Thursday, November 29, 2012

One week of the streak complete!!

Yay!!! I'm starting my 3rd night shift in a row but made sure I had time set aside to get in just one mile. I know myself and if I skip a day it'll be easy to skip another one.

Big news, I'm going back to Weight Watchers. I'm going to start Saturday with the reveal of their new program. I know I go back and forth but WW is how I got to my lowest weight after having Berkley and I'd love to see the 160s on my scale again!!!

For the best news today, I ran a mile under 10 mins!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 1 in the books!

Well day one was hard but I stuck to my goal of logging in My Fitness Pal (MFP) my food intake. My goal is honesty to myself. I was doing really well and at dinner time I was starving, then I realized I hadn't consumed very many calories. This made leftover cookie cake irresistible . I found hot tea helps and I had 3 cups
Well I'm off to order Half Marathon by Jeff Galloway and catch some zzzzzzzzzs

Sunday, November 25, 2012


It's not what you think!  Happy holidays everyone, my waistline is ready for 2013 that is for sure!!! Potlucksm, birthdays, holidays etc has put a HUGE gain on my scale boo. As I was catching up on blogs this week I read about Runners world holiday streak. This is perfect for me, especially with my work schedule. I along with Todd have pledged to run at least ONE mile a day from thanksgiving through New Year's Day.  Thursday and Friday I ran one mile, Saturday 2, and about to head out for today's run.  While I'm running I will decide what meal plan I'm starting in the am! I'm also promising to myself that I will log ALL food intake for a month starting tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a great Turkey day and didn't add the pounds like I did :-/

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The plan to eat paleo for fri, sat, and Sunday worked great. Then I got off work Monday and met a friend for breakfast. I had sweet potato pancakes, eggs, bacon, and coffee. I munched on paleo foods the rest of the day but come Tuesday I binged. Tuesday was my sister's bday, she would have been 31.  Today has been good, I ate at the Habit and skipped the bun :)

I am halfway through week 2 of my half marathon training. I wrote out my schedule in my planner and trying my best to stick to it. Sunday I ran 3 miles, Tuesday 1 mile and Zumba, Wednesday 3 miles.  I have a 4 mie run planned for Friday.

Today was my first appointment at San Diego Spine and Rehab. I told them about my right knee pain I get while running and the pinched nerve I think I have. They took X-rays of my knee and shoulder, gave me a focused massage, and put me on some electronic device with ice on me. I go back tomorrow to review my X-rays and set up a treatment plan. Currently I am supposed to 3 times a week for a month.

Can you guys believe Thanksgiving is a week away?!?! Who is running a turkey trot? I am not this year but plotting a half marathon for my husband to run before we move. P.S. we are moving to Kings Bay, GA after the holidays, don't know the exact Navy definition of "after the holidays" .

Saturday, November 10, 2012

different approach

So I am stuck in that rut where breafkast goes ok but somewhere between breakfast and bedtime all hell breaks loose and I have ate like it is the end of the world. I saw a quote this week about setting smaller goals so you can reach them so I decided to make a small goal. Tracking fri, sat, and sunday before I go to bfast on Monday morning. Saturday has went well!

Carlsbad half training-going the same as my diet BAD! blah I skipped my long run this week which was only 4 miles. I have to get with it!!!

I need motivation people GIVE IT TO ME!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

deja vu

ugh really once again i blew my eating plan!!! I am just not getting it! its pissing me off. but i continue to be a broken record so since i have a brunch sat and a dinner sunday i will be starting fresh on monday! i need to lose 25 lbs asap and work on 20 more after that!!!  sleep for me now though because tomorrow I run the Color Run which has 20,000 people running it in san diego tomorrow!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

First day of November

And day 1 sucked!! I woke up today coughing up green ick. Then I went to talk and sound like a whispering frog! My kids are in heaven! I was pretty productive today though for being under The weather. Once the kids were in school I grabbed my friend Shelly and we headed to Target (which by the way doesn't price match the military exchange ads). After catching the great 50% Halloween clearance we headed downtown to the USO to sign up for the Santa Workshop at the Harley store, we were 74-77 out of the 100 accepted for our time slot. Pics will be posted dec 8th.
Thursday is early release for the kids so once they hit home and we loaned our car out to a friend tats moving Monday we ran errands. I delivered items that we starting to clear from our housetops other homes. Then I picked up my friend Audrey's daughter and off to Santee we went. Another target run, Costco, kohls, the bank, and gas station. All that time I'm trying to keep three kids together with a squeak of a voice I'm sure everyone found it humorous.

