Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Todd and I love Halloween!!!! It is our favorite holiday. Runner up is Easter, Todd loves decorating eggs, then of course Christmas. Too bad Todd is out to sea, but the best news is he will be home the next THREE!!! Yes you heard me, SHORE duty is in our future! I'm super duper excited that we can have a complete family for 3 years!

I am getting sick, it started on my 4th shift Monday. I have that itchy throat, stuffy head thing going on. I hate how dehydrated sudafed makes me feel. I'm taking robitussin, coldezze, and drinking green tea for immunity. And what's worse, I'm not the only one sick, my MacBook I think is actually dead :( the screen is just white and there's a clicking noise :( boo!!!! I don't see any extra funds to replace it before we move so that stinks.

Tomorrow is a new month and I'm determined to lose 5 lbs in November. I am going to focus on eating paleo, tracking in MFP, and a gallon of water a day when I'm not working and 2L when I work. what's everyone's November goal?

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

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