Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well here we go again, a new year that comes with new years resolutions. now that i worked a 12 hr shift and came home to my youngest two not allowing me to sleep I am trying to remember if i stated my NY resolutions for 2011. I am not making any that have to do with my scale AT ALL! I have 3 that I want to be serious about to help make my life better. Since its already 4pm on the first day I guess I better get on with them!

2011 Resolutions!!!

1. Not to incur anymore debt (and obviously to pay off debt, this years goal is to pay off $40k)
2. to log 30 mins a day on Rosetta Stone Spanish version
3. to run 500 miles this year, I have already signed up for 3 Rock n Roll half marathons

to ensure I am getting in my resolution goals I plan on using a calendar, putting 3 small boxes labeled on their and checking them off daily, because we all know how easy it is to get off track!

of course since this is a blog about me losing weight, I would love to lose 1 lb a week but since I am a habitually yo yo person with my weight I wanted to really really focus on just being happy and healthy as I bring in 2012! oh my friend from WW said her and her friends set up monthly resolutions so I think I am going to set some each month too and i have ONE for January.

my January one is to NOT buy toys for my kids, they have a giftcard for build a bear we will probably use in Jan but that's it!!! I am so tired of toys being all over my house and not properly cared for!

Happy New Years everyone!!!!

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  1. My sister in law does something similar, but she aims to not buy a single item except food in January-every year.

    Happy new year to you my friend!