Monday, April 30, 2012

Back home and last day of spring break!

Today Todd went back to work and had duty (means he has to stay on the sub for 24 hours and then he works the next day as well ie he left home today and started work at 6am (mon) and will work till they get off Tuesday hopefully by 5pm).  So his alarm, which was some weird jedi star wars sound went off at 450 then mine went off at 5. I had decided since he had to be up so early I should hit the 530am bootcamp class. I went and sweated it out, I will try to get pics of the gym this week. Some of the exercises are more mental than physical for me, like jumping up on to a tire or jumping up on 2 steppers (one for each leg) that are 3 high and squatting before jumping back down. Once back home I put my garmin and ipod on and headed out for a 2 mile run. I need to get back into running!!! I need to crave running and have that desire to run faster with each week of training. Tomorrow I plan on getting all the kids to school and finally going in for my lab work. It is also small group night, which just started back up last week while we were gone. I host it so kinda exciting! I hope everyone had a GREAT day and exercised and completed their food log!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hiking with new ladies!

I have been trying to meet more fitness minded people to work out with. I am in a couple weight loss groups on Facebook and this morning I asked if anyone wanted to go to Cowles and was invited to join some other submarine wives on Oak Canyon Trail in Mission Trails. It is very pretty, we did get a little lost, had 2 kiddos have peepee breaks in nature, a few falls, and one booboo! Overall we hiked for 2:08 and I burned 470 calories. Here is some of the scenery and me of course! I have done decent with calories today and glad to be back home tracking with my own kitchen. Todd goes back to work tomorrow so we are now lounging watching ridiculousness on MTV ouch!!
(forgive me this is me first time posting pics from my cell in my blog)

"vacation" weight gain

Well the scale is up 5 lbs since sub ball + " vacation" (not really a vacation since we went for the funeral but we made the most of the trip) I am headed out on a hike and plan on getting my haircut today if I have time :) its good to be home and I hope to jump right back into my weight loss routine!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ready to get back home and in a routine!!!

Holy cow the food is soooo fattening and yummy in Oklahoma!!! I was good and worked out the first night we were here but no more :( we have ate out almost every meal but tomorrow's plan is pho! Yum and I will start counting calories again. I miss the Y :( we head back Friday but taking a detour through the grand canyon on the way home yay!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I should know better...

But we all go through it. On Tuesday afternoon I got the call, you know those calls that seem to usually come at night and you never forget them. My father in law passed away. I seem to always remember the calls. I remember my mother getting the call when her grandpa passed, I was so very young, maybe 5-7 years old. I heard her crying, so sad. I remember everything about the call I received when my sister died. Funny I can't remember the date but the time, what I was doing, everything else. Anyhow on top of still being stressed out about becoming an expert telemonitor reader, the death and arrangements for traveling for my FIL's funeral, and working all night wreaking havoc on my sleep I came home and binged!!! I took out the yummy sugar cookies and started eating, at 160 calories a cookie it really isn't a good thing to do. Anyhow today is just ONE day and I am taking it back! I will eat well on our road trip and try not to eat my grief.

I was supposed to go to bootcamp tonight but I think I am going to take the hubby out on a hike! I need to be close to him. I know I haven't finished fully greiving for my sister, it has been almost 7 years now. I may never recover from her death and burrying another family member just brings all those sad memories of her funeral back :(

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Barre Blast

So today I made it to the new class at the Y, Barre Blast. It is a class based on using the ballet structures. OK I SUCK! And I only burned 275 calories in the hour. It was neat to try something new out though, oh and the instructor teaches spin as well. I was like I prefer spin, she just laughed.

Tried a new lunch recipe out today too, tuna burgers. I took a can of tuna, almost 1/2c oats, celery, onion, 2 egg whites and made two patties (Todd is home to share with me). They tasted pretty darn good. Well off to watch Eureka then nap for work!

Oh on a cool note, this is my 100th post!!! woot woot!  oh and I am totally loving my HRM!

Monday, April 16, 2012

back to bootcamp...

So today was my 2nd week of bootcamp classes, I had planned to do 4 last week and I did 2 hmph. I did get alot of work outs in but I paid for 6 weeks of this and I am trying to remember that. I have been having issues with wanting to puke during burpees but today I got up from sleeping around 330 and had a pear, premade dinner and hit the 5pm class. My new toy had me at a 500 calorie burn! YAY

Last week the owner taught the class and today it was the other trainer. I really like that you break up into teams of 4, I hate finding my team though. Once we are making rounds to all the stations that are 1 minute each you have a common bond, to get through the 60 seconds. Sometimes we are grunting through it and sometimes we are cheering each other on. After tonight, I really regretted not making it to all 4 sessions last week.