My night ended with going to Claimjumpers with another friend followed by hot tea at panders to soothe my aching throat in hopes of getting my voice back before I have to work. Oh and I shampooed half of my living room carpet hoping to burn off dinner! Well my bed and tooth fairy duties are calling my name! My baby lost another tooth today!

And to follow with the November tradition: today I'm grateful that both my husband and I are employed.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Todd and I love Halloween!!!! It is our favorite holiday. Runner up is Easter, Todd loves decorating eggs, then of course Christmas. Too bad Todd is out to sea, but the best news is he will be home the next THREE!!! Yes you heard me, SHORE duty is in our future! I'm super duper excited that we can have a complete family for 3 years!

I am getting sick, it started on my 4th shift Monday. I have that itchy throat, stuffy head thing going on. I hate how dehydrated sudafed makes me feel. I'm taking robitussin, coldezze, and drinking green tea for immunity. And what's worse, I'm not the only one sick, my MacBook I think is actually dead :( the screen is just white and there's a clicking noise :( boo!!!! I don't see any extra funds to replace it before we move so that stinks.

Tomorrow is a new month and I'm determined to lose 5 lbs in November. I am going to focus on eating paleo, tracking in MFP, and a gallon of water a day when I'm not working and 2L when I work. what's everyone's November goal?

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Crossfit update and weekend round up

Whew I have been a busy person! First off, I decided Crossfit wasn't the right decision for me. I was having a hard time getting the right form and getting anxious over being weak or super slower than everyone else.  I know that it was only MY issue, no one treated me different they actually cheered me on. I may try it again another time but I want to focus on getting my running endurance and speed back. Crossfit and Half marathons both take a lot of energy and I can't do both at the same time. I am at peace with my decision.

Saturday I did a zombie 5k that was an awesome "group on" deal, only $15. I thought this was the one that zombies chased you but I was wrong. It was a zombie run. Thankfully they had volunteers painting faces for the runners! Another super cool thing about this run, it was my friend, Noreen's first 5k!!!! She already picked Her first half marathon :) Here's how I looked prior to running.

The rest of my Saturday flew by. I had Berkley's girl scout investiture in the afternoon, so cute. Then I had my friend Sarah's wedding that evening. It ended been a cold night but we were only on the beach for the ceremony and the reception was indoors. It was awesome and I ate non paleo but enjoyed myself and I'm very happy for my friend's happiness!  Oh and I totally suck in the photo booth! I look drunk, high, or half asleep in most of the pics. So embarrassing, sigh.

Sunday I woke up late and ran into church. I really love my church and my soul needed some Newbreak in it. During coffee break I noticed another sub wife so I moved over to sit with her and there was a group of Hampton wives there! Score it is good to stick out these underways with each other. After church we had our FRG (family readiness group) Halloween party. The weather was not cooperating, but thankfully my prayers for no rain were answered. We had crafts, a pinata, lots of cookies and cupcakes (that I was able to avoid). I was in charge of the pinata! Fun times :) 

I was put on call Sunday night, which was another answered prayer. I was able to stay home and help finish up Berkley's ancestor project for school and be home with the kids. I also had dinner with another boat wife, and made smart choices! 

This day started out great with a commisary run to get some veggies to go along with all the chicken I will be cooking up this week. Hit the gym and burned some great calories, ran into a fellow nurse there too. Loving Chuze fitness, great gym with a great price! Then I did my little bit of co-leader duties for the Brownie troop. We headed to the local pumpkin patch and momma got to drive some 2nd grade brownies. Here is my sweet little girl wanting a HUGE pumpkin. 

I plan to start blogging more so here is to me eating right and hitting the gym :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Great day!

Today was a great day! I actually logged all my food intake and made it to the gym! I did a 2 mile run and 20 mins on the elliptical. I burned a total of 600 calories and was happy with that. I ate paleo all day long and that makes me happy. I have chicken out for tomorrow's crock pot meal and bought some frozen veggies and pork chops today. I am ready for another good day! slowly but surely I will change me!

Monday, October 15, 2012


So I will start this off by saying I know I am a poor writer and probably have ADD as well so I ramble when I talk which works it way into how I write.

So I am struggling, extremely bad I can get through only ONE meal a day with whatever my weight loss plan is be it counting calories, eating paleo, etc. I have been doing this broken record thing over and over again for at least 2-4 weeks now. I was SOOOO close to being in the 180s again, which 180 is a huge milestone for me. That is what I weighed after having the twins and losing 100 lbs! I am not a leader, but a pretty good follower and I jump on the trend of whatever works best for everyone else but me. Instead of doing the work I think well so and so lost this much by eating clean, being vegan, WW, paleo, shakeology etc and I give up before I lose weight or try to make their plan work for me.

