Monday, October 15, 2012


So I will start this off by saying I know I am a poor writer and probably have ADD as well so I ramble when I talk which works it way into how I write.

So I am struggling, extremely bad I can get through only ONE meal a day with whatever my weight loss plan is be it counting calories, eating paleo, etc. I have been doing this broken record thing over and over again for at least 2-4 weeks now. I was SOOOO close to being in the 180s again, which 180 is a huge milestone for me. That is what I weighed after having the twins and losing 100 lbs! I am not a leader, but a pretty good follower and I jump on the trend of whatever works best for everyone else but me. Instead of doing the work I think well so and so lost this much by eating clean, being vegan, WW, paleo, shakeology etc and I give up before I lose weight or try to make their plan work for me.

Right now I am in the overwhelmed where do I start mode, I have ran 13.1 miles nonstop before and I am afraid to run one mile!!! I AM going to get back on the wagon in my way, be it a walk run 1 min method, be it counting calories, whatever way works for ME! So tonight I will do some soul searching and found out what I want for me, how I am going to get to a better me for me and my family!!

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