Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Beginnings

So i feel like a record player with my weight loss, i don't even think its a yo-yo effect, well I know it isn't because I am not going down to come back up. Overcoming obesity is just as hard as stopping cigarettes or alcohol or maybe EVEN worse. I mean we do have to eat. I am very sad when I step on the scale and see all the hard work I did since I had the twins in July 08 just going to waste. But is it enough to make sure I am making the smart choices about the foods and drinks I put in my mouth. NO!!!! So I am hoping that the light clicks on for me soon. Weight Watchers started a new program this week and has cute new binders that are pretty so maybe revamping and having a new honeymoon stage will help me! A close friend of mind recommended I set non weight loss goals as well. I have decided since I used to hit the gym ALL the time in San Diego that I need to tap back into working out. I have every Jillian Michaels DVD there is out I think. so i told myself that if i work out 5 times a week for one hour for a month I can treat myself to a massage.....what girl doesnt love a massage!!! so hopefully my fat butt will start to lose weight and i can start changing my lifestyle back to one I like. ESPECIALLY since I signed up for THREE half marathons in 2011!!!!