Sunday, December 19, 2010

so I am sick!!!

and what does that mean to weight loss! NONE boo!!! When I am sick I start eating, thinking well these warm soup will make me feel better, sniff sniff, ok I guess crackers will, cough cough, open the fridge and figure out what might make me feel better. I continue to do this tell I feel better, so boo!!! I was OP (on plan) tue, wed, thur, and friday and saturday just ate trying to feel better, well guess what it is Sunday and I am still SICK!! I decided enough is enough, got off my butt made coffee and oatmeal tracked it and have started drinking water! go me!!! I still think there will be a loss on the scale at WW tomorrow because I am recovering from T-Day at Jens followed by my visit to San Diego! Now the trick question, do I sign up for a different gym in Eagle Pass, start using the elliptical at my work after I get off, or just come home to my own treadmill and tons of DVDs I purchased that still are shrink wrapped!!!

1 comment:

  1. Whichever one you think you can stick to. It has to be what works for YOU!