Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love me some Target!!!

I mean who doesn’t? I will go to Target anyday over Walmart but you know from 1998-2005 I did not have access to a Walmart? It wasn’t until I left the beautiful island of Oahu that Target moved into Hawaii. We also didn’t have a Victoria Secrets or Olive Garden while I lived there probably good for my hips and checkbook lol. Anyhow I needed to go to Target for some reason the other day and ended up browsing shopping.  How did I spend my hard earned money you ask?

Todd has been saying since his mother makes our quilts he wants high quality sheets. I love jersey sheets but Todd wanted me to spend the big bucks. I went with 600 count vs the 800 count because of color choice. My sweet husband put away our Christmas quilt and sheets when I was at work and I came home to a ready made turned down bed aka as heaven after a 12 hour night shift. Slipping into this bed felt like slicing butter, so smooth and soft.

So my name is Anna and I am addicted to kitchenware!! I love it LOVE LOVE it! I don’t know why, its not like I am a great cook or baker I just love kitchen stuff AND clearance! woot woot! I bought two of these cute ramekins. I have great ideas for individual pot pies and breakfast meals.

Since the kitchenware is next to the refrigerator aisle I peeked in to see what yogplait 2 point WW greek yogurts were available so I could use my coupon from the back of WW weekly newsletter and saw these for 2 points each as well. MMMM can’t pass up chocolate chunks. I came home and immediately ate the coffee one, well I prefer to drink my coffee vs eating coffee flavored yogurt but the chocolate chunks were amazing. I ate the pineapple caramel one at work and it was just ok, nothing to call home about. I think I’ll stick to Yoplait 2 point greek yogurt which I can not buy at the commissary just yet.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sneezing hurts!!!

The YMCA here in San Diego (or near my military housing area) is AMAZING, I mean amazeballs amazing! It is only $44 a month and that includes free childcare for 1.5 hours in the am and 2 hours in the pm. they are open 11 hours a day for childcare! Like most gyms/stores they had a new year’s special of no start up fee. I had the Y before and dropped it since I joined 24 and crossfit. Well the Y is more of a fit for our family so back to it we are.  I did step class Tuesday night, why, because my 15 yr old daughter wanted to go!!! YAY! Mom is wearing off on her! Wednesday night Noreen invited me to Cardio Sculpt, and again my daughter came!!! It may have helped that I bribed her with 2 new pair of Old Navy workout capris (only $15 EACH!!) Let’s just say after texting with Noreen and talking to Ari this morning we are all SORE! I swear my abs cry when I sneeze.

Two awesome things for me this week! One I was invited to join two challenges. One is a gallon of water a day for 30 days. I thought hmmm that is going to be hard. But I have been doing it. I bought a gallon of water and refill it each night for a quarter at the water machine. I fill up my tervis cup with ice and keep refilling it with water. The second challenge is a Biggest Loser group in our housing area. I think we have a little over 20 people in the group with a buy in of $20. I did not know before going we get penalized for gaining or missing a weigh in, eekkkkkk. They did weigh in and measurements for us Tuesday night, so that will be every Tuesday for 8 weeks, right up until we think we are moving (so annoying, not having hard copy orders). That should help me keep the weight off due to all the stress I foresee that comes with moving across country!

Now WW news!!! OMG!!! I was so happy this week!!! I am finally back under my starting weight, with a 4 lb loss this week! I added workouts back into my routine and tracked all my points!!! woot woot!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Biggest Loser

Do you watch it? I do, my friend Jen (who know lives in Texas) introduced me to the show and i was instantly addicted. I would watch each season as these women who weighed a lot more than me would shrink down PASSED my goal weight. Each season I would think oh I can weigh the same as them at finale (since I already weighed less than them). Each season I would see that huge scale start showing their weights less than mine and my dream of reaching my goal weight with them go out the window. Once again I am watching the new season, I really do love Jillian Michaels. Anyhow if you are watching this season you can see how Bob Harper set up his gym area as a crossfit box. It brought me to thinking about my crossfit attempt.

I mean seriously who does not have dreams of looking like this and being about to do these moves??!!?!?! I did, I really wanted to love crossfit! I went to three boxes to find the one that fit me and Todd and I really loved Outlier. It is family friendly, military background, great schedule, etc. I went for about two months but learned I had a huge anxiety about not being as strong, as fast, or as fearless. I mean crossfit is truly scary! I know it is a great workout, I hope to be able to join another box and overcome my issues with anxiety.   

By the way, Jen and I were making our video to send in for the Biggest Loser audition. We thought we would rock the show. She was a marine and I was a sailor so we thought we could take getting screamed at by Jiliian. Unfortunately our friendship had a small hiccup and we didn’t reconcile for a long time or send in our video. I am grateful to have her as my friend. I still think J.M. would have kicked my ass and made me cry! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Am I finally getting my head out of my arse and getting back in the game plan? I think so! I have been tracking Weight Watcher points this week and staying in range. I also worked out FOUR days in a row!!! I have started back slowly. Day 1 was an hour on the recument bike, days 2 I hit up Low Impact with Torri (she does ww with me and our husbands work together) and the 3rd day we did water aerboics.  We of course were the youngest in low impact and water aerobics but i hope to be that fit when I am their ages.

Then came the lazy day...what do you do when you just don't want to gather the kids up and drive to the gym? I can tell you what I did! I set my timer on my iphone to 30 mins and hit my stairs in my house, up and down up and down at the top, I did different exercise at the top and the bottom! Whew let me tell you after 10 mins I was over that and wished I had just went to the gym lol!

The rest of this week I plan to work on more water, water, water.

Monday, January 7, 2013


So yes I have been MIA, no I didn’t do my running streak and sadly I have a running injury!  I have plantar fascitis and it totally sucks!!!! I am going to have to give my foot some really good rest before picking up running again.

The new year has started and I made a couple goals for myself. 1- decrease debt not increase it, the goal is no credit card usage 2- to get to 175 lbs by new years eve 2013.  3- to run Women’s half marathon in Petersburg, FL in less than 2:30. 4- read the bible entirely.

I hope to keep my blog up to date more as well :) As far as family life goes, this weekend we drove up to LA so Todd could get in his CA half towards our goal of running in all 50 states. I signed him up for one we could go both go to and I also thought we were moving this month so we needed to have it early in the month. He got to run in Dodgers Stadium but he said it had about 4 miles of hills. I think he wasn’t very happy with me for picking him a half to run :)

Todd has mentioned he is kinda bummed I stopped eating paleo because he really wants to eat that way when he finally goes to shore duty so maybe I will pick it back up but for now it is Weight Watchers for me! Weigh ins are with a bunch of girls in my housing area on Wednesdays so i will start updating wi results.

Workout today consisted of 1 hr recumbent bike.
Happy New Year everyone, let’s make 2013 a great year!