Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watching Biggest Loser!!

Go Jillian for saying that obesity effects your SEX LIFE!!! Remember skinny sex is MUCH better than fat sex! what a motivator!!! i mean who doesn't like sex?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WELL I did it!

I paid for the San Antonio Half guess that means i need to start running more right? night shifts is a KILLER on everything! I will do this though! Hopefully this time without a stress fracture!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Treadmill is working!

Took my brother a couple hours to get it working but it is working now. I walked an hour while watching bones then my brother ran 30 mins, lets just hope to keep it up! i bought some peaches, bananas, watermelon, apples YUM. i went on WW online today and found nurses and asked how they track their food intake. so im hoping that i can start losing weight soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010


YAY!!! UPS called today and guess what gets delivered tomorrow! DREADMILL aka the treadmill, which will be known from here on on out at TM or DM in my posts. The reason i am happy is after having Berk i went from 244 to 160 in 11 months following WW and running 2 miles almost daily! so my goal is 2 miles a day working up to 30 mins which should be 3 miles when i get back to my 10 min mile pace. i will also be following an 8 week half marathon trng in prep for the san antonio half in nov. so along with running, counting calories via Lose It ap on my iphone, and brazil butt lift i hope to start seeing some changes and not have my Lucky jeans be skin tight!!! now we all know one major motivator is homecoming, well since i dont live in San Diego its hard to get all super excited about being on the pier to meet hubster. so im anxiously waiting to hear when he is taking leave to come visit again. But believe me my skinny butt will be on the pier come next summer!!! plus im either taking a trip to some wonderful beach or a cruise next year! bring on the bikini body. for those who are wondering, im shooting for under 1400 calories a day right now. id like to lose 40 lbs!

I hope for my fellow friends who want to lose weight that they can cheer me on as a friend on lose it!

oh and as i read my description i thought i should give a life update.
Being a new nurse is overwhelming, sometimes i forget what im doing, forget to get the pt a blanket or water, come in to find a bag i hung never ran, find my weak pt getting out of bed on their own, get home and think wow i should have done more and been better at time management. each day i learn something new though and that makes me feel accomplished. i think im halfway done with my orientation, im taking 5 patients now and will move to 6 soon...

The mom days: well the kids continue to mom mom mom when im trying to sleep after a night shift. William decided to stay in Hawaii with his father, Will. He started high school OMG! Arianna started school (8th grade) late in Texas from her vacation in Hawaii, made a best friend the first day and had her first spanish test today, we are working on learning it together :) this week we are learning the days of the week!!! Chase started 2nd grade in a brand new school in our subdivision YAY! The texas schools just accepted our IEP from San Diego and the great news about here is there is less than 20 students in a class! He is doing pretty good overall here! He has made friends quickly too. Berkley well she is repeating K, but doing great. She isn't sucking her thumb during school YAY!!! And happy faces everyday, making me proud and less stressed. The dogs are brats, sometimes peeing in my house but the kids love them. the cat well she hides out in my room and loves to sleep in the sun shining through.

Being a navy wife, well Yes I am still a proud submarine wife but i feel so disconnected over here all by myself. there is no happy yay the boat is pulling in moments for me. its a big bummer. but we love each other and will come out on top!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Of course like my normal roller coaster ride i cant even remember the last time i logged my food. As i sat this morning emailing and old friend who needs to lose weight like me im like just freaking do this shit. For reals, I have 3 college degrees and can't do something as simple as log what food i eat on a daily basis! I mean its not rocket science. I ate a sandwich log on and enter the calories. why oh why must i be so lazy, its not that even all the food taste good or i needed to eat it. i mean did i really need to eat chocolate animal crackers. oh but besides trying those mix the white ones with it too so i had a bowl of brown and white animal crackers? this week is the start a half marathon 8 week training plan so i better figure out where my head should be!!!! so anyone with an iphone who wants to hold me accountable while counting their calories too, find me on lose it under

so ive had my coffee and will go make my egg white scramble which keeps me full all day! and tonight I WILL start my brazil butt lift with or without a new ac coil!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st!!!

Well its going pretty well im down 5 lbs. i have been eating healthier and counting most of my calories for most days. So my goal to workout with DVDs at home has been sidestepped by a nonworking AC. working out in 90* is not a fun soon i have to start training for the half marathon! sept 6th i think! eeekk