Wednesday, February 29, 2012

something from before

So I totally forgot to buy the 5 dozen egg pack at Costco last week and I haven't went yet and as I look at all those veggies in my fridge I really wanted scrambled eggs w/veggies. I kinda worry about not eating something I really want because you know how your brain never gets off that thought! So I started thinking what do I have in the house?  This was on my way home from WW meeting, yep lost 1.2lbs this week woot woot! hmmm couscous and bananas! yep let me go dig up that recipe!

here it goes in case you want couscous for bfast!
1/4 dried couscous
1/2 c milk
 cook in microwave with a lid on the bowl for 2 mins, let it sit for 1 min! ENJOY!

Monday, February 27, 2012

a new week!!!

I love new weeks, especially when you had an awesome last week!! I finally got some good gym time in! Last week in recap, an 8 mile sat run, off sun/mon/tue, bosu strength weds, zumba toning thurs, 5 sets of stairs friday, cardiokick on sat! woohoo!!! oh and on Saturday my amazing husband did the Tough mudder and right before the race I sent him a text telling him I will do one with him but man after watching the finishers I am SCARED!!!! I am working only 1 shift at a time this week; mon, thur, sat so I feel that will help me get all my workouts in and i think im sticking to what i did last week but throwing in a gravity class on thursday on base. I will post pics of my hubby and his team later this week because they are just so amazing!!!

oh the protein pancakes are working out great with the chobani yogurt, 3/4 oats, 2 egg whites but she has some other ones on there them im going to try as soon as i grocery shop and get some cottage cheese friday!

oh and I don't know if I have mentioned that we are trying to live more frugally by making homemade stuff and planning better. I just have to say I went grocery shopping and only spent $84! We make our own laundry soap and dishwasher soap now and soon I am going to make bodywash, I have all the ingredients just been too lazy lol. Ok off to a hot shower, I just ran 10 miles whew!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WW Wi and Biggest Loser

I don't know about you guys I used to live for Biggest Loser, the past couple seasons I just haven't got into it. Since my workout today is scheduled for 1130 I figured what the heck let me watch the show. I liked what Dolvett said OWN this! I am the one in charge of my weight loss, I own it. I own what goes in my mouth and what energy I expend each day. No one else puts food in my mouth or tells me to just sit on the couch.

So I lost 0.4 lbs this week.   Not as much as I wanted so I decided I really need to go back to basics as much as possible! So the oils, milks, f/v are back in my life!!!!  So I ran today just a mile but at 5.5 so 1 mile in 11 mins.  Then I took bosu strength class today, after 20 mins i wanted to call it quits, but I stuck it out. I am feeling it already! I am so glad I went!

Today Todd got off early since he was day after duty and we went to Sprouts/Henrys together. We took $30 with us since we are trying to live on a budget and more frugal. It makes me think am I really going to eat this before it goes bad? We got strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, mango, kumquats, asparagus, brussel sprouts, grape tomatoes, an eggplant, and 3 bell peppers (red/orange/yellow) all for $24.08!!!!! I like to go grocery shopping on Fridays for the week but I think Wednesday will be my produce buying days since Sprouts does the double ad!

Now to find a good kinda easy eggplant recipe!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what is in your kitchen?

What is in your kitchen that helps you get to your goals?
Awesome sharp kitchen knife
electronic scale
Tablespoons and measuring cups

What is in your kitchen that helps you make homemade meals instead of fast food?
13x9 in pan
*immersion blender
food processor
*bread maker
*kitchen aide mixer

*all new purchases in the past couple months

Where do you get your recipes or tips on cooking new items?
google of course! pinterest has really got me cooking more and magazines

Monday, February 20, 2012

oh yes!!!

I just have to say that MAN it is like so hard to resist the damn food that keeps being left out for all in the break room! Last night it was Rosie's amazing lemon cake, I am glad I only ate one piece but the skinny nurses ate a couple, it was soooo good. I had decided that I was allowed to only eat fruit/veggies at work, this was working for awhile until Christmas and I haven't been as diligent. Last night after the lemon cake yumminess and midnight hit I only ate the peppers and cuties I brought with. I like to take 3 different f/v with me. Tonight will be a banana, peppers, blueberries and a grapefruit. I find grapefruits really help calm my munchies! I have also switched to tea to avoid the creamer calories! Ok off to make dinner for the family before my last shift of the 3! I am really hoping now that school is OVER I can make my fitness goals! Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

running running running

Today was 8 miles on the La Jolla coastline, BEAUTIFUL!!!! I mean it is so beautiful it doesn't even feel like a work out. Anyhow Did the 8 miles in like 1:58. After the run, Todd and I took the kids to the Y to swim. I forgot to check the schedule and we got there and it wasn't open swim so darn we had to spend 20 mins in the hot tub. I am good and sleepy for my nap now! Just when I had warned the kids they had 10 mins left (I had left potatoes baking in the oven) the fire alarm went off so we came home. Now I am making baked potato eggs  from a pinterest recipe. YUM! my scale loves that I took spin yesterday and ran today! Enjoy your 3 day weekend, my kids got a 4 day one!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Y

