Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday a new week to you?

I always feel Sunday is my new start of a week. I am very excited with the results I am seeing on the scale, Yes I am a daily weigher. So as I said I started the Isagenix that we removed from the empty containers to return. Todd is with me and this is day 3, suprisingly after going to bed with my stomach loudly growling the first night I am not completely starving. I did cheat last night at work, I mean cheese/crackers/salami YUM! My night was a little rough, after a little oppsie one of my rooms looked like a murder scene. I work with an amazing team of nurses and a most awesome CNA who came to my rescue.

So I am watching Tangled with Berk and it's at the part where Rapunzel gets out of her house for the first time. And she is like a bipolar person happy, crying, happy, crying, happy, crying. I am like wow that is how I feel about my weight loss journey. happy sad happy sad happy sad. But it is my choice to be happy or sad, I make the small choices that add up to the big choice of either a gain or a loss, tight pants or slipping back into smaller pants (LUCKY JEANS!!! here I come)

so I am happy to say that as of now I have found that I am conquering the small choices! I can not wait till Wednesday mornings for weigh in!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hmph a sorta liquid diet

So I went to my Doctor in November and she promotes Isagenix and it only costs $300 a month, so I was ok sign me up!!!! So the box came in right before I headed to Vegas for a half marathon (which by the way my medal finally came in!!!!) well i sat here debating spending the $300 a month on just myself so I decided ok Anna suck it up LEARN how to control your portions and start hitting the gym or road. So I called and cancelled it and wanted to send back the unopened box. I was told I had to empty all the containers and send them back. So mine as well try it, so finally after this box sitting unopened in my house for 2 months Todd opened and today is DAY ONE of basically a liquid diet. We are doing it together so 2 weeks each instead of 1 month i hope the added support helps me! So we drink shakes and have one meal of 400-600 calories for lunch.

Today's workout plan, step tonight with my daughter at 5! Tomorrow is my first run with WCRR that Todd will be joining!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Wednesday weigh in

Woot woot down 2.4 lbs might have alot to do with spinning tuesday and actually eating pretty well. Oh I have to talk about spinning. UGH I HATED the instructor!!!! well not the instructor herself but how she taught and what she wanted us to do. KEISER bikes are the BOMB! i love them, if you haven't seen them they are great. They show you your RPM and gear so I actually get a good workout. She wanted us going 120 RPM at gear 15 up to 18 um NO hahaha i am barely getting back into it. Kim I thought of you in spin! I did wear my spin shoes, and when you are new to wearing them clipping in is HELL!

newsflash---I skipped carrot cake at small group last night and dessert at school today!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Running with your kid and typing vomit

Ok you know when you sit in a class and they ask who here has children, and up goes your hand or it doesn't. Well I have a houseful between Todd and I we have 5 kids. Their ages range from 7-15, yes I have teenagers, to be precise I have THREE! Two that live with me which are both 14, FUN TIMES! But this post is about my 7 yr old, after I decide I am going to go out on my run yesterday by myself her little voice says but mom are you taking me? My answer is NO! But mom you said and you need to be honest. So ok grab your bike, disgruntled I say. Man chasing your kid on her bike is frazzling and kinda speedy. Instead of my 2.5 mile run I had planned I did a mile, but knocked a min off my usual slow pace I have been running, so it paid off. So enough about my exercise and scale, on to the things that cause stress!

So those who know me have seen my struggles to get to my life long dream of a becoming a nurse, specifically a L&D nurse to become a midwife later. So I guess an update and just to sorta vent and destress about it. So after killing myself to get prereqs done while being active duty and the disappointment of 2 MECP packages being turned down (the program that would allow me to go to college while getting paid and then later becoming an officer) I GOT OUT! wow really after being in charge of sailors I got to be a stay at home I had wanted to be, shocker alert I DID NOT LIKE IT!! Then the rude awakening, CA nursing schools have waiting lists and oh I had to retake Micro Bio, which also had a waiting list!!!! So while waiting I did 2 surrogacy pregnancies gaining a total of 57 and 82 lbs and made two families!!! Speed up to finally getting in school, that cost $44k, thank you GI Bill for helping out a little. I know this is probably boring, you can stop reading, but I am going to keep typing for my sanity purposes! I finish school take the NCLEX and now I am a RN! woot woot, then I get my BSN another YA I cross the stage with my mom and brother there and my older kids, my husband was deployed, again no shocker there. Now to find a job, well here we go, there are 100 openings and holy moly 1500 applicants, and I was not a successful candidate, nice blow to the self esteem. So after all that hard work, waiting, and cha-ching (money spent) I am an unemployed RN. So after debating I choose to move to a small border town in Texas (Eagle Pass). OMG for fellow new nurses who may not know this, other states do not have certain regulations we have here in Ca, one being pt/nurse ratio. I had 6-7 patients and was a new nurse!!! Well being separated from my husband was not an ideal situation for my family so the pursuit of getting a job in San Diego began and I got hired at Sharp Memorial. YAY me!!! the move back, I was fully moved in Sept 2011. Now the unit that I was hired for is not opening and the stress of finding a position was upon me again. So the little bit of hope that I could move into women's health came alive again. After a disappointing interview but pointers on what I should do, I am again in what seems like a rat race to try to obtain my goal. I am in a 6 week class, and scheduled for NRP (neonatal CPR), I was also told I should volunteer and some other stuff. I guess where I am at is just like in weight loss, sometimes the goal seems so far away and the steps to get there seem so HARD and the goal starts slipping and I tell myself I can settle and be happier somewhere else.

