Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am BACK!!!

My poor forgotten blog, I am back!!! My topic choice today is choices!!! As I sat here Tuesday having a pity party for myself because I didn't get an interview for the VA's new grad program I told myself to get on here and blog yet I didn't. Anyhow my topic, choices! I don't have a choice in who gets an interview, how many people Sharp hires, if my husband has a bad day, if the President sends more troops to foreign lands. BUT I do have a choice in what I eat, how I cook my food, how hard I hit the gym. It is my choice to control this weight problem I have. No one else makes this choice! It is the ONE thing I do have control over in my life!!! If i plan accordingly my chooses can help me, but that is another I must do is choose to plan!

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