Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 30 of Whole30

Holy Crap I did it!!! I didn't think I would be able to and I told myself you know your friends, your blog readers, and your husband have heard you say you were going to do some form of a diet or new way of eating etc. I really wanted to prove that I could do something I had set out to do. Now today is the last day and of course throughout the 30 days I had the mentality that YES when this is over I am going to do this and eat that etc. Of course that was not the goal of Whole 30, so as I sit here thinking about it I am not running out to celebrate completing this goal. I have went 30 days with out sugar or artificial sweetners, soda, coffee, legumes, grains, and dairy. I am not a pro at making paleo type meals yet and my go to meal (which is amazing) is 1/2 to a whole sweet potato (really a yam), an apple, 1/2 onion, and meat (whatever hits your fancy or you have in the fridge) sauteed up in cocount oil. OMG YUM. Oh and plantains with guacamole, who'd thought those two would go together so well. So for now I will continue to give up soda, coffee (because I have to have it sweet), dairy, grains, and legumes will stay out of my diet as well. I plan on having 1-4 splurge meals that are planned a month. I may go back to counting calories and definitely reintroducing the scale into my daily life.

Crossfit update:
I may have talked about it this but don't think I did. I am on night 3 of 3 shifts so forgive my brain, I have a hard time remembering what day/date it is come day 3. I have finished fundamentals and now can do the WOD with everyone else. My goal is 3 days of CF and 3 days of running (1 day will be a long run). I got off work on Wednesday morning and drove straight to Outlier, the WOD was OHS (overhead squats). OK I totally suck at these!!! I barely could add 10 lbs to each side of my barbell totalling 53lbs, other chics were squatting 145lbs! Their legs are AMAZING! I hoped to get off work Thursday morning and go running but Todd had an oral surgery scheduled for 6am so when I got off I decided to run by the peridontist to check on him and he had just finished up and was given Versed ( an amnesia medication) so he had to be wheelchaired out. Ya there went my run, I went home and tucked my missing a tooth husband into bed and curled up next to him to sleep away the day. And what's up with the dentist, Berk has a 9am appt today so no CF after work but YAY for being off till tuesday so I can hit the box in the evening after sleeping and doing cheif select errands for the man.

Running update:
I bought CW-X pants, you know the super duper expensive compression pants. Wow I wish I had those after my lower body lift. I also bought my first pair of Brooks running shoes, they were amazing. I did a 3.30mile run in them tueday and had no blisters!

Well peeps I am off here to prepare for the day and the weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

So the Crossfit fun begins!

I finished my 5th fundamentals class today! Now I can go to The WOD with everyone else!! Woot woot! I also confronted my fear of box jumps and did the 20 inch box today :) so proud of myself!

Whole30 update: today is day 26! I have not cheated in the food realm! Now I may have ate one too many larabars, that were only supposed to be used as an emergency stash. To my own defense, my mom cane to visit, I've been to like 5 parties, celebrated Todd's promotion and been super busy! The part I have cheated on, the scale. I was 198ish when I started and today I'm 191.7, I'm really hoping to hit the 180s by sat morning. I lose weight slowly but getting back into the 180s is huge for me that's what I weighed when I moved to Texas.

Onto family news, since Todd was promoted to Chief we are going to the khaki ball Sept 22nd. I have an appt at David's Bridal at noon so I can get sized and my dress ordered. I found it online and it's amazingly beautiful and has great reviews! So I'm hitting the pool, CF, and the road along with paleo eating to get the best bod within a month I can get :)

I'll try to post more as I learn how to balance a full time night shift nursing job, a husband out to sea, 4 kids, Crossfit and a half marathon next month. My goal is 3 days CF and 3 run days with a rest day :) let operation hot body start!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 20!!!

Today is officially day 20 of Whole30! I have found it a lot harder to do with hubby around oh and my mom! The torture I put myself through too, Sunday night I made an amazing dinner of new york strip steaks and baby lobster tails yum. The downfall is I made cupcakes in ice cream cones for the kids and fired up plugged in the Velata fondue warmer and in went dark chocolate with the sides of masrshmallows, vanilla wafers, strawberries, and bananas! I didn't even lick the cake batter or fondue chocolate!!! I did cheat yesterday by stepping on the scale, I started day 1 at 198ish and today after bfast and crossfit i was 194.4, i really hope to get to 189 by day 30, so we shall see. Oh and I have a GREAT reason to want this weight to start dropping, Todd made Chief!!! He is currently in six weeks of hell initation, I don't even get to see him. yesterday he left at 445 in the morning and got home at 10pm! I am secretly glad he is going underway, although I have a hunch I won't be getting any emails from him until he is officially a Chief! Anyhow I think Sept 21 or 22 is the Khaki Ball and we dress in cocktail attire and I am wanting to look HOT!  sorry I have been missing, I wanted to do a post from the Joggin for Frogmen 5k and my first Crossfit fundamentals class. Heres to the next 10 days! I think I will splurge when it is over and have some wine and Thai food with the hubby (if he can get a night off). Oh and a great tip, I am loving how yummy a yam (yams are what we all sweet potatoes) and apple taste together and just mix in a meat YUM!