Tomorrow's challenge is to make it to a class at the Y with the younger two in two since the teens won't be home. Maybe I will hit the machines! Have a great week!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New toy!

Friday night I bought a polar HRM! Yay, so far it does look like the machines are very very close to the calorie burn that I am getting on the HRM. I really wanted it for classes like TRX etc. It helped me get my butt to the gym last night and to spin class today! YAY! now it is time for me to get to work.

YAY for new toys!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

sigh...lazy day

Do you ever have one of those days where you wish you weren't struggling to lose weight? I am having one of those days, I just want to lay on the couch watching tv with my hubby until I have to nap for work tonight. I skipped bootcamp, we skipped our run because of the storms, and started watching Eureka. I don't like feeling guilty over not working out and wanting to just snack...I wish that skipping a workout and snacking wouldn't do so much damage to the numbers on the scale... sigh

Friday, April 13, 2012

Honeymoon phase!!!

If you have been on WW you know what I am talking about. The great big weight loss numbers during your honeymoon phase. I have been off and on weight watchers for about 9-10 years now and have NEVER reached my goal weight. I think I have a mental block on my goal weight numbers or something, anyhow not that point today. I am in a San Diego military wives weight loss group and we just entered a 12 week weight loss challenge. We post pics of front and side ( i take back too, um hello bra fat please be gone!) and our starting weights. Alot of the girls use my fitness pal, so I thought why not try it. Ok I just LOVE the bar scanner, it makes tracking so much easier! Oh and a bonus feature is by the end of the day when you close out your day it tells you "in 5 weeks if you have days like this you will weigh xxx.x AWESOME!!!!) Anyhow I started sometime last week and have lost 5.2 lbs since tracking on MFP! Since last Friday I have lost 2.1 lbs!!!!  I have worked hard for it and really kept up my activity since I have been off this week, and man it feels great to be off work!!!! I go back tomorrow night and haven't looked at next week's schedule but I am on a roll!!!
Recap of this week!
Sun-2 mile run
Tue-bootcamp 630pm
Wed-bootcamp 7am followed by hitting the gym with a gf right after for cardio!
Thur-TRX, paddleboated the kiddies for 30 mins, walk to starbucks and back with hubby and doggie!
Fri-about to hit zumba!!! accidently overslept bootcamp but my body is sore from head to toe so i am ok with just zumba!

I tried out two new recipes this week; baked oatmeal with strawberries, bananas, and chocolate chips and quinoa mac n cheese. Both are great!!!! Found on pinterest which I am totally doing some tofu in the crockpot later today! YUM this week I will also be trying a mexican quiona from ms skinny crock pot.
Look for me on MFP and let's cheer it other on to a healthier weight and lifestyle! My user id is annakay76
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dream Body Boot Camp

So thank you very much living social  (and the fact summer is right around the corner) for all the great discounted work out deals. I went to my first bootcamp class night, suprisingly this morning the only thing sore are my hams. I need to strecth them out! I sported new workout gear from Old Navy, I chose to buy a longer short instead of capris. I really like them, although my legs are way fat I can also see muscle definition when I wear shorts so that is a great motivator!

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, well at least for dining out but I enjoy it at home too. I tossed around the idea of going to bootcamp at 530 am or to eat first then go at 7. Yesterday I had made a green smoothie before class and it threatened to come up so I know I need about an hour beforehand. I know a lot of people don't eat in the am before they work out but you should, something small even to boost your metabolism from sleeping to awake. So today I decided to try a new conncotion of oatmeal. I used 1/4c oats, 1/2c almond breeze, 1T PB2, and 1T shredded coconut flakes. pretty good! Tonight for dinner I am going to try a savory oatmeal, hmmm. Ok I have to leave in 20 mins for bootcamp at 7am. I already feel the need for a nap lol!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

short run

I ran today, yeah on Easter. It may or may not be because my scale was telling me I should since I over indulged yesterday. But seriously I used to be able to run 13 miles nonstop and now I struggle with a couple miles. Anyhow I got in 2 miles, but that is better than nothing! I need to start somewhere. The route I picked was 2.5 but I was being lazy and tired and always tell myself next time you will go farther, I wish I wouldn't do that. I know that I could have sweated out the last half mile but talked myself out of it. Running is so mental!!!! Oh I forgot to mention I wore the cutest top, its a hot pink bamboo tank with a roadrunner on it! It is fun to look cute when you exercise!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prepping for Easter

So Todd's duty day was moved so once again our family will celebrate a holiday on a different day! So tonight is our Easter meal. Our family has decided against full fledged fattening traditional meals and go with something we really like but rarely eat ie Christmas we do shrimp (we do eat that somewhat often, but feeding 6 people shrimp does add up) so this year for Easter the kids wanted ribs! Since I want ribs too but don't want to overdue it I am making an amazing bbq spaghetti squash recipe which can be found here.

