Tuesday, July 24, 2012

um HELLO!!!

Wow I haven't posted an update since July 9th!!! Well that is how my life has been lol. I worked 4 night shifts in a row and I think it took me a week to catch up with sleep to feel normal again, but then its time to work again. Summer has officially started here! My kids got out of school July 20th! My stepson Austin promoted up to 9th grade and now I have THREE high schoolers!!! My son (who lives with ex because he wanted to live with him again) is a Junior, my daughter is a Sophomore, and my stepson (has sucessfully went from being an only child to a loud house of FOUR kids) is a Freshman. Chase is going into 4th grade and Berk is going into 2nd grade. Sometimes my uterus cries to be pregnant again when I see cute baby bumps or super cute baby items (they always get so much beter) then I remember FREEDOM aka empty nest sydrome is better and I can play with my grandkids! Which scary if my kids take after me I will be a gma in 4 years, I hope I teach them better than following in my footsteps on marrying and having babies young! I want them to enjoy being young!

Ok on the weight loss/half marathon training homefront! I am doing the Whole30 challenge (not sure its called that) and I am on Day 6! This is my transition to eating Paleo style afterwards. A quick 4-1-1 is you eat animal protein+veggies+fruit+healthy fat. NO sugar of any kind (no agave, no splenda, no stevia), no alcohol, no dairy, no legumes ( i so can not say that word), no grains. Ya kinda strict my last soda, coffee, glass of wine was wednesday the 18th! I have NEVER given up soda and I have so far!! woot woot I will make the 30 days!!! oh ya no counting calories or weighing yourself!!! that is the hardest part I LOVE MY SCALE!

I ran NINE long miles with Cheryl on Saturday in like 1:59 ugh it was long! I have one training session left at 24hr fitness and start Crossfit on Monday, I am still scared an nervous.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lose a Half Marathon

Did you know that there is 13 weeks of summer? I didn’t but now I do since I joined a challenge with a name. You could choose to lose a marathon or a half marathon, I know I lose weight super slow so I choose to lose a half.  I missed the Monday of 6/18 start so I sent my start weight in on 6/22/12.
6/22/12 203.6
6/25/12 199.9
7/2/12    200.3
7/9/12   198.9

So far a total of 4.7 lbs. I really hope to see the 180s by Labor Day. My military wife challenge starts back up on Friday, so I will technically owe a weigh in on Friday and Monday, I will try to work it around my work schedule though. Oh and I dated the training schedule for my half and this was actually week one! so pretty awesome!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

so lack of sleep

caused me to sign up for a half marathon!!! I got off work friday morning and see a facebook post about a TWENTY dollar half marathon here in San Diego!!!! I immediately whipped out my credit card and registered. Then I texted my running buddy and was like come on I know you are running AFC half in Aug but you just have to do this $20 one in Sept and so I got all her info and registered her since she was going out to sea with her hubby for family day.

Since I can't really run with West Coast Road Runners anymore I am going to use Hal Hidgon's training plan. My sweet husband looked it up and printed it for me and I asked if he printed the novice plan up and he said no intermediate since you have ran halfs before. HMMMMM

Did a 7 mile run/walk today in 1:35 not too bad for not really training yet. Well I am off to bed to end this weekend and start out the week! Peace peeps :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer is here!

Birthday parties and BBQs all the time! Today the hubs was supposed to be off at 11 for his department party, by noon I hadn't heard from him so I heated up a cup of my lentil soup added it to a bag of lettuce trio topped it with light sour cream and green onions mmmm. I was not hungry at the BBQ and was able to pass up cookies even! Then I visited 3 Crossfit gyms: Crossfit619, outlier Crossfit, and Crossfit Mission Gorge. I think I'm going with Outlier, not 100% sure yet and I'm stressing about telling Pete, my personal trainer, that I'm not doing anymore sessions after these 10 are up. Eeekkk I always said I couldn't afford CF but yet could find the $ to get a trainer when in all reality 2 training sessions covers a month at CF. next up on my agenda is learning about paleo and primal eating since I hear that kinda goes hand in hand with CF. I'm still nervous but I want an awesome body and I think this will help. Oh and everyone was super friendly today. At outlier we met one of the trainer's 3 year old daughter <3 Enjoy 4th of July!!! Get your exercise in early, drink loads of water, and remember you probably already know how that food tastes and do you need those extra calories?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Out of the comfort zone!

When I met my trainer I told him I had two goals: 1. to get guns ohhh ya where's the beach? 2. to wear running shorts again! Well I woke up at 6 something this morning and let the motivational quotes on pinterest get to me so i climbed out of bed and did a short 2 mile (need to get my distance back up) run in SHORTS!!!! I did a loop off the main road so many people didn't see me and it was early in the am. Body dismorphia is so hard to get over, but looking at the picture I think I look better than when I look down at my thighs when I run!

My goal this summer is to tone up my legs and feel comfortable in these...