Sunday, January 31, 2010

more running

so what really sucks is how fast your endurance goes when you take a break. Now I am the type that I am all or nothing. So I either go to the gym all the time or I don't go. Hence the same with the blog, I need to do this everyday or I will stop doing it. Today was a much better food day for me, Friday I think I ate like 5000 calories or something. So I got up and made my oatmeal which consists of oats, flaxseed meal, brown sugar, cranberries, and walnuts. I was worried my body would rebel w/the food for my 5 mile run, but i did just fine. We ran from Liberty Station to the Coast Guard guard shack and back. I have to say the way back is always easier. It was pretty cool today, the group was HUGE! I don't know if its because its Jan or what, but when I started WCRR back in July the group was about half this size. It's always fun to run with people, makes it less boring. I can't wait till I am not constantly looking at my garmin wondering when the run will be over though. so today I skipped having mexican food with my friends to stay home with the fam and have subway. I am really proud of myself for that because I am a social butterfly and love to hang out. It saved me money and calories though! Well I am way tired, so off to bed I go.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a crappy day!!!

My day just started out crappy! I don't know why but it did! I don't know if it's PMS or what. but what a shitty day and i ate everything in the entire house and outside the house and didn't even go to the gym! ugh! but i am going to bed now cuz tomorrow is run day! 5 miles w/WCRR!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another day down

Well maybe I should have another title for this day because as "diet" wise it wasn't the best day ever. I did make quinoa for the first time, I mixed it with frozen green giant veggies and pink beans. It didn't really seem to have a taste but was cute little circles. I have three other jars of unknown healthy grains, I think they are bulgar, wheatberries, and who the hell knows what. I am thinking I need to pack the jars in my purse and go to Henrys to identify the unknown grain so i may make it someday.....I decided to talk on the phone instead of running today, but yet told myself I would make it to the gym at some point today for cardio HAHAHAHHAHAHAH we all know how those intentions go. I did do gravity class again, I love Dino the instructor! I will keep going, so those in san diego it is t/th 10 am 32nd st base. I think I am even going to venture to take Kettleball classes! So besides eating some unaccounted for almonds I went to Dennys for girls night out. Coffee, hashbrowns, egg whites, whole wheat pancakes, and worst of all loaded baked potato soup!!! I don't feel like a stuffed pig but I should have ate better...ugh. I did take my final today and went to the high school fair for my oldest son. WTH my son is starting high school in Sept!!! OMG! Anyhow tomorrow is free eye exam clinic in National City for my community health class that doesn't officially start till Monday. I am wondering if my old business attired fits...ugh I hope so! well off to bed I go, thankfully hubby got the night off so I get to go to bed with him! Yay!!! Until tomorrow....which I need to find a workout to do tomorrow still yet....maybe kettleball basics??? who knows, but I will tell you all tomorrow what I did!

almost forgot to blog!

I should so be in bed!!! But I wanna try doing this everyday so this is really for Wednesday! So I went to weight watchers (WW) for my weigh in (WI) and wow up FOUR pounds!! now i was warned by two girls that i should make sure to watch my weight after surgery that they both gained cause they were happy. Well I used the I am sick excuse last week and well I am sure eating 3 musketeers, zingers, strawberry milk, oh and don't forget chicken noodle soup would make me feel better, right? today's workout SPIN!!!!! So for those that have not taken a spinning class yet, well try it, but take water. oh and plan on a hurting crotch! so stand often, even if they instructor doesn't say stand, your privates will thank you later! So a 45 min spin session.....then home to veg, finally cranked out my LAST discussion post for this class. Then went to Disney on Ice with my youngest two kids. I love little mermaid so much!!! then home to surf the internet, watch ghost whisperer and be lazy! I am starving but it is midnight so i should be in bed, so that's where I am headed. I counted all my points today!! Went over by 6 I think, damn bliss bar!!!

