Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Excuses!!!

As I said to a friend this week, your still overweight because you make too many excuses! Well guess what so do I! Me losing weight is more important than the fact someone made gyoza, or tried a new recipe out, or made a yummy cake. Not hitting the gym because once again I decided to procrastinate on my homework. This is the easiest time I am going to have from here on out to work out. When I finally get a nursing a job the hours will be killer! So I had already decided to give up eating out (my trainer said this includes potlucks) and I need to give up soda too, I always think well its diet...but still I am going to give it up, so hello crystal light! So very embarrassing today, our trainer had us weigh in, I gained weight, yet my other two team members lost :( I have read books, taking nutrition classes, saw a nutrionist, worked out with about 5 trainers now, why the heck can I not doing the simpliest math, calories in need to only be soooo much and calories out need to be so much. its pretty freaking simple so why can I not get it right? You know I am not losing weight just to be vain, although that is one of my main reasons. But I want to go back in the navy as an officer, i want to be faster in the races I sign up for, and i need to keep my heart healthy!

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