Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Of course like my normal roller coaster ride i cant even remember the last time i logged my food. As i sat this morning emailing and old friend who needs to lose weight like me im like just freaking do this shit. For reals, I have 3 college degrees and can't do something as simple as log what food i eat on a daily basis! I mean its not rocket science. I ate a sandwich log on and enter the calories. why oh why must i be so lazy, its not that even all the food taste good or i needed to eat it. i mean did i really need to eat chocolate animal crackers. oh but besides trying those mix the white ones with it too so i had a bowl of brown and white animal crackers? this week is the start a half marathon 8 week training plan so i better figure out where my head should be!!!! so anyone with an iphone who wants to hold me accountable while counting their calories too, find me on lose it under annakay76@yahoo.com

so ive had my coffee and will go make my egg white scramble which keeps me full all day! and tonight I WILL start my brazil butt lift with or without a new ac coil!

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