Sunday, April 28, 2013

An All Around Update!

So I have been missing! I know my last post was supposed to be about the half I did in Clearwater, FL.
Well I ran walked the first 10 miles with a ratio of 2:1 then walked the last 3, my feet were killing me (I hate my feet right now, they are requiring motrin, ice, rolling, and rest). Finished in 3:07:40 not too bad for no training.

My daughter, Ari, is now behind the wheel! Lord help me, she has her permit but drives like crap! Thankfully Todd is willing to teach her because I don’t have enough hair in my head  patience to take her often.

We added to our family! Meet Grady, he is a dofus, but we love him! He was adopted from the Brunswick Humane Society!

I went to Prescott, Arizona for BOW camp, it is basically Hunger Games tamed down for women! You can find info and the closest one to you here! I took sausage making, backpacking/hiking 101, stand up paddleboarding, and archery.

 Oh and best of all I am working again! I started beginning of April with hospital orientation but now I am on the floor! My dream job! I am a maternity care center nurse, which means I will work postpartum and Labor & Delivery!!! Back to the grind, trying to figure out weight loss, working out, and being a night shift nurse.  That is my update!

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  1. Wow, lots of great things happening!!! Happy to hear it. :)