Friday, July 30, 2010

Well CRAP!!!

Here we are knocking on August's door, the EIGHTH month of the year and my ass is still FAT! how the hell did that happen? Well i mean i have all the excuses but whatever such is life and my fat butt needs to shed 40 lbs! damn wasn't it only 20 when i started this blog? ugh my life of dieting and exercise it just never ends!!! well for those who follow my blog but not in my everyday life, I finished school and moved from CA to TX (this little itty bitty town) to get a new grad nursing job. I finished orientation this week and will go on the floor on thursday! yay me, let the stress begin. now itty bitty town has itty bitty i mean itty bitty gyms too. but all is good they have spin, kickboxing, and zumba so sign me up!!! Monday I will join a gym and i roughly started counting calories and have been making trips around the local lake where everyone goes to do everything!!! well its close to midnight and i am setting my alarm for 5am with a goal of 530 walking with oh ya one of my two dogs that i also got before my move!!! Well it's off to lose some more weight, tone some muscles and get some new clothes!

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