Sunday, May 5, 2013


Lately I have been feeling down, there are many things that have contributed to it. There is the monthly PMS, missing my thursday night girls from back in the day, irregular sleep routine that comes with working nights, and the endless rain we had this weekend.

I glanced over to the wall that holds my race medals and bibs and questioned if that was now my history and not my future. Have I lost the drive and motivation to be a runner? Very depressing thought.

I just feel this deep sense of failure like I don’t finish anything. I am failing at logging my food intake into my fitness pal, failing at keeping my workout plans, failing at maintaining my 100 lb weight loss, failing at reaching my diet bet goal.

I know people have faith in me, but where is my faith? Sigh, I hope I can find it.  My friend Dee recommended starting a journal and each morning put my daily goal (s). I started today and hope to use this to aid myself in daily challenges and rewards.


  1. Hope things have improved since this post. I'm browsing blogs looking for a little pep myself at the moment, and came across yours :-) Forget about failure. you're amazing. Hang in there!

  2. Just remember tomorrow is a new day! You have some so far, you are amazing! Keep the faith!