So I have been saying I really want to try a TRX class out, base has them and the Y started offering them for no fee. So I get up and head to the gym, walk in and find out that you have to get there 30 mins early to get a card for your spot. BLAH! So I stand there debating what to do and I didn't have music with me, we all know how horrible it is to have no music!!!  I walked into spin class and jumped on a bike! 550 calories burnt didn't seem to be regretted!!!

On a food note, I made Kale chips today while sauteeing up veggies that were about to go bad. not bad at all I will make more for Todd when he gets home so he can try them. I am baking banana bread w/pecan pieces in it and need to run to the store for buttermilk so I can make oatmeal bread in my breadmaker. Tonight I will be making chicken and dumplings for the first time! For now, I will veg and watch NCIS, Greys, Private practice and rest up for tomorrow's 8 mile run in La Jolla!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

another WW weigh in

Well I was up this week, I knew I would be, I mean yesterday was Valentines Day. I spent the evening with my church small group which had a pot luck and then came home and had fancy cheese/meat try with the wonderful Todd! I slept so great and barely made it to my meeting right when the meeting part started. I am up 1.4

Today I was supposed to work out at lunch but took the time to study, really hoping I passed the test because I am sooooo ready to be done with this class!!!  Tonight the kids' school is doing a pizza fundraiser, I am ordering papa johns, save me blah! I love their pizza but think I will make asparagus for the side for 2 reasons I don't want them to go bad and I would like to eat them first to fill up a little. Now the question, do I go out in the rain to the gym, go to the housing gym, get on the dreadmill??

Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunday, new week

I still have residual of a head cold, I usually don't get sick but I think working nights wrecks my immune system.  Last night I went to my first ever comedy show, Angela Johnson famous for the nail salon bit she did. It was pretty fun, went with some girlfriends and since some people couldn't go Todd was able to come with. It is still fun after 11 years to share "firsts" with him, I think going to a NFL game with him as a first is still runner up though!

I know everyone has rules about stepping on a scale, but man I have a problem. I step on that scale every time I am naked or close to being naked. So far it is showing I have a gain and I think it is because I am not being so diligent, but I am trying to get more focused and better.

This week I have skipped drinking coffee and substituting hot tea, preferably green tea and although pricier I love Yogi tea because I like to read the motivational tabs LOL. Yesterday's tag the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment!

Lastly I added a new kitchen tool to my collection this weekend, a kitchen aid immersion blender! I bought it so I could make the spicy carrot bisque from here. OMG soooooo good!!!!! I put it in my WW recipe builder it came out to 2 points for 1 cup, and just a hint for anyone looking for white pepper since I looked for it at Target, Trader Joes, and finally was successful at Sprouts (aka Henrys) and it was in bulk spices only get a little especially at $19/lb.  Todd and I had it for lunch and I have 3 (2 cup) servings frozen for lunches! I can not wait to go to Costco and get a container of greek yogurt and try adding the 1/2c to it for more food with less points and all that protein! have a great week!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


So today I went to the commissary after work, hmmm don't know if that is worse than going hungry or what. I spent a tad bit more than I wanted to since I put us on a budget (still a loose one but need to tighten it up). I came home with brussel sprouts (new to me), fresh green beans, asparagus, and cucumbers in the veg dept. I have decided to shop on a weekly basis so now I have to fit in cooking all these vegs before they go bad.

Tonight for dinner I made this recipe called Chickpea stew over couscous. It was pretty good, basically it was a can of chickpeas, stewed tomatoes, olive oil, onion, garlic all on top of couscous. I was shocked how many points chickpeas are!!! disappointing. 

Anyhow the highlight of my day was the hubs buying me my SUPER COOL new Paul Frank skull candy ear buds that have a cloth cord vs the plastic.  Second highlight, homemade Larabar balls! I follow Katie's blog and she made them today so I was like oh I have dates, little to I know my dates (chopped dates from near the raisin section in grocery store) are really dry. Anyhow I throw the 8oz bag of dates in the food processor with 1/3 c coconut, 3 T cocoa powder, 1/2 slivered almonds. blended and made into balls, oh ya since my dates weren't moist I added in almost 1/4c of almond milk. YUM!!!!!!!! 

Well off to bed for my long run tomorrow!!!! My friend Dee's husband joined our group and will be heading out with us in the morning! I have my cool interval timer and can't wait to run with it again! Have a great, healthy weekend!!! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


who else overeats when they are sick? i swear I can eat even if I am puking!!!!