LETS BE REALISTIC!!!!! NO ONE WANTS TO SETTLE BEING OVERWEIGHT! so much like my weight loss I have to take my career in small steps too. When one door shuts another one opens. So small steps towards my goal, school, NRP, becoming a doula either through DONA or hopefully UCSD's volunteer program, and I want to become a lactation consultant! So if you kept reading, sorry I am not a poetic writer and probably boring but these has made me feel better and hopefully inspires someone out there on the internet. SMALL STEPS TO GET TO A GOAL!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Competion vs supportive

We all joke that on a treadmill in the gym we are racing the person next to us. Of course I felt this way when I was in shape and could easily run at 6.0 now that I am struggling between 5-5.5 I don't always feel this way. Today was our first official WCRR half/full marathon training day, we did a 4 mile run. Now I had signed up to run in the Vegas group (all the groups are named after marathons), which is a 12-13 min pace. Previously when I was about 35 lbs lighter and ran alot faster I was in the catalina group (before they added Vegas) which was a 10-13 min group. Well we drive up (Dee and I, Todd had duty) to a very rainy morning. I hadn't planned for that type of weather in my wonderful sunny San Diego and was in capris and a tank top!!!! As I stood there shivering and nippling (embarrasing) I decided to hell with trying to keep up a faster pace for a solid 4 miles without knowing anyone in the group so I told Dee I was going to run with her. On our last 1/2 mile she told me she knew it was all about competition and I said no, not this time. I am truly wanting to run with her to help us both build up speed and stamina. So is it always about competition or can you sacrifice your speed/stamina to help others get to their goals?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whew, another one down

so I am not even sure how many Half marathons I have done now without sitting down to count. My PR was a flat race and 2:15 after 4.5 months of training. Today I ran without training or a steady workout routine. 3:15 (well a few seconds less) The coolest thing is my husband ran today. it was his first official half (he has ran 13 miles before not in a race, because he is crazy and was bored in iraq or something like that). So we traveled from San Diego to Phoenix. We stayed in the Homewood Suites by Hilton. OMG amazing we had a 2 bedroom suite with our four kids. That is how we plan on renting rooms from now on. We stayed with in budget except for $20 more in gas than expected. So now that we drove all the way back home within a couple hours of finished the race we are headed to bed!!! oh my only complaint for this rock n roll was i had to walk literally a mile or more to my car after the finish!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In!

woot woot can you believe when you do it right it works? TA DA 4.8 lbs, i didn't get to stay for my first 5 lb award because I had to run home and get ready for my maternal nursing courses. well class was supposed to be from 0730-1600 but around 10am I guess someone made a threat to a teacher so we were let out for lunch as the police came to the university. i was going to go out to eat but decided to save money and calories and came home. As I went back I found out that class was canceled for the day and was able to catch up with my gf and headed to balboa park for a 3 mile run (well run/walk) and man the zoo stinks!!! my body is already feeling the rolling hills we did. it felt great to be out there. Like my body is happy I am getting back into losing weight and working out. so anyhow 1-11-12's food log
b-scrambled eggs w/shredded parmesan, veggies, and olive oil with a side of toast.
snack of banana and almonds
lunch-2 veggie burgers topped with lemon hummus vinagrette (highly recommend from Fresh & Easy)
snack-last of the blackberries with laughing cow cheese
was starving while out shopping so grabbed a sesame tofu piece at Whole Foods
snacked while waiting for hubby on a bowl of edamame and a slice of my home made bread.
now he's finally headed home after working 12 hours and we were going to go on a date!!!!
so date consisted of sushi YAY! we each got miso soup, seaweed salad, and shared 3 rolls.
then for the sweet tooth in me we went to rite aide and got circus animal ice cream. now to put the my dinner into ww! night!!! im so tired from my run in the sun today

