Wednesday, December 8, 2010

San Diego visit Dec 4-8, 2010

OK so I came to see my husband off on his 4th westpac, man what are we going to do with each other when we actually live together all the time??? Anyhow, as many of my friends noticed my ass has expanded to the size of oh about Texas!!!!!! Now most of friends have either gained or just stopped losing and WE all need to lose from 20-50+ pounds. And we all tell each other let's start eating better tomorrow and supporting each other with a healthier lifestyle. Well I would really like to see if we could actually support each other. My goal is to be 20 lbs lighter when I see my friends again in June as well as my HOT husband, which I have a surprise for him when I see him which requires us both looking AMAZING!!! So for my running friends I recommend The NON Runner's Marathon Guide for Women by Dawn Dais. AND dont forget June 5th, 2011 Rock n Roll San Diego!!! oh and Lose It is the app we are using to cheer each other on as we battle this weight loss!!!

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