Thursday, January 28, 2010

almost forgot to blog!

I should so be in bed!!! But I wanna try doing this everyday so this is really for Wednesday! So I went to weight watchers (WW) for my weigh in (WI) and wow up FOUR pounds!! now i was warned by two girls that i should make sure to watch my weight after surgery that they both gained cause they were happy. Well I used the I am sick excuse last week and well I am sure eating 3 musketeers, zingers, strawberry milk, oh and don't forget chicken noodle soup would make me feel better, right? today's workout SPIN!!!!! So for those that have not taken a spinning class yet, well try it, but take water. oh and plan on a hurting crotch! so stand often, even if they instructor doesn't say stand, your privates will thank you later! So a 45 min spin session.....then home to veg, finally cranked out my LAST discussion post for this class. Then went to Disney on Ice with my youngest two kids. I love little mermaid so much!!! then home to surf the internet, watch ghost whisperer and be lazy! I am starving but it is midnight so i should be in bed, so that's where I am headed. I counted all my points today!! Went over by 6 I think, damn bliss bar!!!

so wi today i was 181.8 ugh! at home i was 180.....i like my house scale! oh and best of all i worked out in a sports top w/the built in bra and didn't wear a sports bra and my boobs looked great!!! thank you Dr. Brucker for my great boobies!!!


  1. hahaha...I bet you love your new boobs! So, no more junk food OK! I love spin class too, but it's been FOREVER, which mean I need to go through crotch drama again too! Yuck...but what a great calorie burn!

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