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Another day down! i stepped on the scale and i can not wait to go to my weigh in tomorrow morning then it'll be a whirlwind day for me. school all day long then home to read 4 more chapters for school again on thursday. i don't miss school lol
anyhow for todays food log im just listing it because i don't know when i ate etc.
1 cup lucky charms (YUM) and 1/2 c skim milk
1 oz almonds
a huge spoon of almonds (estimated 1.5 T) w a granola bar
a chocolate bar (tiny one)
home made bread
corn bread taco casserole

im tired and still wanting to finish book two of the hunger games but must study for my maternity courses for the next two days! peace out everyone and have a great day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

day 3 Jan 9, 2012

so as my day is dwindling down to another work day the last for a week! but I just found out I got in to a class for nurses who want to transition into women's health. So now I will add 2 days of school to my week. I am super excited!!! On the other hand I am like darn now I have to squeeze exercise in at a different time of the day, my goal was 830am classes. I will figure it out because I have a whole wardrobe waiting for me! so on to today's food log.
b- 2 cuties, 1 grapefruit, yellow/red tomatoes
s- while cooking I had a laughing cow cheese and a cup of milk
after work bfast-3 egg whites, 1 egg, 2 t olive oil, brocolli slaw, mushrooms, tomato
since i appeared to be starving I ate a granola bar and a healthy choice ice cream and a piece of bread
got up and had a banana,
dinner- lentil soup with 1/2c greek yogurt
and then since I had more points to eat I had a piece of bread, almonds and a cup of milk.
well folks on to another day! oh and i haven't worked out in 2 days because I need sleep for work and trying to be a mom.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

1-8-12 day 2 of a food log being posted!

so you know they say it takes 21 days to form a habit but I guess now it takes longer. Since I am working I don't have the time to figure out how to post pictures yet and make it a picture food log! but i am taking pictures of what I eat, and last night another nurse asked me if this is helping. well think of it this way if you actually take a picture of everything you eat to show other people you kinda do think of what you are putting in your mouth LOL!
so let me get on with this blog entry...
breakfast occurred at 1230 in the am-- yellow and red grape tomatoes with blueberries/blackberries- 0 points
when I got home around 0800 I made an egg sandwich and had a glass of milk ( i need to find new bread it was 6 pts!) 12 points
oh thankfully I logged that i had a granola bar forgot to picture it for 3 points
after sleeping i had another glass of milk, chicken breast, a green giant frozen veggie mix- 10 points
afternoon snack- 2 cuties 0 points
dinner a salad of romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, 1 T shredded parmesan, 2 T of lemon hummus vinagriette from Fresh & Easy (which I will admitted was AMAZING!!!)
since I still have some points left I will take the advice of the spin instructor and have some almonds for 4 points and ill add in another granola bar of 2 points! yay now off to work i go!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

food log 1-7-12

So after thinking I was going to kill over on my 3 mile WCRR run this morning I have successfully ate properly today! here is my day in review.
Breakfast was blueberry oatmeal for 4 pts
after run/morning snack was a smoothie made of 2c (40cal) almond breeze, 2T PB2, 1 t olive oil, 1 banana 4 pts
lunch was nana's lentil soup 5 pts over a bed of romaine lettuce with a side of a cutie, blueberries, blackberries
afternoon snack was a banana and a sweet and salty peanut granola bar for 5 pts
dinner was a can of black beans and havest vegetable steamables with 1 t olive oil for 15 points.
i have 1 leftover point but i don't think I will use it.
so far I have only drank 32oz of water, but NO soda! will be drinking a 32oz bottle of water with 1 crystal light on my way to work.

just wanted to say that when you start to see yourself getting lazy or gaining weight just think of all the time it took to get where you are. 3 miles used to be so easy, now i had to run/walk it. Before I have ran 18 miles and now 3 is hard! But I will get back there!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

so yes I suck!

its been almost EIGHT months since I posted, and hello why would that be because my BUTT is as big as the state of TEXAS that i left! so with the joys of stalking pininterest I read a blog today runsforcookies. She lost 125lbs and had the SAME surgery I did but unlike me she is already back and running. I stopped working out, moved to texas as a night shift nurse, back to cali still night shift nursing and that just adds to all my excuses on why i can't work out and why i gained from 174 to sad to say 226.4. really? my weight is so embarrasing my tiny lucky jeans no longer fit, the biggest jeans i bought don't fit, my pt gear is riding up, my great boob job isn't looking so great with weight gain, etc i have a LONG list of ugh gaining my weight back sucks but yet my motivation still is slacking. so I will start tracking and actually posting like i have said i will. my plans for now are back to WCRR for half marathon training. I am running/walking Phoenix next weekend, thinking about san diego half, san diego rock n roll half, and starting the carlsbad, la jolla, AFC triple crown series. ALL along with my hubby!!! I am back on Weight Watchers in an awesome Wednesday morning group (I am already in their FB group).

As I was leaving spin this week, the instructor gave me a lot of tips. Some of the tips I will use, but i was like i know how to do this, I just HAVE to do it again. so maybe no one will read this or just think oh there's anna again in her yo yo weight loss plan. But this is for me and anyone who may benefit from watching me learn to lose weight, maintain it in a busy life of a working mom of 4, married to a sexy sailor!!