Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well another week down, another weigh in over. This time its a happy one! Down 1.6 making 199.8. boo for gaining weight back when i was in the 170s but such is life. i feel my whole life i have been on a diet. blah. but if i do this right and make it a life style change then i shouldnt feel like its a diet right? anyhow i tracked on the online journal with WW last week, and even ate out 3 times this week! woot woot! i feel like this will be another good week.

What is really hard is when i work 14 hours and have to go back again for another day. i have to decide between sleep and a workout. it really sucks!!!

so this week i bought tons of tv dinners including bfast ones! i know they have alot of sodium but i am downing the water and getting back to normal portion sizes.

well heres to another week, of which im working 4 maybe 5 days of it so sleep eat work YAY me

Monday, February 7, 2011

another ww weigh in

and another gain...its starting to get old seeing the $39.95 come out of my acct and yet tacking on weight instead of losing. so i had decided hmm if i can't lose 4 itty bitty pounds this month i was going to look into ediets biggest loser program or nutrisystem some form of planned out meals. so i had said i was going to get prepackaged meals and add in fruit and yogurt milk etc in between to ensure i am getting enough PP+ for the day. i went to my wamart, which by the way, i LOVE! they had the bagged steamer healthy choice meals for $1.50 and other ones for $1-1.25. i filled up my cart with all the different flavors, im actually pretty excited to have a variety of different flavors and meals to eat again. so lets see how this week goes! i will be heading to San Antonio tuesday and coming back wednesday. but i feel i will makes some good choices!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


so went to WW yesterday was up a lb. well holy hell as i look at my chart and im down all of (DRUM ROLL) 2.8 lbs since um oct! WTH. so anyhow thats that. i ran yesterday morning for my official first day of my own half marathon training. as soon as i finished running i realized i was supposed to run on tue not mon, sometimes working nights i forget what day of the week it is.

i am also a daily weigher, alot of people know this about me, well its hard to be a daily weigher when you sleep at all weird hours but sadly today im saying i hate my scale at home and im frustrated and thinking is this weight ever going to come off!!! it has before so one foot in front of the other one day of tracking and working out after the other and shooting for a ONE lb loss this week!