Thursday, June 21, 2012


It is so easy to lose motivation, or at least for me it is. I lay there in bed between the snooze settings and think of the day. I am going to eat healhy, have an amazing run, drink all my water, the list goes on. Then reality hits, I was out to late running errands now I am starving, just one bite of the kids' poptart, just one lick of frosting, one spoonful of PB (why does it seem PB is a problem child for most people struggling with their weight???) you get what I mean. I have joined weight loss competitions that wane, paid for half marathons I haven't ran but sometimes something clicks and the aha moment happens and I start seeing the scale move again. I am currently ending a weight loss challenge amongst Navy/Marine wives and have stumbled upon this one on a blog I read. It is called lose a marathon or half marathon in the 13 weeks of summer. I may join it, it has started but you can join until the 25th. It seems cool, my concern is the amount of people, over 450. I am afraid I will get lost in the shuffle... We shall see, if you are looking to lose weight it may be for you!!! Which I said I was going to get the prizes for the contest I was in. I am thinking a gift card to Road Runner Sports. I am also considering gifts for the top 3 losers....

P.S. I can not have frosting in my house!!! it calls my name, ugh.

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  1. Vanilla frosting and nutella are no no's in this house.
    I feel your pain my friend.