Right now I am in the overwhelmed where do I start mode, I have ran 13.1 miles nonstop before and I am afraid to run one mile!!! I AM going to get back on the wagon in my way, be it a walk run 1 min method, be it counting calories, whatever way works for ME! So tonight I will do some soul searching and found out what I want for me, how I am going to get to a better me for me and my family!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i need to get better at this!

I need to update my blog more! I know I don't have a ton of followers but I guess the way to keep you all interested is to actually update you. Well I was successful on Whole30 (well i haven't went back to research the larabar but ya i did it) Then I had Berkley's bday and I don't know just lost it. I spun out of control and with the end of summer BBQs and this and that and the thought that tomorrow I will do better I just lost it. So today I am officially back at it! I am also challenging myself to drink a gallon of water. I became one of those people you see with their gallon of water, I have my cute Tervis cup filled with ice and keep refilling it with water.

Oh ya I was also sick, I had a headcold for like a week! Today was my first day back at Crossfit and it was great. I am very happy with my decision to join a box. But have found I need to wear poise pads, at 35 my bladder doesn't love me! All those darn kids I popped out!

Larabars are banned for awhile, I was too addicted to them. Literally addicted!!! If I saw it I had to eat it!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 30 of Whole30

Holy Crap I did it!!! I didn't think I would be able to and I told myself you know your friends, your blog readers, and your husband have heard you say you were going to do some form of a diet or new way of eating etc. I really wanted to prove that I could do something I had set out to do. Now today is the last day and of course throughout the 30 days I had the mentality that YES when this is over I am going to do this and eat that etc. Of course that was not the goal of Whole 30, so as I sit here thinking about it I am not running out to celebrate completing this goal. I have went 30 days with out sugar or artificial sweetners, soda, coffee, legumes, grains, and dairy. I am not a pro at making paleo type meals yet and my go to meal (which is amazing) is 1/2 to a whole sweet potato (really a yam), an apple, 1/2 onion, and meat (whatever hits your fancy or you have in the fridge) sauteed up in cocount oil. OMG YUM. Oh and plantains with guacamole, who'd thought those two would go together so well. So for now I will continue to give up soda, coffee (because I have to have it sweet), dairy, grains, and legumes will stay out of my diet as well. I plan on having 1-4 splurge meals that are planned a month. I may go back to counting calories and definitely reintroducing the scale into my daily life.

Crossfit update:
I may have talked about it this but don't think I did. I am on night 3 of 3 shifts so forgive my brain, I have a hard time remembering what day/date it is come day 3. I have finished fundamentals and now can do the WOD with everyone else. My goal is 3 days of CF and 3 days of running (1 day will be a long run). I got off work on Wednesday morning and drove straight to Outlier, the WOD was OHS (overhead squats). OK I totally suck at these!!! I barely could add 10 lbs to each side of my barbell totalling 53lbs, other chics were squatting 145lbs! Their legs are AMAZING! I hoped to get off work Thursday morning and go running but Todd had an oral surgery scheduled for 6am so when I got off I decided to run by the peridontist to check on him and he had just finished up and was given Versed ( an amnesia medication) so he had to be wheelchaired out. Ya there went my run, I went home and tucked my missing a tooth husband into bed and curled up next to him to sleep away the day. And what's up with the dentist, Berk has a 9am appt today so no CF after work but YAY for being off till tuesday so I can hit the box in the evening after sleeping and doing cheif select errands for the man.

Running update:
I bought CW-X pants, you know the super duper expensive compression pants. Wow I wish I had those after my lower body lift. I also bought my first pair of Brooks running shoes, they were amazing. I did a 3.30mile run in them tueday and had no blisters!

Well peeps I am off here to prepare for the day and the weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

So the Crossfit fun begins!

I finished my 5th fundamentals class today! Now I can go to The WOD with everyone else!! Woot woot! I also confronted my fear of box jumps and did the 20 inch box today :) so proud of myself!

Whole30 update: today is day 26! I have not cheated in the food realm! Now I may have ate one too many larabars, that were only supposed to be used as an emergency stash. To my own defense, my mom cane to visit, I've been to like 5 parties, celebrated Todd's promotion and been super busy! The part I have cheated on, the scale. I was 198ish when I started and today I'm 191.7, I'm really hoping to hit the 180s by sat morning. I lose weight slowly but getting back into the 180s is huge for me that's what I weighed when I moved to Texas.

Onto family news, since Todd was promoted to Chief we are going to the khaki ball Sept 22nd. I have an appt at David's Bridal at noon so I can get sized and my dress ordered. I found it online and it's amazingly beautiful and has great reviews! So I'm hitting the pool, CF, and the road along with paleo eating to get the best bod within a month I can get :)

I'll try to post more as I learn how to balance a full time night shift nursing job, a husband out to sea, 4 kids, Crossfit and a half marathon next month. My goal is 3 days CF and 3 run days with a rest day :) let operation hot body start!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 20!!!

