Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking control back!

So yes I am in Eagle Pass, why does this bother me. I contemplated this today...maybe I just don't understand why when people leave this small town they come back. I know I am not super family orientated and I have my fair share of childhood memories I love to repress, so I chalked it up to that small town to me means home. And when I turned 18 I joined the Navy and have not been back home for longer than 2 weeks since then. So anyhow, I need to quit whining and complaining oh me oh my and make the best of what I do have. I can be in control over what I eat ( i mean i do all the shopping and most of the cooking) I can be in control over mileage ran ( i have a treadmill, shoes, and a garmin). So as of today I am going to stop blaming my weight gain on Texas and take back control of my life, which in turn also being firm about the number of hours I work.Last week I worked 6 nights straight, probably about 85 hours, this week I am on for four days; 2 on 2 off 2 on, i feel so much more human and happy!!! So today i will sit down and make a reward list based on more than just my scale!!! Oh and btw I weighed in at weight watchers monday night, down 1.2. and sadly to say 200 lbs! my weekly weight loss goal is 0.5-1 lb. not alot but im okay with that!

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  1. You can do it Anna :)

    It's hard down here with all the fatty foods around. But we both can do this.