Monday, June 24, 2013

Running in Southeast Georgia

equals mosquito bites, lost gps signal on rantastic, humidity, and frizzy hair!!! But I did it SIXTY minutes of 1:1 run walk intervals. And get this AFTER a 12 hour night shift. It wasn't a bad night so that might have helped my motivation today. Usually I go to work with all the intentions of getting off work and hitting the road or the gym and somehow on my 45 min commute home I deem that I am too tired to work out. I hope I can keep my motivation up, I do have vet appts and orthodontic appts after my shifts this week before heading to my dad's house in Panama City to see my 2 sisters that I haven't seen since Feb 2000. They have 9 kiddos between them and my kids are excited to meet their cousins.

Big news I found a Galloway training group! They currently are doing a 4 week free session and July 20th officially start half or full training. For those near Amelia Island here is the link. By the way I heard Jeff Galloway will be here July 19th!  I have met him once before in San Diego. Other news, I bought a new running skirt to try out. It is from skirtsports and they have an amazing sale going on right now! And they have men shorts and shirts too, super cute and fun! I bought two lengths the ones with 5 inch compression and the other with 7 inch compression shorts in them.

For another idea of life in S.E. GA I had to stop the other day while driving, not for traffic but for geese!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hmmm I sat down with my Hal Hidgon’s novice half marathon training plan and rearranged the week(s) to fit my work schedule and then what happened? That week I only ran ONE time! One big fat X and the rest empty days. Well I got this in my email today and hope it is enough to get my butt training!

Father’s day was spent at the Jacksonville Zoo, we ended up getting season passes and we plan to  spend some of our free time there. We were there for about 4 hours and spent the entire day with our Navy friends that we were stationed with in Hawaii. Our kids all get along well. I would have to say our favorite part of the zoo was the Stingray Bay. It cost $1 per person to get in but it was so awesome! Next time we go I want to feed the giraffes! What is your favorite part of your local zoo         Berkley would have probably swam with them if she could! The sting rays were a huge hit with everyone in the family!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When will tomorrow get here?


Have you ever started a diet aka a new way of eating? And you know how it is so amazing the first week and you see a loss so you do it again and see a loss again... Well dammit I can not get past one day of counting my calories! I make it 1/2 the day or 3/4 of the day then all hell breaks lose and I tell myself well I can start tomorrow.

I read amazing bloggers who have lost a lot of weigh and are in single digit pant sizes (my goal!) and yet I just can NOT get with the program. I wonder why? Why am I self sabotaging myself? Why can I not stick to a calorie limit, a planned menu, a training schedule?

I just want to pull my hair OUT!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday oh Monday!

Monday here in Saint Mary’s, GA means 2 things to me this summer, spin and pool closed for cleaning.  Well today it meant a couple other things like joining another diet bet and half marathon training. Since I work 3 (12 hour) days a week I have to rearrange the Hal Hidgon schedule to fit my needs. I ran on the treadmill while waiting for spin to start, and sadly spin was cancelled since the AC was broke. I don’t understand our gym, we have this amazing spin class with about 50 bikes but they only teach 4 classes a WEEK! I am used to over 4 classes a day, but what is worse they lock the spin room up. anyhow no spin. but I had an awesome run.

I had asked Todd to take at least Austin for a hair cut about 3 weeks ago and yet he still was shaggy today. So after picking him up from summer school I came home and fed the kids leftover spaghetti. Then we headed to get hair cuts, three of the kids got cuts today. As a treat we were going to head to fro yo which we love but it usually costs us about $20 so we headed to McDonalds for cones!
Not really the best start to my diet bet. but here is today’s starting weight... not the best weight ever but wasn’t my card with my word so cute??? Our sunny day ended in a tornado! Yes I now live in a town that has tornados, eeekkkkk

Sunday, June 9, 2013

It’s almost June 15th

and I will be able to relax and have some more free time.  I may have mentioned on here before I started a Lactation Educator course April 1st. It was an attempt to fatten up my resume so I could look for a job in women’s health. Well I started my new job April 6th, so I didn’t need it for my resume but it is a HUGE bonus for working with new families (yes families, everyone can help a mom nurse her baby). The problem is the class is online with no deadlines, for someone who loves to procrastinate, well that is just a bad combo.

Onto my weight and fitness...well I debated never blogging again. I feel like a broken record when it comes to the scale, my “new” way of eating etc. I mean I have tried almost every diet plan out there starting with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, medifast, medical weight loss center with prescription meds, you name it I have probably done it.  I have not tried nutrisystem though. Anyhow about a month ago I went to my doctor for a podiatry consult and had a laundry list of things to discuss with him. I raised the question of getting a lapband, his reply was how many carbs are you eating on paleo. I started rattling off my go to paleo foods. He said stop eating bananas, he went on to tell me he had lost 60 lbs on southbeach in order to join the navy. My next step was research.
I joined southbeach diet online and started researching, I was overwhelmed. So I bought the book, and my friend Dee sent me 2 books. One had a inspirational message, I love and miss my friends from Cali! Finally I felt I could do it, I did the 2 weeks of phase 1 and lost about 8 lbs. In the mean time my 2nd diet bet finished and I lost out on the pot by 1.4 lbs. Todd thinks I should join another one, but I feel like I am just throwing my money away and he thinks it’s motivational.

So here I am, supposed to be on phase 2 of southbeach but I am feeling very blah about it and thinking I should just eat healthy and stay in my calorie range of 1550 calories and be more active and lift weights!

What do you think? Diet bet round 3? Southbeach vs calorie counting? Well I am off to meet a friend for a walk, tonight I will get my run in because it is officially Half marathon training!!!!