I am loving MFP and considering buying the fitbit because I like techy stuff. I asked a friend about it and she wears it on her bra, hmmm not sure I like that idea so I will see the other wearable options before I drop $100.

On the note of dropping money, I went on a 2 mile Easter egg scavenger hunt Thursday night and afterwards shopped and got some cute cute tops to motivate me. Tried on one today and dammit my hips are not liking it! But I know it will fit and I will rock it soon! Its a aqua blue top with white polka dots and all strappy!

Exercise front: Went to my initial appointment last night before work at Dream Body Bootcamp. I got a 6 week living social deal for $45, but you know that is just the join our gym for $97 (military discount) a month after your 6 weeks. I was like ya I doubt it, money is the number one reason followed by fear that I have not joined CrossFit. Well today another awesome groupon (I just bunch them all under that name but I am sure it is our newspaper one) for unlimited boxing/kickboxing for one month at $25 popped up. So Todd and I went and checked it out this morning (same thing I did with the bootcamp gym). We really liked the quant gym and I think we are both going to sign up for it! I like some cardiokickboxing classes but this is an actual boxing gym with the bags. I have done a class on base with bags before and hated it but I think an actual boxing gym will give me more direction and I think kick ass smoking gun arms! So beginning of summer I will be boxing with cute pink gloves, Todd said it was a must that I get the cute pink ones!

Now to finish cooking, drink lots of water and hot tea so I don't overeat at dinner, then it is on to Todd's favorite holiday activity coloring of Easter eggs!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Great day!

Have you heard of the honeymoon stage with weight loss? It is talked about in WW anyhow today was day 1 of MFP (my fitness pal) and I am totally loving the barcode scanner. it is now 11pm and I just did the horrible thing called taxes (finally) and my stomach is growling BUT I know I should be in bed instead of what I am about to do, which is watch NCIS. I ate in my calorie range today and hiked 75 mins this am and ran a 2 mile scavenger hunt at running skirts tonight. Then I spent the extra money I got paid on super super cute tops before I left, oh and 2 new sweatybands (those things really work!)

Off to NCIS dvr for me then bed before I eat!!! Zumba at 8am tomorrow! woot woot
oh MFP name is annakay76 if you want to friend me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

is your scale stuck?

my husband pointed out an article in Prevention Magazine I had laying around. Reason your diet's not working...
1. you aren't eating enough
2. you reward yourself with food after exercise
3. you slurp diet drinks
4. your friends are fat
5. You've eliminated wine
6. Your diet isn't digitally enhanced
7. You've gone no carb or fat free

Fear of not fitting

Today we took our kids to Boomers to play putt putt golf and ride go karts. We of course documented with pics and I looked at mine and was like oh this is it, I am losing weight! Then I sat down in the go kart and the fear washed over me, the seatbelt didn't fit then I realized it just needed adjusted but I couldn't do it. Embarrassing I had to have the guy come over and fix my seat belt so it could buckle. I left Boomers and went right to Costco for chicken breasts, salmon, and walnuts (already have almonds). It is time to get serious!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weight Watchers vs something Free?

I have done this before where I think I can get away with not paying the $43 a month to Weight Watchers, especially since after 9 years of off & on meetings you realize they seem to be the same topic ie the plate at Thanksgiving.  Some of my friends are doing fitness pal and I know alot of people use sparkpeople which I do have an account with. I am debating... I think to myself would I actually use the $43 wisely and put it towards credit card debt or will it just get wasted somewhere.

What do you use to track your food intake and weight? Is it working for you?

Monday, April 2, 2012

april already!

wow its already April!!! Great news I weighed in today, normally my meeting is wed 630am but I have to work tonight and tomorrow so I went today, down a lb and made 5% FINALLY!

Just need to report that I ran 1.28 miles to the stairs!! Then did 5 sets of stairs and I counted them so I could let you all know how hard it is to do the stairs! There are 110 stairs whew. My goal was to run back but ya that was not about to happen so I walked the my daughter's high school which is 1/2 mile from the house then finished running home. I did 2.56 in 34:16 not too shabby.  Off to the dentist now, which I really really dislike!!!

Everyone have a great week! I know my kiddos just started spring break! Oh on the note of spring, I saw tons of lizards at the stairs and a bunny on my run!