Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Del Mar Mud Run 2012

After throwing around tons of ideas for names we have a team name!!! Muddy Mayhem I love it and it reminds me of those insurance commercials. Next up is tutu making get together, oh ya after some major gym time working on upper body strength. My trainer tortured me with plank table tops today. Don't know what those are? Neither did I, well it is going from your elbows in plank position to up on your hands. I did 2 sets of ten alternating the hand you lead with followed by 20 secs of a plank. Other news!!!!! Green and pink sequin material was purchased for sparkly skirts for upcoming races! Oh I emptied the rest of my bank account tonight on race fees. I will be running a 5k July 29th called joggin for frogmen and it benefits Navy Seals. My 7 & 9 year I'd will be running that day in the tadpole trot! I signed up myself and the teens for the mud run, hubby will be signed up soon too. Lastly, I signed Todd and I up for the color run. When I replenish my account I will be registering for Carlsbad half, the first race in the triple crown series! I think I'll brace a full in 2013!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ok let me hear it!!!!

I need team name suggestions! My team consists of women, men, and kids we are affliated with the military and some of us have battled our weight.  anyhow why oh why do we need team names because YEP here it is!!! Del Mar Mud Run!!!
I can not wait!!! I see a future of tutus, MUD, sweat, laughter, maybe tears and wait for it more MUD!!!!! I am taking my two teens as well, which makes me even more excited to teach them fitness can be F-U-N
and MUDDY!!! oh ya!!! October here I come! Time to work on making my noodles all like some guns for some rope climbing, tunnel crawling, im sure theres some monkey bars in there! Goal is to have Team Name and registration started by Saturday! So save your pennies because this will be some awesome fun all for the cost of $50! $50 bucks MAN that is some dough, yes it is but guess what I just went through the McD drive thru and that was $22 ( i got a salad YUM) so I just need to skip drive thurs and can race and burn some FAT off this arse of mine!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

R.O.C. Race recap

Last Friday night I went to girls night out with a new group of Military wives than the ones I go out with on Thursday nights. During the first stop, which was a pampered chef party the ROC race was brought up and I was offered a chance at a wife's husband's entry because he got hurt at work.I asked her to text me since she wasn't heading out for the rest of the evening which included roller skating followed by a karoeke bar. Right before midnight she said he was going to do it, 645 am I hear my cell and he isn't up to it. So I jumped outta bed and headed over to carpool. Our team consisted of 12 people, 4 ran the 9 am heat and we were in the 10am heat! It was a blast!!!! I highly recommend a team obstacle race if they are in your area!!! We started off being foamed, then monkey bars where I proceeded to fall in the mud put below getting my first battle wound! There was a mini rock wall, road blocks we had to climb over, a small hill we had to use a rope to get up, slip in slide, some barrels over 4ft water we had to run over, then a rope thing you walked on while holding a rope over your head, tire run, and more ending with a huge waterside!!!!!!  Check out the map here!!! Next year I am having my teen daughter run in my team! I want her to know fitness can be fun!!! Now onto our favorite part of blogs!!!

Finished!!!! Don't I look marvelous!
Time to get out of wet clothes! Yes in the parking lot I changed

OUCH battle wound survey!

Time to rock the day! Successfully changed in the parking lot!

got stuck in the mud!
Never even felt this happen!

Monday, May 21, 2012

missing my blog!

Wow I have like so much to blog about but that would be a novel on here so I will break it up. First thing last Monday I chopped off my hair! For those that know me in real life, I just did my short sorta Victoria Beckam look. I did an all over warm brown and then blond highlights just on the top, it looks pretty good.   I had it done at the Paul Mitchell School with my groupon and tip it was only $35 ($70 was the original bill)!  I had grown my hair out for the Subball so I could wear an updo!

This is one week later after 2 night shifts! 

So last week I took my ESO test, which is Emergency Standing Orders. It allows nurses to perform certain procedures and pass medications when patients are in a life threatening state before the MD arrives or the code team. I passed! Talk about stress relief, passed EKG test week before too! whew!
Speed up to Friday, I was invited to a pampered chef party with the profits going towards a friend's 3 day walk breast cancer fundraising. It had been announced that after wards we would be headed to the roller rink! Besides middle school and maybe some high school the last time I had been roller skating was about 3 years ago after I had twins. I was 3 weeks post partum and afraid I would burst open my incision. Here is my view of a flashback! haha (don't know what happened with the lighting) I was way better than I was before but still scared to fall. And of course some little kid fell in front on me and down I went! 