I NEED TO STOP EATING!!! why did I think it was okay to bring a cake into this house! oh and I didn't work out wed/thur since I am not feeling 100%....


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

pulling my hair out!!!

Ok right this moment, I want to scream, cry, hit something I don't know I just have a lot of pent up anger. Now how does this effect my weight loss? A lot!!! So I work nights and laid down around 9am to get 2 missed calls by 1154 so I think maybe it is important and I call the unknown number back to find out it is my tenant who just broke her lease (5 months early, no stress there right?) So then I call my property manager and ask why she gave out my number to tenants that I may take to court for breaking the lease if I don't get new tenants soon. How unprofessional right?  so I got about 3 hours of sleep and was upset and stressed so I didn't go back to bed. so thats issue number one, but lack of sleep really really isn't good!
stress=a trip to minimart getting a diet dr pepper, a big sharp cheddar cheese, and zingers! I LOVE ZINGERS and they are my go to stress food! but damn how many calories did i eat!  i didn't even look! im sure it was like 900 or more! ugh

2nd OMG i think I am going to pull my hair out moment is with my son, I am sure I mentioned him before. He has fetal alcohol effect, ADHD, ODD and numerous other diagnosis. Well can you imagine doing homework with him!!!! We have been doing math for an HOUR!!! and that is just the front of the math sheet!

I have been trying to talk myself out of spin tonight but I know I need it!!! plus i blogged I was going to go! so i must go LOL! I feel a little bit relieved typing this out. and I know after an hour sweating my bum off on the spin bike I will feel even better, then I end the night with my wonderful church women's small group!!! so off to change and hit the Y!

Monday, February 6, 2012

gymboss interval timer

I recently sat in a Galloway seminar, if you don't know who he is and you like to run I would look him up. He has wrote many books and adopted a run/walk/run method for distance running that no only improves your time and helps keep injuries away! I asked him if i were to buy only one of his books which one should buy and he recommended Running and Fatburning for Women ( i have only got through about one chapter but like it so far).

 Anyhow I was running and doing my intervals and looking at my garmin for the times and well sometimes i forgot when i was supposed to walk or missed the minute marker.  There's this little device called gymboss interval timer, of course I got the pink one! Anyhow I got it for $25 on amazon and it is amazing, it beeps and/or vibrates at your intervals and when you have done all sets it beeps alot! 

Anyhow I drove over to Subase Point Loma today to run while my husband did his PT (physical training). It was a bit warmer than I am used to and I ran faster than I normally did and did a 2:1 ratio of running/walking. I wanted to quit but had 45 mins on my schedule and I did it because I posted on  my blog that I would.  And as the quote running around pinterest says; I never regret a workout but regret skipping one! I had brought us lunch, the lentil soup I made from all my produce that was going bad and we ate it on a bed or romaine lettuce. YUM! Todd was still full from the amazing bowl of oatmeal I made this morning. (1/2 c oats, 1c milk, 1T cinnamon chips, 1T shredded coconut) I finished my lunch off with 2 cutie tangerines. It was great to see my husband and get a great run in! Can't wait to do it more often, the track at Point Loma was made because of Todd's old CO from USS Olympia who was a runner, its that tot turf type of stuff and it goes by the ocean, through a grassy area, and past the subs, and softball fields, and gym (I saw the spin class huffing away). Until later have a great day! 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

another sunday!

wow life really goes by fast! So Saturday is my half marathon training group today we met in Ocean Beach and had an amazing 3 mile out and 3 mile back run along the ocean! BEAUTIFUL! I run with my gf Dee and Todd runs as well although he is much much faster than us!!! It is pretty cool to watch for him, he heads out about 30 mins after us so we see him on the homestretch! So as Dee and are running a snail's pace we both realized HOLY MOLEY we did not work out at all this past week! so after i post this I am going to look at my busy schedule and the Y classes, the base schedule, and my assigned running days/times for the week and have a game plan.

Todd and I bought a dehydrator, I am excited to get it in, which should be Tuesday (thank you Amazon prime!) I love beef jerky and we really want to stop being so wasteful so we are hoping this is a way to save fruits/vegs and they kids might eat more fruits this way as well!

New recipe (thank you pinterest) that Todd and I tried today: avocado egg bake. Basically you slice an avocado in half, remove pit, crack an egg in the hole (which um ya steady the avocado first and still expect run out) then bake at 425 till you are happy with your egg. We topped it with some shredded cheese (let it melt) and then salsa! yum-o of course once you get used to warm avocado!

Goal this week besides exercising more is to redesign my blog! Todd is going to help so maybe Wednesday night!