Today is officially day 20 of Whole30! I have found it a lot harder to do with hubby around oh and my mom! The torture I put myself through too, Sunday night I made an amazing dinner of new york strip steaks and baby lobster tails yum. The downfall is I made cupcakes in ice cream cones for the kids and fired up plugged in the Velata fondue warmer and in went dark chocolate with the sides of masrshmallows, vanilla wafers, strawberries, and bananas! I didn't even lick the cake batter or fondue chocolate!!! I did cheat yesterday by stepping on the scale, I started day 1 at 198ish and today after bfast and crossfit i was 194.4, i really hope to get to 189 by day 30, so we shall see. Oh and I have a GREAT reason to want this weight to start dropping, Todd made Chief!!! He is currently in six weeks of hell initation, I don't even get to see him. yesterday he left at 445 in the morning and got home at 10pm! I am secretly glad he is going underway, although I have a hunch I won't be getting any emails from him until he is officially a Chief! Anyhow I think Sept 21 or 22 is the Khaki Ball and we dress in cocktail attire and I am wanting to look HOT!  sorry I have been missing, I wanted to do a post from the Joggin for Frogmen 5k and my first Crossfit fundamentals class. Heres to the next 10 days! I think I will splurge when it is over and have some wine and Thai food with the hubby (if he can get a night off). Oh and a great tip, I am loving how yummy a yam (yams are what we all sweet potatoes) and apple taste together and just mix in a meat YUM!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

um HELLO!!!

Wow I haven't posted an update since July 9th!!! Well that is how my life has been lol. I worked 4 night shifts in a row and I think it took me a week to catch up with sleep to feel normal again, but then its time to work again. Summer has officially started here! My kids got out of school July 20th! My stepson Austin promoted up to 9th grade and now I have THREE high schoolers!!! My son (who lives with ex because he wanted to live with him again) is a Junior, my daughter is a Sophomore, and my stepson (has sucessfully went from being an only child to a loud house of FOUR kids) is a Freshman. Chase is going into 4th grade and Berk is going into 2nd grade. Sometimes my uterus cries to be pregnant again when I see cute baby bumps or super cute baby items (they always get so much beter) then I remember FREEDOM aka empty nest sydrome is better and I can play with my grandkids! Which scary if my kids take after me I will be a gma in 4 years, I hope I teach them better than following in my footsteps on marrying and having babies young! I want them to enjoy being young!

Ok on the weight loss/half marathon training homefront! I am doing the Whole30 challenge (not sure its called that) and I am on Day 6! This is my transition to eating Paleo style afterwards. A quick 4-1-1 is you eat animal protein+veggies+fruit+healthy fat. NO sugar of any kind (no agave, no splenda, no stevia), no alcohol, no dairy, no legumes ( i so can not say that word), no grains. Ya kinda strict my last soda, coffee, glass of wine was wednesday the 18th! I have NEVER given up soda and I have so far!! woot woot I will make the 30 days!!! oh ya no counting calories or weighing yourself!!! that is the hardest part I LOVE MY SCALE!

I ran NINE long miles with Cheryl on Saturday in like 1:59 ugh it was long! I have one training session left at 24hr fitness and start Crossfit on Monday, I am still scared an nervous.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lose a Half Marathon

Did you know that there is 13 weeks of summer? I didn’t but now I do since I joined a challenge with a name. You could choose to lose a marathon or a half marathon, I know I lose weight super slow so I choose to lose a half.  I missed the Monday of 6/18 start so I sent my start weight in on 6/22/12.
6/22/12 203.6
6/25/12 199.9
7/2/12    200.3
7/9/12   198.9

So far a total of 4.7 lbs. I really hope to see the 180s by Labor Day. My military wife challenge starts back up on Friday, so I will technically owe a weigh in on Friday and Monday, I will try to work it around my work schedule though. Oh and I dated the training schedule for my half and this was actually week one! so pretty awesome!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

so lack of sleep

caused me to sign up for a half marathon!!! I got off work friday morning and see a facebook post about a TWENTY dollar half marathon here in San Diego!!!! I immediately whipped out my credit card and registered. Then I texted my running buddy and was like come on I know you are running AFC half in Aug but you just have to do this $20 one in Sept and so I got all her info and registered her since she was going out to sea with her hubby for family day.

