Friday, May 3, 2013

the last 2 days...

of my diet bet game! I have seen the winning number on the scale this week! Today it is up but that is after 2 nights of work, I know I can hit that $$$ winning number by the time my weigh in pic is due Sunday! Means I might be missing Cinco de Mayo margaritas, booo!!!! The little bit of mexican I have in my might seep out of my blood with the lack of a margarita, I may have to give this thought :)

It has been raining buckets here in Southeast Georgia, much to my sadness! We were planning on visiting the shrimp fest and fencing our backyard so our new addition, Grady, can go outside more often! I will now be spending my weekend planning out half marathons for the rest of this year and next! Have a good one in your state that me and the hubs can run to mark off a state?

For now I will be educating myself on how to help mommy's breastfeed their baby! :) My online class has no deadlines, EEEKK not good for me!

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  1. Hurray! Congratulations on being on the last days of your diet bet game. That's one exciting way to motivate you to lose weight! I hope you won this game. Just make sure your method to lose weight is healthy and won't affect with breastfeeding your baby. =)

    Julene Mangrum