Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New food finds and relaxing!

So on the quest of trying to find foods that fill me up and taste great that fit in a caloric budget I want can be hard. As I was getting cream of mushroom soup for shepard's pie I saw this amazing soup. I bulked it up by serving in on top of spaghetti squash AMAZING!

My upcoming move is causing my stress levels to skyrocket so I treated myself to a pedi yesterday! It was much needed since I had only 3 of the 10 nails with red paint left on them.  Now they are super cute with a nice purple on them! 

Yesterday I was a complete bitch to everyone because I was tracking 100% everything I put in my mouth and my body brain was not happy with limiting food intake. As I cooked dinner and was extra snacking I threw some tea in the microwave for 90 secs to help curb the urge to pop food in my mouth! This is really yummy and who doesn't love the little sayings (it is why I buy this brand LOL, yes I pay for little cute sayings!) Hey least I can save $2 next time lol. What do you do to relax? What techniques helps you when you just want to stuff your face? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

My poor feet!!!!

I have mentioned that I am sufferring from plantar fascitis. For those that don't know what it is, here is a picture...
So so painful!!! So when the pain becomes minimial I have attempted a run, the results limping and severe pain the rest of the day. After cheering on my friend Jody in her first half marathon last week I started craving that feeling of accomplishment and another medal for my brag wall. So I have started being more proactive with the treatment.

This week Jody, my friend I cheered on during her first half marathon last week, showed up for a thank you gift for me! I was just being an awesome friend, and she wanted to return the favor. I think secretly she wants to see me running again. She brought me two gifts.

This momma gets to go to the shoe dog and get some new shoes!!!! I keep wondering if my awesome Brooks are what caused my foot to bother me. I didn't run enough in the 90 day trial period which if you are a VIP at RRS you can return your shoes if they are not for you within 90 days. Super sad face here! What shoes are you running distance in? Thanks again Jody!!! I am so ready to get to Georgia and start up a running group. I need any advice on that as well! I have a few women interested in couch to 5k group, can not wait to meet new women who share an interest in running.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moving is stressful!

I am trying my hardest to not gain weight while moving! How many of have you moved? Our move consists of moving from one coast to the other, 2 cars, 4 kids, 2 dogs (half the way) and 1 cat. OMG stress! On top of that I have 7 shifts left at work then I am officially unemployed and job seeking. I am hoping my phone interview that is awaiting an in person interview pans out and I will be gainfully employed again soon.

How do you deal with stress? I tend to have even less patience than normal, yell more, and eat more. I am no fun to be around, at least that is what Todd tells me. What I should be doing is working out more, which my next post will include an update on my foot!!!

But for now I am day dreaming of few things:

                               Will be sporting this 11-24-13 Who wants to meet me in Florida????

Home is Where the Navy sends us <3>

Fit Bit Flex Wristband Coming in Spring 2013!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting off the bench!

I feel like I have been working nonstop which puts a damper on me hitting the gym just because I am so tired after a 12 hour night shift and need to fall asleep and get good quality sleep during the day to tide me over for another night shift. Last week I worked tue, wed, thur and I walked up all 7 flights of stairs on the way to work! It is a feat, by the time I hit the 5th floor I am breathing heavy and sweating. When I get to my floor I have to stand outside and try to control my breathing in case anyone is on the other side of the door lol.

Today I did something I have been wanting to try for awhile. I did zumba followed by body pump class. I liked the body pump class better than other ones I have taken because it was straight weights no cardio mixed in. It was one muscle group during a song before it went to another one. There is a shoulder workout that I am going to add into my arm routine when I do my own thing. It was killing me with just 2.5 lbs. it was the goal post type arm workout if you have ever done those. OUCHIE!

Friday was my only night off (I went back sat and sun) and I had taken the day off in hopes to run a half marathon with my friend Jody. I still can not run due to my right foot having plantar fasciitis. It just isn’t healing.  I need to really start working on fixing it. My plan is to not run until we get to GA next month and then start up couch to 5k. I also would love to start a Sole Sister running group in Kingsland because I have only found one running group in the area so far. I did my best when I trained with a running group. Anyhow I didn’t run but I did get up early to head to the half to cheer on my friend. It was her 35th bday and her first half. She set a goal of 2:30 and did amazing!!!! She started struggling at mile 9 and I told her it was the mental game that she had this in the bag! I started walking towards her and found her around mile 12 and ran the last mile with her. Come to find out she is the 5th person I have inspired to run a half that I know of!!!! How cool, now if I can inspire my 15 yr old daughter to run one with me I would be in heaven.
 My amazing artistic husband making posters for me to cheer on the runners and Jody!
  Doesn’t she look amazing for just running her first half?!? She is already searching out her next one!

If anyone knows of any super cool races near Kingsland, GA/Jacksonville, FL let me know. I also need tips on how to start a running group!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sitting on the Sidelines

That is how I feel lately. I have been doing the yo yo thing with the weight, not getting past lunch counting points/calories, and not hitting the gym as planned. I find myself wishing I could be as motivated as my friends or the fellow bloggers I read. I was sitting on the sidelines just wishing I could be like them in single digit jeans and running sub 10 min/miles.

I started fresh on Wednesday with My fitness pal (annakay76). I wanted weight watchers to give me the motivation to lose 60lbs like I did 8 years ago but I just continued to pay the $43 a month and not lose even 5lbs since the beginning of December. I love the scanner option on MFP, the fact friends can see what I eat/exercise, that it is a little like facebook, and the best of all it is FREE!!!! The scale has started moving back down! My goal is to be under 200 lbs by the time we move, yes we are moving!

We finally got our official military orders to move to a new command in Kings Bay, GA. We are so excited to move to a smaller town with hopefully a bit slower lifestyle for us. We will be there middle of March and already have a house penciled in for us. I am also working with the schools to figure out what to do with the high schoolers and the best school to fit Chase’s IEP. I love planning!

I am off the sidelines and you will be hearing from me more often!!!