 News on a winning streak for me! First thing I won was this! I plan on using it for my pesky spider veins! This was a drawing at huddle for work!
Then I won this contest from Mama Laughlin's blog!
I am getting the red one that says puttin in the work! I had already ordered I run because I can! 
Then I looked on Keeping up with Katie blog I read and saw I won her goodie box by donating to her sister's preclampsia walk! totally awesome, so far I know there is a camelback in there, can't wait to get it in!!! So with my streak I have decided to enter an Under Armour giveaway on Katie's blog and one for 1bandID on Jen's blog. Make sure you check them out! Katie's ends tonight!!! And tomorrow I will fill you in on the GREAT AMAZING ROC RACE I did on Saturday!!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Run Like A Mother 5k recap

Yep I am at that stage again that running a 5k is a challenge. I set a goal of running it nonstop since I've incorporated Jeff Galloway's run walk run into my runs. On Friday I decided to set a goal for finishing, my pace is slow right now so I set a 35 min goal. On Saturday night, Todd and I decided we would take both girls with us. Sunday the run started at 9, so we left home at 730, it was a 30 mile drive. We got to CSU San Marcos at 830 am, it was sooo cold! We watched the kids 1k finish! Sooo cute! I did the pre run yoga and then lined up with all the moms & daughters! Off we went, I have never been in this campus and had no clue what to expect. Much to my surprise we started down a hill!!!! What? I still didn't know if we were doing an in and out but I was pretty sure we were so I psyched myself up for the return trip up the hill. The first mile I did 10:01 whew then slowed down! There was a few inclines and I just took them slow and steady and concentrated on my breathing. Mike 2 was 11:53 and mile 3 11:25. Overall time was 33:46 but garmin says 3.05 so .05 shy of a true 5k :-/ right before the finish line my daughters were cheering me on with posters they had made :) I had to fight back tears as I collected my carnation and returned my timing chip. I had reached both goals I set out and my husband and daughters were there to cheer me on <3 now to find a June or July race! I also plan to do this one again next year to compare speed!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Not that Friday's really count for me since I work 3 days a week and whatever ones I am assigned. It seems to be such a long week for me, I even messed up the dates for a pampered chef party opps! I thought it was tonight and it is next Friday and I even did an online order. WOW! So great news I passed my EKG test on Wednesday! yay me! now on to bigger and better I have my ESO test on Tuesday. ESO=Emergency standing orders, basically we are able to give certain meds and do certain procedures to help our patients before the MD shows up in a code, which should be a few minutes only. I really hate that cloud of studying that hangs over my head.

Food. I experimented this week with Flat Outs that I bought at Sprouts. Wednesday I made this for lunch.
 Italian Herb Flat out, 1/4c spaghetti sauce, 1/4c shredded cheese, spinach leaves, olives, yellow bell pepper, and hearts of palm.
Finished product. YUM, hubby was home for lunch so we both had one :)

 Thursday I attempted a Mexican version.  I love Mexican food, so I tried 1/4c refried beans, 1/4c enchilada sauce, 1/4c cheese, olives, and half an avocado. Ya the sauce didn't work well it was too runny. I was able to cut it up but it just left a huge mess!
 Now onto Thursday. I pleaded with my husband to get off in time so we could get to the Road Runner Sports for the 2nd Thursday Adventure Run. I have seen the flyers and tshirts in the store and heard about it during my Eggstravaganza I ran with Running Skirts. He got home right after 5 and we changed and got to RRS around 550. I wish we would have got there earlier. There were vendors everywhere, the line to buy our $25 shirts (not required, plus I get 20% off, and you get double raffle tickets). So I had preregistered us so we went in and got out baggie with a pen and paper, beer wristbands (don't forget your id!), and waited for the map display. Right at 6pm they show a huge map, they literally stand on top of a moving truck and roll out this huge map with 12 locations on it. Right then you also receive an email if you preregistered with the map. So I hit start on my Garmin and we headed out. Two groups were in front of us and they each went a different route. I already knew we were in trouble because Todd has no sense of direction and I am a S-L-O-W runner! I don't know about you guys but I get really self conscious running with super fast people who slow down for my snail crawl pace. I think it stems back to my sister's ex bf who complained his calves were hurting since he ran my pace with me once and man I was faster back then!  Anyhow we followed a group until we hit a stoplight and I decided we should run straight instead of follow them and we ended up at the farthest away checkpoint which was about 1.9miles from RRS. We ended up hitting only 4 of the 12 stations but I was okay with that I just wanted to understand how it worked. I have to thank Dee for emailing me the link about the run from San Diego Runner Meetup and Epsi for asking about it on the military weight loss group I am part of. So you run from 6-7 and the raffle starts at 7 and goes till about 8, rumor is they raffle off $5k of stuff from shoes, race entries, blister shield, gym memberships, laser treatments, RRS gift cert, socks, compression sleeves, etc After the raffle is over and you have enjoyed the yummy beer the after party starts at a local sports bar called Players. There another raffle went down for buying beer from the brewery who sponsors the run. One beer for $3= a winning raffle ticket for blistershield. YAY me! I was good and had a spinach salad with shrimp and dressing on the side and Todd had nachos. Right before we left the leftover beer from RRS showed up and we got another free beer! Anyhow, I hope to recruit more friends to run with us because I really like the idea of making exercise fun. It was also neat to meet up with other like minded fitness people, one of the guys at our table went to the same nursing school as I did (a year earlier), was in the navy and just placed 20 in his age group at the Safari Park Half, which I am totally doing next year the shirts are AMAZING! There were 2 marines and a women in the dental field at our table, we talked, ate, and drank till a little after 9 and headed home! Oh my time 3.88 miles in 49:18 which is a pace of 12:43, not too bad since we were running in the fwy's crosswalk that no one stops for, up small hills, and I was sorta lost LOL
 Today's scale results, last week I was 207.5 but didn't eat very well this week and had little exercise. Both things need to be worked on this week!
Today I had to grocery shop and treated myself to these babies for only 120 calories!!! Now if you haven't tried them and you like sweets run I mean RUN to target and buy some. YUMMY!!!! I know this entry is long and I am sorry about that. Have a great weekend, I will post Sunday after Run Like a Mother 5k!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So I have been telling my hubby that he should buy me race entries or training groups for presents and it has happened! I have sat down and wrote out what races I want to do through Feb, I was going to do the Girls on the Run Sparkle and Shine 5k this Sunday. So Todd and I were scanning the active website for races since I can run one the 12,13, or 19th this month. I really wanted to do the ROC race but the entry fee is $75, ouch! Then I saw the Run like a mother 5k and I was like hey this can be my mother's day gift! I want to start spending $40 on races vs eating out. Men are not allowed to run, but to cheer on the moms! I'm pretty excited, I'm going to use it as a starting point for getting back into running and I'll run it again next year to compare times. Anyhow here is Sunday's run!

