Thursday, December 9, 2010


hmmm why does running have to be a love/hate relationship, thanks to Becky i joined other runners in Eagle Pass to run in the 5th annual Jingle Bell 5k. It was pretty fun, we got a jingle bell bracelet and those light up necklaces like you are at a fair. It was a dark run and after like 5 mins i wanted to stop running, gosh how lazy!!! i kept thinking how the hell am I going to run a marathon. oh ya if i train it will be ok! we have some fast runners here. i am glad i did it and I am signing up for another one tomorrow for Saturday on the AFB. oh which they have a bod pod now!!! i need to check into it, how cool!!! mmm well off to drink some water, and just have to mention my daughter is watching Eclipse ohhhhhhh JACOB YUM!!! lol

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