Saturday, June 30, 2012

never too early to start em!

Races that is!!! Oh ya especially when they are FREE! Another perk of living this wonderful military life.  Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD)  San Diego had a 5k or 1mile walk on Friday. It was the Freedom Run to prep us for 4th of July. So the ever so responsible parent I am, I took my kids out of school early to go do the 1 mile walk. I did this for the MEDAL and Tshirt LOL. Chase was amazing! I can't wait till we run the Jogging for Frogmen July 29th, I hope they time him! I think he finished 4th. Anyhow here are our pics!
                                                  Come on kids, I swear it is FUN!

                                                 See Chase kicking butt!!! Gooooo Chase!
                                                       That's how you do it Berk!!!
                                                              Super Cool Shirts

Man that was some work! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Weight Loss Challenge I finished!!!

So I have entered many weight loss challenges and not met my goal BUT this time I DID!!! woot woot for Anna! I have to actually find the goals but I am pretty sure that they were to run a 5k nonstop (Which I did on Mother's Day!) and to lose 10 lbs or get under 200. Well I did it!! I am so shocked! Here are my pics!!

                                                          Start of Challenge 4/6/12

End of Challenge 6/29/12

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Time!!!

So out of 4 kids only ONE is on summer break.  That would be Ari and she is currently in Hawaii she will be home just in time for the 4th of July. Which by the way I have OFF!! I just finished up working 4 night shifts in a row, talk about tiring and NO exercise but I did keep my calories under control. Today I met with my personal trainer, Pete, again I really, REALLY hate table tops. Table tops are when you go from plank on your elbows (on a bosu) to all the way up on to your hands and then back down, 3 sets today YUCK!
After his torture session I did an interval 30 min treadmill walking session followed by 15 mins in the sauna. Then I met my friend Sara for lunch, we literally have to schedule to meet up because we are both so busy. I get to hear about her wedding plans, can't wait to see her on her wedding day! We met up at Tender Greens and I had an amazing yellowtail salad. I hit up Sprouts and got mangos, cherries, apricots, nectarines, canteloupe, watermelon, red & green bell peppers, green onions, brocolli, cauliflower, basically a ton of fruits/veggies! Went to target and got all the goodies for the weight loss challenge prizes, challenge final weigh in is Friday! It is starting again but I also joined the Lose a Half Marathon Challenge which is lose 13.1 lbs in the 13 weeks of summer hosted by RunwithJess, it is too late to sign up, 965 are in the challenge though!!! She will post weekly challenges, recipes, advice etc so feel free to follow along.
Well I have been feeling like crap all day and think I have to finally go puke boo!!! I don't know why I am sick I think it may be the smell of the scentsy Twilight scent Ari put in the warmer and I turned on today GAG me!!! Sorry, but on a super cute note look at this badge!!! I also ordered the super cute decals to make for the summer challenge, I will post pics when I get them in or you can go look on Jess's page and check them out!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


It is so easy to lose motivation, or at least for me it is. I lay there in bed between the snooze settings and think of the day. I am going to eat healhy, have an amazing run, drink all my water, the list goes on. Then reality hits, I was out to late running errands now I am starving, just one bite of the kids' poptart, just one lick of frosting, one spoonful of PB (why does it seem PB is a problem child for most people struggling with their weight???) you get what I mean. I have joined weight loss competitions that wane, paid for half marathons I haven't ran but sometimes something clicks and the aha moment happens and I start seeing the scale move again. I am currently ending a weight loss challenge amongst Navy/Marine wives and have stumbled upon this one on a blog I read. It is called lose a marathon or half marathon in the 13 weeks of summer. I may join it, it has started but you can join until the 25th. It seems cool, my concern is the amount of people, over 450. I am afraid I will get lost in the shuffle... We shall see, if you are looking to lose weight it may be for you!!! Which I said I was going to get the prizes for the contest I was in. I am thinking a gift card to Road Runner Sports. I am also considering gifts for the top 3 losers....

P.S. I can not have frosting in my house!!! it calls my name, ugh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to the grind

Juggling my life of a working wife to a fine navy man! Now to find the balance with work, family, gym and sleep while eating right. I will take Any advice. I've been trying to stay busy and I have started enjoying the summer although my kids still have a month of school left. I may run a 5k next weekend now that I think I'm off the night before. It's a fun run in my community, those are smaller and best of all cheaper!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mini Vacation Bliss and a product review

I am pretty sure I have talked about my laser hair removal and how it is a pain in the butt now that I moved back to Cali. Dec 2010 I was going to brave my first ever brazalian wax but then decided to just go for the laser and I decided to go with Ideal Image. The way it works is you get a humongous (super huge!) 2 year loan with 0% apr then you go for like 9-10 treatments. The only problem is I moved out of Texas and the closest office is Phoenix or Vegas. Todd chose Phoenix (wth?) so every couple months I have to trek 5 hrs each way to spend an hour in pain! This time we chose to make it a mini family vaca in a Hilton Resort. AMAZING! the trick is wait till you are going to die of heat stroke and the resorts are reasonably priced. We stayed at the Hilton and it had a waterpark with a lazy river, 2 pools, 1 waterslide, and a hot tub. The kids were in heaven. Todd and I worked out both friday and saturday at the local 24 hr fitness and I counted my calories.

While I was in the torture chamber (Ideal Image) Todd took the kids to Toys R Us and Bed, Bath and Beyond. He found Yonanas there, which he had seen on tv and was just waiting to see the infomercial again so he could order it for me as a present! Thankfully I had brought a box of produce with me and had old bananas. This thing is amazing! It takes 2 frozen peeled bananas and whatever else you want to put in there. So far I have done plain bananas, banana/canteloupe, and banana/orange. The kids love it too! It comes with a huge price tag of $50, thankfully we had a 20% off one item coupon. I am so happy to have it, the only complaint I have so far is that in the hotel the bowls I used didn't really catch all of the "ice cream" oh and you still have to be careful 2 bananas is 200-220 calories!