Monday, July 9, 2012

Lose a Half Marathon

Did you know that there is 13 weeks of summer? I didn’t but now I do since I joined a challenge with a name. You could choose to lose a marathon or a half marathon, I know I lose weight super slow so I choose to lose a half.  I missed the Monday of 6/18 start so I sent my start weight in on 6/22/12.
6/22/12 203.6
6/25/12 199.9
7/2/12    200.3
7/9/12   198.9

So far a total of 4.7 lbs. I really hope to see the 180s by Labor Day. My military wife challenge starts back up on Friday, so I will technically owe a weigh in on Friday and Monday, I will try to work it around my work schedule though. Oh and I dated the training schedule for my half and this was actually week one! so pretty awesome!

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