Saturday, November 9, 2013

18 miles and holy freezing ice bath!!!!

So I love love love my Galloway group!! They are amazing!  I'm also loving that the temps and humidity is easing up here. We had a 16 miler 3 weeks ago that killed me! I had to walk the last mile in, today with the cooler weather 18 miles didn't seem too bad. We did 30:30, so run/walk 30 seconds each, I used to do 1:1 (1 mins) but I found with longer distance I am digging the 30 seconds. It's great running (helping) with others and hit distances they never have ran before. Today marks for me the distance I have ran one time before, so when we go up to 20 that'll be a new one for me eeekkk.

Tonight I have a 12 shift so I've decided to take a ice bath. I'm currently sitting in it and blogging to keep my mind off how frozen my legs are. They say it speeds recovery, can't I just take a Motrin? Lol 

Many of my friends ran races today! Did you? Are you training for one? Do you reward yourself? We did with a nice, last non paleo lunch yummy. 
   (That's a baked potato filled with yum)

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