Tuesday, June 8, 2010

so yes blogging is like dieting

you start out right and it fizzles away. i really need to start a Mission National Guard and keep reminding myself that it's worth up to $45k and my clock ticking towards retirement.....now I did just run the Rock and Roll Half marathon without training for it, I finished in 2:40 with two bathroom breaks and alot of walking. So as I limp around wondering why my right foot hurts so much I better start refocusing on my caloric intake. So of course that means logging my food, we shall see how that goes today! Along with that i get to clean my house! yay


  1. I hope your foot is okay.. I've been out of working out with my Foot since Nov.. and still having problems with it.

  2. I rolled my ankle pretty bad 2 weeks ago and it's kept me from the gym. Feet are funny things, we require so much from them and treat them so poorly.
    I started logging my food again yesterday as well. Did pretty good for day 1. You?