Since I can't really run with West Coast Road Runners anymore I am going to use Hal Hidgon's training plan. My sweet husband looked it up and printed it for me and I asked if he printed the novice plan up and he said no intermediate since you have ran halfs before. HMMMMM

Did a 7 mile run/walk today in 1:35 not too bad for not really training yet. Well I am off to bed to end this weekend and start out the week! Peace peeps :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer is here!

Birthday parties and BBQs all the time! Today the hubs was supposed to be off at 11 for his department party, by noon I hadn't heard from him so I heated up a cup of my lentil soup added it to a bag of lettuce trio topped it with light sour cream and green onions mmmm. I was not hungry at the BBQ and was able to pass up cookies even! Then I visited 3 Crossfit gyms: Crossfit619, outlier Crossfit, and Crossfit Mission Gorge. I think I'm going with Outlier, not 100% sure yet and I'm stressing about telling Pete, my personal trainer, that I'm not doing anymore sessions after these 10 are up. Eeekkk I always said I couldn't afford CF but yet could find the $ to get a trainer when in all reality 2 training sessions covers a month at CF. next up on my agenda is learning about paleo and primal eating since I hear that kinda goes hand in hand with CF. I'm still nervous but I want an awesome body and I think this will help. Oh and everyone was super friendly today. At outlier we met one of the trainer's 3 year old daughter <3 Enjoy 4th of July!!! Get your exercise in early, drink loads of water, and remember you probably already know how that food tastes and do you need those extra calories?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Out of the comfort zone!

When I met my trainer I told him I had two goals: 1. to get guns ohhh ya where's the beach? 2. to wear running shorts again! Well I woke up at 6 something this morning and let the motivational quotes on pinterest get to me so i climbed out of bed and did a short 2 mile (need to get my distance back up) run in SHORTS!!!! I did a loop off the main road so many people didn't see me and it was early in the am. Body dismorphia is so hard to get over, but looking at the picture I think I look better than when I look down at my thighs when I run!

My goal this summer is to tone up my legs and feel comfortable in these...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

never too early to start em!

Races that is!!! Oh ya especially when they are FREE! Another perk of living this wonderful military life.  Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD)  San Diego had a 5k or 1mile walk on Friday. It was the Freedom Run to prep us for 4th of July. So the ever so responsible parent I am, I took my kids out of school early to go do the 1 mile walk. I did this for the MEDAL and Tshirt LOL. Chase was amazing! I can't wait till we run the Jogging for Frogmen July 29th, I hope they time him! I think he finished 4th. Anyhow here are our pics!
                                                  Come on kids, I swear it is FUN!

                                                 See Chase kicking butt!!! Gooooo Chase!
                                                       That's how you do it Berk!!!
                                                              Super Cool Shirts

Man that was some work! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Weight Loss Challenge I finished!!!

So I have entered many weight loss challenges and not met my goal BUT this time I DID!!! woot woot for Anna! I have to actually find the goals but I am pretty sure that they were to run a 5k nonstop (Which I did on Mother's Day!) and to lose 10 lbs or get under 200. Well I did it!! I am so shocked! Here are my pics!!

                                                          Start of Challenge 4/6/12

End of Challenge 6/29/12

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Time!!!

So out of 4 kids only ONE is on summer break.  That would be Ari and she is currently in Hawaii she will be home just in time for the 4th of July. Which by the way I have OFF!! I just finished up working 4 night shifts in a row, talk about tiring and NO exercise but I did keep my calories under control. Today I met with my personal trainer, Pete, again I really, REALLY hate table tops. Table tops are when you go from plank on your elbows (on a bosu) to all the way up on to your hands and then back down, 3 sets today YUCK!
After his torture session I did an interval 30 min treadmill walking session followed by 15 mins in the sauna. Then I met my friend Sara for lunch, we literally have to schedule to meet up because we are both so busy. I get to hear about her wedding plans, can't wait to see her on her wedding day! We met up at Tender Greens and I had an amazing yellowtail salad. I hit up Sprouts and got mangos, cherries, apricots, nectarines, canteloupe, watermelon, red & green bell peppers, green onions, brocolli, cauliflower, basically a ton of fruits/veggies! Went to target and got all the goodies for the weight loss challenge prizes, challenge final weigh in is Friday! It is starting again but I also joined the Lose a Half Marathon Challenge which is lose 13.1 lbs in the 13 weeks of summer hosted by RunwithJess, it is too late to sign up, 965 are in the challenge though!!! She will post weekly challenges, recipes, advice etc so feel free to follow along.
Well I have been feeling like crap all day and think I have to finally go puke boo!!! I don't know why I am sick I think it may be the smell of the scentsy Twilight scent Ari put in the warmer and I turned on today GAG me!!! Sorry, but on a super cute note look at this badge!!! I also ordered the super cute decals to make for the summer challenge, I will post pics when I get them in or you can go look on Jess's page and check them out!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


