Friday, March 26, 2010

YMCA Team Challenge!!!

So I have seen this team challenge thing a couple times at the Y, it runs for six weeks and costs $275. I have spent money and more money on trying to lose weight and get fit. So sometimes it gets old, but since my motivation is lacking I thought what the hell! so i did it. It started last week, our first weigh in was thursday! I lost 2.2 lbs which i thought was good because i was in the ER sat night and they thought i had the flu so i didnt work out sat, sun, or mon!!! so i am back to wearing my bodybugg and actually calculating my calories AND measuring my food!!!! Like literally measuring out the 1/4 cup creamer in put in my coffee! So heres to the next 6 weeks i hope to lose 15 lbs by May 1st, the challenge goes till April 29th. Oh and for those that don't know I am not able to train for the RNR SD marathon :( I don't have anyone to take my son to sat school so i can train with my group... boohoo I decided to wait till hubby is home on shore duty to try to train for a marathon!

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