Sunday, August 15, 2010

so I need a game plan

for those of you who have lost weight or attempted to lose weight know exactly where i am coming from. today is the day! how many times has that been said. today i will journal today i will stick to x amount of calories. so my love affair with weight watchers started gosh before i had berkley who is turning 6 this 8 yrs ago. so im indecisive if i want to join WW again, do i join, do i join online only or do i go to meetings. well im curious if the mtgs are in espanol or english, since i am wanting to learn spanish maybe i can kill two birds with one stone, weight loss and spanish immersion WW meetings LOL.

while I am deciding I am going to just track calories, 1200-1300 is the goal! now i used to wear a bodybugg and i still have one but i always burn the 1000 cal deficit if i work out an hour a day and yet i didnt lose weight, yes its simple math but i dont think my body comprehends the simple 3500cal burnt means a lb should magically disappear off my scale...

so my goal for the rest of Aug is to lose 5 lbs, then I would be happy with a 5 lb loss each month of this year, so that would be 25lbs total then i think id like to lose another 10. so hopefully by he time my hubby returns from pac the end of next summer I will be one HOT momma!!!

so starting today I will blog daily what I have ate, and since I am working night shifts I decided my caloric intake will go midnight to midnight! i have my freezer stocked with tv dinners, i know high in sodium but i need a quick fix for now to get portions into control! so until tomorrow morning, willpower to all my friends who are struggling with weight loss like me!


  1. I'm right there with ya! I am back to tracking my food as of yesterday and am recording my exercise on my blog-although not publishing at the moment. We shall see. I'm feeling really optimistic about Aug and Sept. It's Halloween that does me in.

  2. Good luck Anna!
    Is it possible that you arent eating enough? I know that for me when I was eating only 1200 calories a day I didn't gain but I didn't lose either and I exercised at least an hour a day...

    Fast forward to eating 1500 calories per day with a larger calorie cycle on Thursdays and I lost weight. Hmmmm.

    Something to think about. Granted I wasn't eating junk either. Mostly lean meats, healthy fats from olives, avacados, flax seed and olive and canola oild, tons of veggies and some fruit. Not a lot of grains and only two dairy servings per day. It works for me. I find if I eat 1500 calories most days and then 1700-1800 one other day of the week I can lose weight.

  3. way to go Anna. I just wanted to post a suggestion too. I found that in regards to the calories a range worked best for me. I was doing 1200-1400. The range makes it so your body doesn't get used to a set amount of calories. When it gets used to the same thing in you may not lose the weight. Like with Jo, I would lose more weight sometimes when I eat more but still needed to have days where I ate only 1200 or so. Like you found, calories are not an exact science either. My goal was to lose between 4 and 8lbs a month and when I was sticking to this range and working out 3-5 days a week, I was reaching the goal!! You are motivating me to get back to it!! Good luck.