It is so easy to lose motivation, or at least for me it is. I lay there in bed between the snooze settings and think of the day. I am going to eat healhy, have an amazing run, drink all my water, the list goes on. Then reality hits, I was out to late running errands now I am starving, just one bite of the kids' poptart, just one lick of frosting, one spoonful of PB (why does it seem PB is a problem child for most people struggling with their weight???) you get what I mean. I have joined weight loss competitions that wane, paid for half marathons I haven't ran but sometimes something clicks and the aha moment happens and I start seeing the scale move again. I am currently ending a weight loss challenge amongst Navy/Marine wives and have stumbled upon this one on a blog I read. It is called lose a marathon or half marathon in the 13 weeks of summer. I may join it, it has started but you can join until the 25th. It seems cool, my concern is the amount of people, over 450. I am afraid I will get lost in the shuffle... We shall see, if you are looking to lose weight it may be for you!!! Which I said I was going to get the prizes for the contest I was in. I am thinking a gift card to Road Runner Sports. I am also considering gifts for the top 3 losers....

P.S. I can not have frosting in my house!!! it calls my name, ugh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to the grind

Juggling my life of a working wife to a fine navy man! Now to find the balance with work, family, gym and sleep while eating right. I will take Any advice. I've been trying to stay busy and I have started enjoying the summer although my kids still have a month of school left. I may run a 5k next weekend now that I think I'm off the night before. It's a fun run in my community, those are smaller and best of all cheaper!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mini Vacation Bliss and a product review

I am pretty sure I have talked about my laser hair removal and how it is a pain in the butt now that I moved back to Cali. Dec 2010 I was going to brave my first ever brazalian wax but then decided to just go for the laser and I decided to go with Ideal Image. The way it works is you get a humongous (super huge!) 2 year loan with 0% apr then you go for like 9-10 treatments. The only problem is I moved out of Texas and the closest office is Phoenix or Vegas. Todd chose Phoenix (wth?) so every couple months I have to trek 5 hrs each way to spend an hour in pain! This time we chose to make it a mini family vaca in a Hilton Resort. AMAZING! the trick is wait till you are going to die of heat stroke and the resorts are reasonably priced. We stayed at the Hilton and it had a waterpark with a lazy river, 2 pools, 1 waterslide, and a hot tub. The kids were in heaven. Todd and I worked out both friday and saturday at the local 24 hr fitness and I counted my calories.

While I was in the torture chamber (Ideal Image) Todd took the kids to Toys R Us and Bed, Bath and Beyond. He found Yonanas there, which he had seen on tv and was just waiting to see the infomercial again so he could order it for me as a present! Thankfully I had brought a box of produce with me and had old bananas. This thing is amazing! It takes 2 frozen peeled bananas and whatever else you want to put in there. So far I have done plain bananas, banana/canteloupe, and banana/orange. The kids love it too! It comes with a huge price tag of $50, thankfully we had a 20% off one item coupon. I am so happy to have it, the only complaint I have so far is that in the hotel the bowls I used didn't really catch all of the "ice cream" oh and you still have to be careful 2 bananas is 200-220 calories!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Del Mar Mud Run 2012

After throwing around tons of ideas for names we have a team name!!! Muddy Mayhem I love it and it reminds me of those insurance commercials. Next up is tutu making get together, oh ya after some major gym time working on upper body strength. My trainer tortured me with plank table tops today. Don't know what those are? Neither did I, well it is going from your elbows in plank position to up on your hands. I did 2 sets of ten alternating the hand you lead with followed by 20 secs of a plank. Other news!!!!! Green and pink sequin material was purchased for sparkly skirts for upcoming races! Oh I emptied the rest of my bank account tonight on race fees. I will be running a 5k July 29th called joggin for frogmen and it benefits Navy Seals. My 7 & 9 year I'd will be running that day in the tadpole trot! I signed up myself and the teens for the mud run, hubby will be signed up soon too. Lastly, I signed Todd and I up for the color run. When I replenish my account I will be registering for Carlsbad half, the first race in the triple crown series! I think I'll brace a full in 2013!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ok let me hear it!!!!