Before Sunday I will be enjoying a FUN run with Road Runner Sports and hopefully win something! Check this one out and see if you have one in your area.

Oh and recap on hiking Cowles again. Saturday I met my friend Jody there for her first hike up. She was so worried she wasn't going to make it to the top, I knew she could she's a calorie burning momma in the gym. My 14 year old daughter, Ari, also joined us. We took it pretty slow and enjoyed taking pictures along the way and at the top. Her mom said I made a Cowles hiking monster, she has already been back and made it up and down in less than an hour!!! Go Jody! I'm going to get my butt handed to me next time I hike with her. I am so proud of my daughter! I really can not wait until she starts loving running and we can race together. Isn't she sooo pretty!

At the top of cowles, 1591 ft!

Monday, May 7, 2012

working and sleeping working and sleeping

I feel that is ALL I am doing!  I worked wed and thur was off friday and then on sat sun mon, I am so ready for tonight to be over!!! I have a really hard time finding time to work out when I am working. Working 12 hour nights, trying to be a mom of 4, a wife, and find time to sleep makes other things fall to the way side. Those things tend to be eating healthy, working out, and time with friends. I don't have a lot to say in my blog today but I feel like I have abandoned it lately! I know it is just because I have been doing the working sleeping working sleeping thing! After tonight I have 8 days off!!! I will be studying for my ESO test. ESO is Emergency Standing Orders which means I will be able to push certain medications until the Code team gets to the room. In between relaxing, studying, I will be working out, eating healthy, enjoying my friends and family. I will also be trying to get back into running and races. This weekend I will be running a 5k to get a nice starting time to start comparing race times.

oh and a May challenge for myself. NO eating out for myself. I feel like I have been eating out a little too much.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cowles Mountain Solo Hike

Every since I got my HRM I have been dying to go hike Cowles to see the calorie burn.  I have been needing to go get a fasting blood draw since mid Nov and finally decided to do it. Which I also forgot to tell you guys I had to go get my cavity filled yesterday UGH I hate the dentist. I get in the chair and after 45 mins of hell he tells me that he took out the old filling and put a new one in and the first dentist did some whacky job. So anyhow I had decided to skip an early workout today to finally get this lab draw done. I put the kids in school YAY for spring break being O-V-E-R and made a 10am lab appointment. I then came back home and watched an episode of Eureka on netflix (which by the way is addicting!!) I got to my appointment and it was quick and I had my chia enhanced juice, string cheese, and tuna pack and drove over to Cowles. I made it up and down in 1 hr 20 mins (kinda slower for me but not too bad) I took some pics to show you how it looks on and of my booboo, on the way down I slipped on a step and fell. Chunk of my finger came off and i was bleeding (typing actually hurts) and skinned my calf. Anyhow if you live in San Diego I highly recommend hiking Cowles, even if you have to work your way to the top. There is 1/4 mile markers all the way up! I was also greatful that it was overcast today it made for a great hike!
 This is a view of a bit of the path, it is rocky and you have to be careful with the ankles!
 Sweaty but at the top!
 My ouchie, if you can see the redness on my calf. I basically sanded off a small area opps!
 the view from the first few minutes, you can see people in all areas of the hike from the switch backs.
 The "unwritten law" you have to touch the sign when you get to the top!
This is one part of San Diego from the top! This is the side looking at Lake Murray, Cowles Mountain is 1541ft up and the tallest peak of the Mission Trails.

I highly recommend this hike, all you need is normal workout clothes, water, and if you have them trail or hiking shoes (many people wear regular tennis shoes).  Hikers of all ages are there from the babies in carriers to older people, skinny to obese, etc. I even saw a lady breastfeeding her baby on a rock today. Oh and it is dog friendly with water bowls at the top. I am up for a hike anytime (when I am off) so hit me up! oh and the calorie burn for 80 mins= 625 calories!