Wednesday, May 25, 2011

umm oopps

It has been 2 months since I have blogged, no wonder my scale has gone up. I love to weigh myself, but when i know the scale is up I tend to stay off of it, um dumb idea. well most of you know I moved to this little tiney town last year, almost been a whole year now and that there is a huge lack of a good gym or motivation to be fit and it is hot as hell! i am talking it is still 99* at 10pm! so with all that the weight has crept or jumped back on, sadly to say I am back at the weight that Todd came home to see me at in Feb 2009!!! Now this was 8 months postpartum with twins, and now I am almost 3 years postpartum soooo ekkkk...

So Molly and Dee are rocking some crazy vegan lifestyle and keep telling me the weight will just melt off my ass (which is huge by the way) so today is day 2 of a new veganish lifestyle for me. i really only ate chicken,fish, and turkey so it isn't a huge deal to meal, but i sure don't like the idea of missing cheese, milk, and eggs so I will say I am attempting to be vegan but more likely a vegetarian.

So day 1 went well but I was traveling to/from San Antonio so I cheated on caloric intake and HAD to have a starbucks (we don't have a coffee shop either).

Today so far so good, its 3pm and here's what I have ate:
b-green shakeology with 10cal juice, banana, frozen peach slices
s-coffee (did cheat w/the creamer but i have cocconut milk lined up after creamer is gone), 1 liter water finished
l-2 portobello mushroom caps, 2 slices of bread, 1 avocado, spinach leaves, and some spouts, and a mango
dinner plans are 2 artichokes and sliced pineapple!

now to refill the water bottle up with crystal light!!!!