I need team name suggestions! My team consists of women, men, and kids we are affliated with the military and some of us have battled our weight.  anyhow why oh why do we need team names because YEP here it is!!! Del Mar Mud Run!!!
I can not wait!!! I see a future of tutus, MUD, sweat, laughter, maybe tears and wait for it more MUD!!!!! I am taking my two teens as well, which makes me even more excited to teach them fitness can be F-U-N
and MUDDY!!! oh ya!!! October here I come! Time to work on making my noodles all like some guns for some rope climbing, tunnel crawling, im sure theres some monkey bars in there! Goal is to have Team Name and registration started by Saturday! So save your pennies because this will be some awesome fun all for the cost of $50! $50 bucks MAN that is some dough, yes it is but guess what I just went through the McD drive thru and that was $22 ( i got a salad YUM) so I just need to skip drive thurs and can race and burn some FAT off this arse of mine!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

R.O.C. Race recap

Last Friday night I went to girls night out with a new group of Military wives than the ones I go out with on Thursday nights. During the first stop, which was a pampered chef party the ROC race was brought up and I was offered a chance at a wife's husband's entry because he got hurt at work.I asked her to text me since she wasn't heading out for the rest of the evening which included roller skating followed by a karoeke bar. Right before midnight she said he was going to do it, 645 am I hear my cell and he isn't up to it. So I jumped outta bed and headed over to carpool. Our team consisted of 12 people, 4 ran the 9 am heat and we were in the 10am heat! It was a blast!!!! I highly recommend a team obstacle race if they are in your area!!! We started off being foamed, then monkey bars where I proceeded to fall in the mud put below getting my first battle wound! There was a mini rock wall, road blocks we had to climb over, a small hill we had to use a rope to get up, slip in slide, some barrels over 4ft water we had to run over, then a rope thing you walked on while holding a rope over your head, tire run, and more ending with a huge waterside!!!!!!  Check out the map here!!! Next year I am having my teen daughter run in my team! I want her to know fitness can be fun!!! Now onto our favorite part of blogs!!!

Finished!!!! Don't I look marvelous!
Time to get out of wet clothes! Yes in the parking lot I changed

OUCH battle wound survey!

Time to rock the day! Successfully changed in the parking lot!

got stuck in the mud!
Never even felt this happen!

Monday, May 21, 2012

missing my blog!

Wow I have like so much to blog about but that would be a novel on here so I will break it up. First thing last Monday I chopped off my hair! For those that know me in real life, I just did my short sorta Victoria Beckam look. I did an all over warm brown and then blond highlights just on the top, it looks pretty good.   I had it done at the Paul Mitchell School with my groupon and tip it was only $35 ($70 was the original bill)!  I had grown my hair out for the Subball so I could wear an updo!

This is one week later after 2 night shifts! 

So last week I took my ESO test, which is Emergency Standing Orders. It allows nurses to perform certain procedures and pass medications when patients are in a life threatening state before the MD arrives or the code team. I passed! Talk about stress relief, passed EKG test week before too! whew!
Speed up to Friday, I was invited to a pampered chef party with the profits going towards a friend's 3 day walk breast cancer fundraising. It had been announced that after wards we would be headed to the roller rink! Besides middle school and maybe some high school the last time I had been roller skating was about 3 years ago after I had twins. I was 3 weeks post partum and afraid I would burst open my incision. Here is my view of a flashback! haha (don't know what happened with the lighting) I was way better than I was before but still scared to fall. And of course some little kid fell in front on me and down I went! 

 News on a winning streak for me! First thing I won was this! I plan on using it for my pesky spider veins! This was a drawing at huddle for work!
Then I won this contest from Mama Laughlin's blog!
I am getting the red one that says puttin in the work! I had already ordered I run because I can! 
Then I looked on Keeping up with Katie blog I read and saw I won her goodie box by donating to her sister's preclampsia walk! totally awesome, so far I know there is a camelback in there, can't wait to get it in!!! So with my streak I have decided to enter an Under Armour giveaway on Katie's blog and one for 1bandID on Jen's blog. Make sure you check them out! Katie's ends tonight!!! And tomorrow I will fill you in on the GREAT AMAZING ROC RACE I did on Saturday!!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Run Like A Mother 5k recap

