Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well another week down, another weigh in over. This time its a happy one! Down 1.6 making 199.8. boo for gaining weight back when i was in the 170s but such is life. i feel my whole life i have been on a diet. blah. but if i do this right and make it a life style change then i shouldnt feel like its a diet right? anyhow i tracked on the online journal with WW last week, and even ate out 3 times this week! woot woot! i feel like this will be another good week.

What is really hard is when i work 14 hours and have to go back again for another day. i have to decide between sleep and a workout. it really sucks!!!

so this week i bought tons of tv dinners including bfast ones! i know they have alot of sodium but i am downing the water and getting back to normal portion sizes.

well heres to another week, of which im working 4 maybe 5 days of it so sleep eat work YAY me

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