that jillian michaels is coming out with shred it w/weights. i also read on Hungry Girl facebook posts replies the number of calories people are eating and how they are tracking them, pretty interesting stuff. well since i work and the gym is closed i decided cleaning my downstairs is a great way to burn some calories today! im trying to figure out how to count my calories while working on night shift, looking forward to my kids starting school again so i can sleep better while they are at school!