Monday, June 24, 2013

Running in Southeast Georgia

equals mosquito bites, lost gps signal on rantastic, humidity, and frizzy hair!!! But I did it SIXTY minutes of 1:1 run walk intervals. And get this AFTER a 12 hour night shift. It wasn't a bad night so that might have helped my motivation today. Usually I go to work with all the intentions of getting off work and hitting the road or the gym and somehow on my 45 min commute home I deem that I am too tired to work out. I hope I can keep my motivation up, I do have vet appts and orthodontic appts after my shifts this week before heading to my dad's house in Panama City to see my 2 sisters that I haven't seen since Feb 2000. They have 9 kiddos between them and my kids are excited to meet their cousins.

Big news I found a Galloway training group! They currently are doing a 4 week free session and July 20th officially start half or full training. For those near Amelia Island here is the link. By the way I heard Jeff Galloway will be here July 19th!  I have met him once before in San Diego. Other news, I bought a new running skirt to try out. It is from skirtsports and they have an amazing sale going on right now! And they have men shorts and shirts too, super cute and fun! I bought two lengths the ones with 5 inch compression and the other with 7 inch compression shorts in them.

For another idea of life in S.E. GA I had to stop the other day while driving, not for traffic but for geese!

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