Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer is here!

Birthday parties and BBQs all the time! Today the hubs was supposed to be off at 11 for his department party, by noon I hadn't heard from him so I heated up a cup of my lentil soup added it to a bag of lettuce trio topped it with light sour cream and green onions mmmm. I was not hungry at the BBQ and was able to pass up cookies even! Then I visited 3 Crossfit gyms: Crossfit619, outlier Crossfit, and Crossfit Mission Gorge. I think I'm going with Outlier, not 100% sure yet and I'm stressing about telling Pete, my personal trainer, that I'm not doing anymore sessions after these 10 are up. Eeekkk I always said I couldn't afford CF but yet could find the $ to get a trainer when in all reality 2 training sessions covers a month at CF. next up on my agenda is learning about paleo and primal eating since I hear that kinda goes hand in hand with CF. I'm still nervous but I want an awesome body and I think this will help. Oh and everyone was super friendly today. At outlier we met one of the trainer's 3 year old daughter <3 Enjoy 4th of July!!! Get your exercise in early, drink loads of water, and remember you probably already know how that food tastes and do you need those extra calories?

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