Monday, July 8, 2013

Forming a Habit

Each day I wake up and start off good then somewhere after 2 I blow it. I think some of this is blame on the lack of a hard work out (or any work out for that matter). I need to change, I need to stop telling myself I am okay at this weight. I am not okay at this weight, I am in the obese category and need to focus on getting to the normal category (or whatever it is called). Today, July 8th I am making changes. I will for the rest of July do a photo food log, work out 5 days a week, and work on being honest to my fitness pal! No more uncounted spoons of peanut butter, slices of cheese, etc. It may be a boring month for everyone, but I am hoping that come August my mind and body are in the game! Last year I did Whole30 and did not cheat on it and was in onderland.  My short term goal is to get out of the 200s!  I know I am not alone in these struggles, what helps you form a habit and stick to it? 

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