Monday, February 7, 2011

another ww weigh in

and another gain...its starting to get old seeing the $39.95 come out of my acct and yet tacking on weight instead of losing. so i had decided hmm if i can't lose 4 itty bitty pounds this month i was going to look into ediets biggest loser program or nutrisystem some form of planned out meals. so i had said i was going to get prepackaged meals and add in fruit and yogurt milk etc in between to ensure i am getting enough PP+ for the day. i went to my wamart, which by the way, i LOVE! they had the bagged steamer healthy choice meals for $1.50 and other ones for $1-1.25. i filled up my cart with all the different flavors, im actually pretty excited to have a variety of different flavors and meals to eat again. so lets see how this week goes! i will be heading to San Antonio tuesday and coming back wednesday. but i feel i will makes some good choices!

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  1. How much impact do you think your night shift schedule makes? I'm guessing it takes an adjustment on your body.