Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Todd and I love Halloween!!!! It is our favorite holiday. Runner up is Easter, Todd loves decorating eggs, then of course Christmas. Too bad Todd is out to sea, but the best news is he will be home the next THREE!!! Yes you heard me, SHORE duty is in our future! I'm super duper excited that we can have a complete family for 3 years!

I am getting sick, it started on my 4th shift Monday. I have that itchy throat, stuffy head thing going on. I hate how dehydrated sudafed makes me feel. I'm taking robitussin, coldezze, and drinking green tea for immunity. And what's worse, I'm not the only one sick, my MacBook I think is actually dead :( the screen is just white and there's a clicking noise :( boo!!!! I don't see any extra funds to replace it before we move so that stinks.

Tomorrow is a new month and I'm determined to lose 5 lbs in November. I am going to focus on eating paleo, tracking in MFP, and a gallon of water a day when I'm not working and 2L when I work. what's everyone's November goal?

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Crossfit update and weekend round up

Whew I have been a busy person! First off, I decided Crossfit wasn't the right decision for me. I was having a hard time getting the right form and getting anxious over being weak or super slower than everyone else.  I know that it was only MY issue, no one treated me different they actually cheered me on. I may try it again another time but I want to focus on getting my running endurance and speed back. Crossfit and Half marathons both take a lot of energy and I can't do both at the same time. I am at peace with my decision.

Saturday I did a zombie 5k that was an awesome "group on" deal, only $15. I thought this was the one that zombies chased you but I was wrong. It was a zombie run. Thankfully they had volunteers painting faces for the runners! Another super cool thing about this run, it was my friend, Noreen's first 5k!!!! She already picked Her first half marathon :) Here's how I looked prior to running.

The rest of my Saturday flew by. I had Berkley's girl scout investiture in the afternoon, so cute. Then I had my friend Sarah's wedding that evening. It ended been a cold night but we were only on the beach for the ceremony and the reception was indoors. It was awesome and I ate non paleo but enjoyed myself and I'm very happy for my friend's happiness!  Oh and I totally suck in the photo booth! I look drunk, high, or half asleep in most of the pics. So embarrassing, sigh.

Sunday I woke up late and ran into church. I really love my church and my soul needed some Newbreak in it. During coffee break I noticed another sub wife so I moved over to sit with her and there was a group of Hampton wives there! Score it is good to stick out these underways with each other. After church we had our FRG (family readiness group) Halloween party. The weather was not cooperating, but thankfully my prayers for no rain were answered. We had crafts, a pinata, lots of cookies and cupcakes (that I was able to avoid). I was in charge of the pinata! Fun times :) 

I was put on call Sunday night, which was another answered prayer. I was able to stay home and help finish up Berkley's ancestor project for school and be home with the kids. I also had dinner with another boat wife, and made smart choices! 

This day started out great with a commisary run to get some veggies to go along with all the chicken I will be cooking up this week. Hit the gym and burned some great calories, ran into a fellow nurse there too. Loving Chuze fitness, great gym with a great price! Then I did my little bit of co-leader duties for the Brownie troop. We headed to the local pumpkin patch and momma got to drive some 2nd grade brownies. Here is my sweet little girl wanting a HUGE pumpkin. 

I plan to start blogging more so here is to me eating right and hitting the gym :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Great day!

Today was a great day! I actually logged all my food intake and made it to the gym! I did a 2 mile run and 20 mins on the elliptical. I burned a total of 600 calories and was happy with that. I ate paleo all day long and that makes me happy. I have chicken out for tomorrow's crock pot meal and bought some frozen veggies and pork chops today. I am ready for another good day! slowly but surely I will change me!

Monday, October 15, 2012


So I will start this off by saying I know I am a poor writer and probably have ADD as well so I ramble when I talk which works it way into how I write.

So I am struggling, extremely bad I can get through only ONE meal a day with whatever my weight loss plan is be it counting calories, eating paleo, etc. I have been doing this broken record thing over and over again for at least 2-4 weeks now. I was SOOOO close to being in the 180s again, which 180 is a huge milestone for me. That is what I weighed after having the twins and losing 100 lbs! I am not a leader, but a pretty good follower and I jump on the trend of whatever works best for everyone else but me. Instead of doing the work I think well so and so lost this much by eating clean, being vegan, WW, paleo, shakeology etc and I give up before I lose weight or try to make their plan work for me.

Right now I am in the overwhelmed where do I start mode, I have ran 13.1 miles nonstop before and I am afraid to run one mile!!! I AM going to get back on the wagon in my way, be it a walk run 1 min method, be it counting calories, whatever way works for ME! So tonight I will do some soul searching and found out what I want for me, how I am going to get to a better me for me and my family!!