so wi today i was 181.8 ugh! at home i was 180.....i like my house scale! oh and best of all i worked out in a sports top w/the built in bra and didn't wear a sports bra and my boobs looked great!!! thank you Dr. Brucker for my great boobies!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the dreadmill again???? I got to the base gym today and there were not very many treadmills so i had to wait a bit, I was supposed to run for 40 mins but had a gravity strength training class, so I ran for 35 mins. Once again, my head kept telling me to stop running...for those that have a hard time running, just tell yourself at the next 5 min mark i can go down .2 in me through all 35 mins of hell today.....i ran for 3 hrs straight in nov wth is wrong with me now??? Once again my mind was drifting to what I would write in my blog today...for those that struggle with weight you may know where I am coming from the excuses, I am too tired, I don't have time, but it tastes so good, I will just run longer or work out tonight (which never happens), I am not meant to be thin, etc we all have those excuses. So I just wanted to give you all some more of my history...If I can lose weight and run a half marathon and complete 3 triathlons so far so can you...lets see I have dealt with childhood sexual abuse, a mother who had 5 husbands while I lived at home, a divorce, deployments, my son being abused and the custody battle, my sister committing suicide, my stepdad and grandpa dying two weeks apart, and becoming a SAHM after 10 years of being in the Navy!!! Life throws us curve balls but we choose the outcome, sometimes it seems like we don't but it's your life if you don't like how you are living it, then change it. So as I ran today I thought of the readers that may start reading this! No one woke up and ran a marathon without taking that first step in a training run!!! I can do this and so can you! So as I go throughout the rest of my evening and to a girl scout cookie meeting, I will keep my blog, scale, tomorrow's weight watcher meeting and my gym date in my mind as those girls giggle over cookies!!! I will RESIST eating a cookie, I know what they taste like, I know I like them but damn I wanna wear my polka dot bikini cuz im in Diego, Trick!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Me 1-15-10

I am guessing if I would have dared stepped on the scale today it would have said 178ish.....I was too afraid of the scale today, which means I am not eating correctly!!!

Just the beginning!

Well this is my first attempt at my own blog, I joined a team weight loss blog but we didn't really use it. So today as I was running on the dreadmill I thought I am finally going to start my own blog...why because just maybe this is the year I get to the magic number of 155 on the damn scale that I have determined as my goal weight. And hopefully along the journey I do or say something that will inspire others. So about me...
Well I am Anna, nursing student (RN as of 12-10-09, 5 classes left to graduate), mom of 4, and a Navy wife (hubby is on a submarine in Pt Loma, San Diego). I have been and egg donor for a friend and a surrogate twice (a singleton in 2006 and twins in 2008). My kids are 5, 7, 12, and 13. The boys 7 & 13 give me a run for my money and my girls are pretty easy. Currently I am supposed to be applying to the master's degree program for midwifery and women's health NP, deadline is Feb 1st....hmmm that's probably what I should be doing right now. Today marks 6 weeks post op from a breast reduction/lift and a lower body lift. Oh I guess I should give my weight history. I have always struggled with my weight, distinct times I remember are my sophomore physical for the swim team (171 lbs), recruiters office my senior year (160lbs), the day I joined the Navy (148 lbs), first PRT after bootcamp (170lbs), my pregnancy weights were 232, 226, 244, 257, and finally my last pregnancy and the beginning of my final weight loss journey I was a whopping 282 pounds!!! I have with the help of the bodybugg, weight watchers, and two different personal trainers at 24 hr fitness got all the way down to 177. I got stuck at 180 forever, and actually gained to 188 the day of my surgery on 12-14-09. The doctor took about a lb off my breast and 12 lbs off my abs/butt/hips, gotta love that man. I was 174 after surgery and have yoyo'd up to 178 since maybe this blog along with my marathon training (Rock n Roll San Diego on June 6, 2010) will help me get to my goal weight of 155 by Jan 1, 2011. Slow and Steady wins the race!!!

so today I went to the gym...45 mins on that damn treadmill thank you Santa for those awesome skullcandy earbuds!! I wanted to quit at 20 mins, but good music and my thoughts of what to write in my new blog kept me here goes nothing....tomorrow its a new day, I will eat better than I did today (although today wasn't too bad) and oh i have a date w/the dreadmill around 9am!