Yep I am at that stage again that running a 5k is a challenge. I set a goal of running it nonstop since I've incorporated Jeff Galloway's run walk run into my runs. On Friday I decided to set a goal for finishing, my pace is slow right now so I set a 35 min goal. On Saturday night, Todd and I decided we would take both girls with us. Sunday the run started at 9, so we left home at 730, it was a 30 mile drive. We got to CSU San Marcos at 830 am, it was sooo cold! We watched the kids 1k finish! Sooo cute! I did the pre run yoga and then lined up with all the moms & daughters! Off we went, I have never been in this campus and had no clue what to expect. Much to my surprise we started down a hill!!!! What? I still didn't know if we were doing an in and out but I was pretty sure we were so I psyched myself up for the return trip up the hill. The first mile I did 10:01 whew then slowed down! There was a few inclines and I just took them slow and steady and concentrated on my breathing. Mike 2 was 11:53 and mile 3 11:25. Overall time was 33:46 but garmin says 3.05 so .05 shy of a true 5k :-/ right before the finish line my daughters were cheering me on with posters they had made :) I had to fight back tears as I collected my carnation and returned my timing chip. I had reached both goals I set out and my husband and daughters were there to cheer me on <3 now to find a June or July race! I also plan to do this one again next year to compare speed!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Not that Friday's really count for me since I work 3 days a week and whatever ones I am assigned. It seems to be such a long week for me, I even messed up the dates for a pampered chef party opps! I thought it was tonight and it is next Friday and I even did an online order. WOW! So great news I passed my EKG test on Wednesday! yay me! now on to bigger and better I have my ESO test on Tuesday. ESO=Emergency standing orders, basically we are able to give certain meds and do certain procedures to help our patients before the MD shows up in a code, which should be a few minutes only. I really hate that cloud of studying that hangs over my head.

Food. I experimented this week with Flat Outs that I bought at Sprouts. Wednesday I made this for lunch.
 Italian Herb Flat out, 1/4c spaghetti sauce, 1/4c shredded cheese, spinach leaves, olives, yellow bell pepper, and hearts of palm.
Finished product. YUM, hubby was home for lunch so we both had one :)

 Thursday I attempted a Mexican version.  I love Mexican food, so I tried 1/4c refried beans, 1/4c enchilada sauce, 1/4c cheese, olives, and half an avocado. Ya the sauce didn't work well it was too runny. I was able to cut it up but it just left a huge mess!
 Now onto Thursday. I pleaded with my husband to get off in time so we could get to the Road Runner Sports for the 2nd Thursday Adventure Run. I have seen the flyers and tshirts in the store and heard about it during my Eggstravaganza I ran with Running Skirts. He got home right after 5 and we changed and got to RRS around 550. I wish we would have got there earlier. There were vendors everywhere, the line to buy our $25 shirts (not required, plus I get 20% off, and you get double raffle tickets). So I had preregistered us so we went in and got out baggie with a pen and paper, beer wristbands (don't forget your id!), and waited for the map display. Right at 6pm they show a huge map, they literally stand on top of a moving truck and roll out this huge map with 12 locations on it. Right then you also receive an email if you preregistered with the map. So I hit start on my Garmin and we headed out. Two groups were in front of us and they each went a different route. I already knew we were in trouble because Todd has no sense of direction and I am a S-L-O-W runner! I don't know about you guys but I get really self conscious running with super fast people who slow down for my snail crawl pace. I think it stems back to my sister's ex bf who complained his calves were hurting since he ran my pace with me once and man I was faster back then!  Anyhow we followed a group until we hit a stoplight and I decided we should run straight instead of follow them and we ended up at the farthest away checkpoint which was about 1.9miles from RRS. We ended up hitting only 4 of the 12 stations but I was okay with that I just wanted to understand how it worked. I have to thank Dee for emailing me the link about the run from San Diego Runner Meetup and Epsi for asking about it on the military weight loss group I am part of. So you run from 6-7 and the raffle starts at 7 and goes till about 8, rumor is they raffle off $5k of stuff from shoes, race entries, blister shield, gym memberships, laser treatments, RRS gift cert, socks, compression sleeves, etc After the raffle is over and you have enjoyed the yummy beer the after party starts at a local sports bar called Players. There another raffle went down for buying beer from the brewery who sponsors the run. One beer for $3= a winning raffle ticket for blistershield. YAY me! I was good and had a spinach salad with shrimp and dressing on the side and Todd had nachos. Right before we left the leftover beer from RRS showed up and we got another free beer! Anyhow, I hope to recruit more friends to run with us because I really like the idea of making exercise fun. It was also neat to meet up with other like minded fitness people, one of the guys at our table went to the same nursing school as I did (a year earlier), was in the navy and just placed 20 in his age group at the Safari Park Half, which I am totally doing next year the shirts are AMAZING! There were 2 marines and a women in the dental field at our table, we talked, ate, and drank till a little after 9 and headed home! Oh my time 3.88 miles in 49:18 which is a pace of 12:43, not too bad since we were running in the fwy's crosswalk that no one stops for, up small hills, and I was sorta lost LOL
 Today's scale results, last week I was 207.5 but didn't eat very well this week and had little exercise. Both things need to be worked on this week!
Today I had to grocery shop and treated myself to these babies for only 120 calories!!! Now if you haven't tried them and you like sweets run I mean RUN to target and buy some. YUMMY!!!! I know this entry is long and I am sorry about that. Have a great weekend, I will post Sunday after Run Like a Mother 5k!