Monday, August 13, 2012

So the Crossfit fun begins!

I finished my 5th fundamentals class today! Now I can go to The WOD with everyone else!! Woot woot! I also confronted my fear of box jumps and did the 20 inch box today :) so proud of myself!

Whole30 update: today is day 26! I have not cheated in the food realm! Now I may have ate one too many larabars, that were only supposed to be used as an emergency stash. To my own defense, my mom cane to visit, I've been to like 5 parties, celebrated Todd's promotion and been super busy! The part I have cheated on, the scale. I was 198ish when I started and today I'm 191.7, I'm really hoping to hit the 180s by sat morning. I lose weight slowly but getting back into the 180s is huge for me that's what I weighed when I moved to Texas.

Onto family news, since Todd was promoted to Chief we are going to the khaki ball Sept 22nd. I have an appt at David's Bridal at noon so I can get sized and my dress ordered. I found it online and it's amazingly beautiful and has great reviews! So I'm hitting the pool, CF, and the road along with paleo eating to get the best bod within a month I can get :)

I'll try to post more as I learn how to balance a full time night shift nursing job, a husband out to sea, 4 kids, Crossfit and a half marathon next month. My goal is 3 days CF and 3 run days with a rest day :) let operation hot body start!

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