Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Broken record

So I've had a hiatus from blogging for a couple of reason. First one, I'm just not an attention grabbing type if writer. Secondly, I've had so many fresh starts, so many cheat days, so many firsts that my pounds or pant sizes aren't going down!

Well Todd and I have declared ourselves paleo eaters. We subscribed to emeals, specifically paleo for two. We will be cooking two seperate dinners each night. I've spent the day making homemade beef jerky, scotch eggs, devilied eggs and currently have cinnamon sweet potatoes in the dehydrator and bone broth in the crock pot. 

Now update time!
- officially registered for 26.2 with Donna eeekk 
- off orientation at work and hoping to transfer to the closer campus
- had my breast implants removed
- started some weight lifting
- made an appointment to start therapy!

I'll be back sooner than later :) I miss my blog :) I'm ready to stop being a broken record! 

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